CNN – A Recruitment Tool of ISIS?


Well, we’ve long observed how the mainstream media has given biased coverage to certain issues, together with pro-American-government opinions. They’ve given far too much coverage to issues aimed at distracting Americans, and quietly stopped covering things that contradict their narrative.

Terrorism and ISIS are a prime example of this, with the murder of three Americans at their hands garnering far more coverage than say… the fact that ISIS was so well-armed thanks to America and the US to begin with… especially due to “accidental” losses of tanks and humvees that curiously cannot be tracked nor bombed…  or how terribly obvious it is that the plan was never primarily about ISIS, but about removing Assad BEFORE dealing with ISIS– a move that would create a power vacuum reminiscent of ones they had already created in Libya, and even Iraq. Power vacuums that had led to the formation of ISIS to begin with.

– make that zero coverage whatsoever of those facts.

Well, this video by RT satirical news show Redacted Tonight demonstrates how the mainstream media has evolved from being propaganda source for the the government… into an active propagator of terrorism which gets cited by TERRORISTS in order to recruit followers:

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