How Anonymous Took 400,000 Sites Offline for 7 Days


From December 14 – 21 a massive DDoS attack was launched against the internet servers of Turkey which took an estimated 400,000 web pages offline over the period. If that information alone is not impressive enough for you, the DDoS attack was recorded at 40gbs. This information may not mean much to you but they average DDoS attack is estimated to occur around 8 gbs. This was the largest DDoS attack in the countries history. After the attack ended on December 21st Anonymous released a video and statement claiming responsibility for the hack and warned of future action to come.

Anonymous Official Press Release To Turkish Government Leaders:

“As many of you have heard, Turkey is supporting Daesh [Isis] by buying oil from them and hospitalizing their fighters.”

“We won’t accept that Erdogan, the leader of Turkey, will help Isis any longer. The news media has already stated that Turkey’s internet has been the victim of massive DDoS attacks.”

“Dear Government of Turkey, if you don’t stop supporting Isis, we will continue attacking your internet, your root DNS [the foundation of Turkey’s internet], your banks and take your government sites down.

After the root DNS we will start to hit your airports, military assets and private state connections. We will destroy your critical banking infrastructure.”

“Stop this insanity now, Turkey. Your fate is in your hands.”






How The DDoS Attack Worked

All domain names that end with Turkey’s two-letter country code .tr must be registered by, an administration office in Turkey’s capital of Ankara. Besides its registration duties, maintains the academic internet backbone for Turkish universities. It’s also the main service for .tr domain names.

By noon December 14,’s five nameservers, through, were completely down under a 40 Gigabits per second DDoS attack.Europe’s regional Internet registry, the RIPE Network Coordination Centre, serves as a secondary Domain Name System to RIPE was also severely affected.

What makes the Turkish attack so damaging is the attackers’ sophisticated choice of target. By focusing on a relatively small group of IP addresses, the five nameservers of, the attackers managed to “take down the DNS system of a whole country with a 40 Gbps attack:”

As the country’s official domain suffix, .tr domain names are very popular in Turkey, and many local companies want their businesses officially recognized for their local audience. There are about 400,000 websites with localized Turkish domain names, including 300,000 companies. It’s also used by government institutions, schools, municipalities, Turkish e-mail servers, and the Turkish military.

The attack was only stopped when the Turkish cyber-security agency stopped all foreign internet traffic from accessing Turkish websites, essentially closing the country’s digital borders to the outside world.

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Last October AnonHQ wrote about a similar attack promised by the notorious group Red Hack and chronicled some of the issues facing the country of Turkey:

AnonHQ News reached out to our sources of the article ^^^ and was informed there was no direct connection between the November 1st attack at the December 14th attack.

RedHack However Was Active During This Same Timeline:

Prime Minister of Iraq Claims ISIS Smuggles Majority of Oil Through Turkey:

Syrian Army Re-Captures Oil Route Along Border With Turkey:

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      • Please repeat that to Russia, will you?

        Also, we are at war with ISIS/DAESH officially since July 23rd. When they did reach our borders and shot at our army. From that point, there were no legal restraints.

        Mind you, from the very beginning of ISIS’ appearance no one but Turkey strongly condemned this terror group and called for an international action against them.

        There is so much you do not know and do not care to know about. You are helping no Turk, no innocent and doing no harm to any terror organization, no – you are doing just the opposite and eat trash from the media and Putin raw. And I thought Anonymous and their dedicated followers worked independently and did their research (not sell themselves).

        Sincerely yours
        Melek Korkmaz

        • Why should they repeat it to Russia? Does your kind just plain hate everyone without seeing your own mistakes? Typical. And no, turkish forces not once hit any ISIS object. Woman, we know you’re oppressed in your country. But till you have internet you have a chance to stop your Hitler wanna be government from brainwash you. We’re sorry education is on such a low level in your country. But you gotta try. Leave your hate to Putin, Russia and other white people out of this. Change the misery you live in.

      • Oh, so you feel that you can save yourself from that same worry..? Like, who ate the media’s and Putin’s accusations about Turkey without asking the Turks and by ignoring the the comments of verified organizations and key figures when they too revealed that the accusations of which Turkey is being subjected to hold no truth. The Turkish government is not involved in such dirty deals as you’d wish.

        • Melez, so you’re saying we should listen to ‘verified’ organizations, who will deny it to not lose turkey as a ally and a customer. We’ve already seen enough evidence, given by PUTIN. Erodgan’s a shit president, and you should be educated enough to know that.

    • Your a big asshole,shitty erdogan steal you & your family money, & u still talk about freedom?!!!
      God bless you sweet anonymous!
      God protect you anonymous…
      Keep going..

      • what are you talking about ?
        Dou you live in Turkey ? NO so you dont have to talk about freedom.We are fighting against the ISIS

      • who is the motherfucker that made you. you son of bitch. what is your rage against Turkish people. Seems like its not about this thing alone. Some Turk fucked you hardly as it seems.

      • Steal..? Do meassure and compare the amount of development and governmental investment in Turkey for the past 13 years with any other nation in the same timespan. Do proceed.

        Also, I would much prefer that you began speaking with your own words and things you have some degree of experience with..and not someone else’s words.

        Also, compare the amount of tax we Turks pay with any other, say, North European nation and see how each nation perform in regards of governmental investments for the benefit of its citizens – again, we talk about a timespan of the past 13 years.

        As many other nations have degraded themselves and failed their people they had sworn to protect, Turkey has grown and succeeded..which is why they are facing this much critique. Someone is dissatisfied with the position Turkey could obtain in the future if they continue this way.

        Free your mind and think for a second.

  1. As a Turkish Cypriot Software Engineer whos affected by the attacks on the Turkish domain name system, I can briefly say that you don’t leave people a choice. I’m not anymore supporter of Anon neither their worldwide actions.

    I hate religious people, I hate any kind of unfairness but this is just not right. You CAN NOT make a government listen to your requests by taking the aim at its CITIZENS! You are harming the people who has nothing to do with the morons leading the country. Just like me and my colleagues. Please re-consider your plans and stop damaging the community, communities do not forget.


    • I agree that it is not fair, but you should not forget, that people of Turkey are in some way responsible to eventually a take down of current ruler.

      • To J,

        We are talking about a government chosen by nearly half of the total Turkish population. You ought to respect the people’s choice regardless of your own political agenda.

        If you had followed the news and happenings going on in Turkey, you would feel guilty about your words.

        But it is understandable given the amount of propaganda some nations, organizations and influencial groups play against Turkey..and as we are a nation full of pride people, we often times skip to correct you and beg for a stronger challenge.

        Sincerely yours
        Melek korkmaz

    • Hi Jeannette ı am a Turkish guy. I am living at east of Turkey and ı saw Turkish soldiers are attacking ISIS so you are wrong. Where do you learned “Turkish soldiers supporting ISIS ?” Let me gues you learned from your puppet media. Please convert it from google “Ne bilmenizi isterlerse onları biliyorsunuz.” Have a nice day.I hope yo will learn truth about us.

    • Oh Jeannette, oh Jeannette..will your world fall down into pieces if you cared to realize how YOUR nation has both terrorrized others – deeming them the terrorists and how they have supported illegal groups, terror groups included.

      About to get a fit of denials?^^

  2. Little bit late but better then nothing :). %60 of Turkish people are completely stupid and you already know it, so dont listen them. We need you anon. Help us. /From the southeastern Anatolia,from the war.

    • Gosh, how old are you again??

      ..can’t believe I’ve spent precious moments reading this useless comment in particular O__O

  3. This is absurd! So it is already hard to be happy in Turkey thanks to goverment’s actions and censors. And now, we can’t reach internet correctly. Do you think people who supporting ISIS and goverment can use internet more than the others? Did you analyze who will be influenced for your attacks?
    Anonymous is done for me, ignorants!

  4. Turkey and Turkish people hate Isis, Pkk and any other terrorists. This action show us to improve our siber security systems to attackers. In Turkey goverment elected via democracy. You don’t have to agree it’s actions but you have to defend your country this anonymous sun of bitches.
    And also i ask anonymous , if you can hack goverment sites why you show us the documents of Turkey supportance of Isis? Why believe in Russia so deeply? Why speak like Putin?
    If you guys are really hacker , hack goverment files and show us our goverments help terrorist. If you can this these attack is show us you are misarable weapon of Kgb..
    You don’t see but Putin is the new Hitler who brought war againts peace.

    • War beetwen Turkey and Kurdish gerially is not in Europe, not in USA, not any other country, also not in Turkey. War is since 30 years in Kurdistan.
      We should ask people there if Turkey is terrorist or PKK, if we really want to know the reality. Million people in Kurdistan have lived, have seen who has done, and continue doying terrorism. People there definitively day, Turkey is terrorist.
      Turkey is the unique state which has forbidden language, forbidden music, colours.. Kurds are a nation at least 40 Million, in North Kurdistan (Turkish Kurdistan) at least 15 Million. But, no any autonomy.
      So, Turkey lead Kurds by a dictatorial system.

      • dont say lies. your language isnt forbidden to talk. indeed Erdogan gave you that freedom. You are just an ignorant kid. Dont know anything. just full of lies and lies and bullshit. Learn and then talk you stupid.

      • I can’t help it but wonder..

        ..just why do PKK import their so-called freedom fighters from Germany, UK, USA, Armenia and so on..’soldiers’ whom have no blood relation to Kurds.

        Also, keep in mind and that I am the member of a family 50/50% constituded of Turks as well as Kurds, now explain how we all are pro-Ak Parti and against PKK.

        PKK is a terrorist group and we Turks AND Kurds are tired of your shit.

        To us, PKK and ISIS are equally bad. We accept no such thing as ‘one is less of a villain than the other’. No, they all are what I, with a decent language would classify as: MOTHER FUCKING ANIMALS.


        ‘scuse my French

    • Anonymous just proved to be unethical hackers..sorry to say.

      I hope Putin rewards them well at the very least ’cause they sure lost a supporter.

  5. O kadar götünüz varsa bi zahmet el atın amını ırzını siktimin çapulcuları hadi bi götünüz yiyorsa deneyin

  6. To be honest i see anonymous as bunch of kids who gets help from usa. and i don’t think they are capable of fighting against turkish hackers who. if this becomes a cyber war you are gonna lose DDOS is not a thing.please don’t forgive me,don’t forget me and i do not expect you.

  7. We should ask people there if Turkey is terrorist or PKK, if we really want to know the reality. Million people in Kurdistan have lived, have seen who has done, and continue doying terrorism. People there definitively day, Turkey is terrorist.
    Turkey is the unique state which has forbidden language, forbidden music, colours.. Kurds are a nation at least 40 Million, in North Kurdistan (Turkish Kurdistan) at least 15 Million. But, no any autonomy.
    So, Turkey lead Kurds by a dictatorial system.

      • Biri atanda digeri neyin? O’da atan, nerene koduda inkar edesin geliyor.

        Seni bilemiyecegim ama ben Osmanlı torunuyum. Bagzılarının tarihiyle kıyaslada gurur duyma..mantıkdısı

  8. you are doing these attacks for our happiness and freedom in turkey. It is really interesting.I cann’t believe this. There are many problems in middle east you know and they are using your weapons (russian, usa and german etc). you give piece middle east in everywhere. This is ridıiculuous Also Israel invades the palestine. They destroyed democracy in egypt and brought their supporter as minister. (sissy). What you did for these applications. you are at the dark side.

  9. The founder of isis is USA and israel. You are coward like a hen. The USA killed many people in iraq and israel kills a lot of babies in did nothing cowards. So it is possible that you work for them, you are not free.

  10. DDOS la felan uğraşmanıza hiç gerek yok ttnet saolsun ayın ortasına gelmeden AKK yüzünden dddosun kralını veriyor zaten bize. boşa yormayın kendinizi ama siz bilirsiniz takılın kafanıza göre

  11. 150.000 kişinin hesabı ele geçirildi(telefon numaraları adresleri,kimlik bilgileri,eposta hesapları).Bunu yapan bizim gruptur diğer grupların yaptıkları ayrıdır.Eğer Türkiye’ye yönelik devam ederse karşılığı çok ağır olacaktır.Bu yaptığımız hiçbir şey.Veri çekme işi devam ediliyor.Kamouyuna duyurulmayacaktır.Eğer saldırılar devam ederse bilgiler 2. şahıs kişilere veilecektir…

    Bizi bulamazsınız,çünkü biz görünmeziz…

    • Get your own information for fuck’s sake. Turkey is engaged in direct wae with ISIS and maybe no other nation but Turkey has performed the largest amount of arrests of ISIS members..of which most are of European heritage – BORN and RAISED in the WEST.


      NEVER US.

  12. Hey Anonymous you are nothing but bunch of scumbags cunt who serve to purpose of the emperyal . İf you really care about humanity or freedom what you done so far about the emperyal countries such us US or Russia or Israel. Where were you when America occupied Iraq and kill almost 2 millions. Why don’t you ever asked who create Isis Turkey or US ? Who support and training all the way who provide the guys. You are such a smart ass why don’t you go attack who really behind the couses in the world . You can’t. Because you have only name as Anonymous but you are known and you are working for this murderers and bloodthirsty

  13. Deal with my comment haters:

    Long live Turkey and Turks, long live #AyyıldızTim.

    Ne Mutlu Türküm Diyene!

    Hack me, torment me on the interwebs, I don’t give a damn:D

  14. We are AYYILDIZ Team.
    You already know who we are.
    Dont scratch yourself too much if we scratch\ you wont have your fingers to scratch
    We are OTTOMANS
    The world knows us
    Who you are? 🙂

  15. hello to all
    i am not turkish
    i am iranian,i can not write english very well
    i am muslim and like my country neigbers such as turkies.
    it is not good news for us that a islamic country attacked from a foreign country. physical attack or internet atctack!!!
    we are very very dishappy because of turkish government treatment about daesh (ISIS)
    my question is: if turkish goverments man are enemy of ISIS why they are enemy of ASAD in syria??? why they are not against ASAD.?? is n’t it that ASAD is premium front ISIS??? so why turkish man dosnot help him????
    why turkish GOV dosnot help syria and iran and iraq to delete (ISIS) word From
    world dictionary!!!???
    i am believe that : if turkish want and help iran and iraq and syria ,ISIS go to hell.we hope that this happen in future


  17. It’s an attack against Erdogan and his scumbag corrupt family. Your elections were fixed, face it. Turks don’t even know what their government is doing. Don’t blame Anonymous. Many of you read alternative media, you say. Read more. Learn foreign languages. All most of you speak is Turkish.Why? To keep you from being informed. Wake the **** up.

    • Bravo Kathryn….

      Erdoğan can not stop the process of democracy in Turkey , European union is watching ,and they are not happy about the way Erdoğan is behaving .Erdoğan must not be allowed to behave like Hitler.etc…

      • My Anon Brothers and Sisters Worldwide nice job well done…
        and for all other idiots who dont understand why and how…..
        Be Thankful…etc..
        We do what we want because we can….
        We are Legion. We do not Forgive. We do not Forget.
        We are Anonymous !!!


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