Insanity: New Zealand Academics Propose Temporary Sterilization Of All Young Girls


It looks like the US isn’t alone when it comes to absurd legislation and academia. You wouldn’t expect it from New Zealand, but NZ media has featured coverage of a new proposal. Suggested by two “senior” academics from the University of Otago, they would like all young New Zealand females to be temporarily sterilized with long-acting chemical contraceptive implants. What the heck New Zealand? You’ve gone and shattered my mental-image of pristine landscapes covered in sheep.

These “academics” would like temporary sterilization to be the default policy that young girls would have to deliberately be opted out (being an unwary parent will have consequences) of if they didn’t want their new and still-developing fertility to be chemically shut down for months or years at a time. These implants seem to have been used in NZ for awhile now, subsidized by the NZ government, and their problems are well documented in NZ media.

Dystopian nightmare? George Orwell’s long-awaited secret sequel, 2015 (that’s really a prequel, in a time-travelling reality-bending way)??  Unfortunately, no.

It seems these academics have not considered the fact that “temporarily” sterilizing an entire population of females from a very young age could have VERY detrimental effects on their physiology; no attempt at the population-wide temporary sterilization of young women. Tempering with developing bodies, tweaking their hormones, could result in women who are underdeveloped in a variety of potentially crippling areas. This “temperory” solution to randy teens might well becoming a permanent one, with horrendous effects.
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We already know that chemical contraceptives are an environmental pollutant that end up in waterways, and from there devastate wildlife populations. To use these chems on kids?

Then there are the eugenic memories from recent history that make mass sterilisation (even if it is reversible) a very unpalatable idea for most people today – the Nazis experimented with ways of trying to sterilise entire female Jewish populations, and in Apartheid South-Africa a similar sterilisation scheme was attempted on Black Africans.

The US had also implemented this idea prior to going to war with the Nazis, and had implemented forced sterilizations of those considered to be ‘defective’ on American soil. Not to mention those that took place in other parts of the world as well last century.:

Eugenics would have been so much bizarre parlor talk had it not been for extensive financing by corporate philanthropies, specifically the Carnegie Institution, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Harriman railroad fortune. They were all in league with some of America’s most respected scientists hailing from such prestigious universities as Stamford, Yale, Harvard, and Princeton…..

Nonetheless, with eugenicide marginalized, the main solution for eugenicists was the rapid expansion of forced segregation and sterilization

Seeing as sterilizing minorities have become unpopular, and the fact that they were already that evil way back when, the only responsible thing for the uber rich to do is to sterilize everyone but themselves. Let’s face it, we’re all defective six-toed mutants in their eyes.

Many “conspiracy theorists” have long hypothesized that the end-game of the super rich and their literal mad scientists/academics is population reduction, by any means necessary (other than killing themselves and their own children… being the only non-retarded people because of extreme-wealth and all that), and this move by these New Zealand academics seems to be supporting their theory. All that’s missing is the wealthy Billionaire who “happens” to have funded development of the sterilization implant that these academics are suggesting, pure coincidence….  Guess who founded the company (called the Population Council) which created Norplant and Jadelle, two of the most popular implants, which are also used in NZ? J. D. Rockefeller, the same guy who championed eugenics.  Bill Gates is also getting in on the action.

It should be noted that condoms have an alarmingly high rate of failure; on the other hand, I wonder how hard it would be for these “academics” to debate a measure that would not mean the potential destruction of a generation of kids….

It seems New Zealand law already allows for the sterilization of the “intellectually disabled” without their consent, as long as they are not “competent” enough to consent or dissent from this act. All for their own good of course, they don’t know any better, and besides, gotta stop that defective gene from being passed on….

Bad enough that NZ media is addressing the issue in such a flippant manner. Now, if this thing actually gets debated by politicians…. We all know what that means. And if New Zealanders actually willingly accede to such a proposal…

Source: The Open Mind

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  1. As a kiwi myself, the things my government are trying to pull off are a direct influence of US policies, for years it has been common knowledge that NZ has been used as a testing ground for trials of policies, medicine and others. Our local population are known as “easy going and docile”. We never riot, we take things lying down and since most of our country is under foreign ownership, we get taken advantage of because of this. You cannot blame the people for this, we are doing what we can, but our government has really stepped up their strangle hold of power, with tight controls on media (John Campbell, TV presenter known for asking tough questions to the Prime Minister John Key, his show was Cancelled despite having the highest rating for that time slot) and The National government are trying to fast track the TPPA without even telling us. We are trying but we are losing.

  2. the world is grossly overpopulated and the population keeps growing faster and faster. The planet can’t even support everyone it has now. There is no way that this many humans could live on earth without slowly or quickly killing it. This is a measure to prevent teenaged girls from accidental pregnancies. Allowing them to live their lives, taking abortion out of the question, and preventing babies from being raised by emotionally immature and financially unstable parents who don’t want them. How much more likely do you think the child of a teen is to grow up into a life of poverty (which you know is very difficult to get out of once you enter it) The article doesn’t say anything about people being forced to be “sterilized” or stay so for any amount of time. People who can afford to choose to “temporarily sterilize” themselves (or should I use the more common phrase go on birth control) when they’re young, I started birth control when I was fifteen or sixteen because I didn’t want a baby. People who can’t afford birth control are more likely to have unwanted children and if you can’t afford birth control, you can’t afford a baby. This does not seem like rich people trying to exterminate the poor, this seems like a measure to provide equal access to birth control and therefore decrease the gap of opportunity between rich and poor. I don’t know why that or nazis were brought into this at all, must we talk about communist russia every time socialist policy is being discussed? Just because somewhat similar principles were used poorly in the past doesn’t mean we have to equate those disasters with really completely different ideas. besides. this is how defines eugenics :”the study of or belief in the possibility of improving the qualities of the human species or a human population, especially by such means as discouraging reproduction by persons having genetic defects or presumed to have inheritable undesirable traits (negative eugenics) or encouraging reproduction by persons presumed to have inheritable desirable traits (positive eugenics)” it is inherently to do with selecting traits to continue in the species whereas this is simply a measure to keep everyone from having children they don’t want, anybody can still have children if they choose. This is not eugenics

    • In many ways I agree with you, obviously if it is detrimental to health then those people need to be opted out as soon as possible by a doctor. No teenage girl under 18 should have any chemicals put into their bodies like this as they need their bodies to mature. I would also agree with older people stopping from having any more than two children during their life. Then if they wish to have their tubes tied which is a lesser form of sterilisation it would be better for them altogether. It is time that people actually thought about what humanity is doing for the Earth and why we need to use our brains to stop being parasitic.

  3. Whoa, title of this article blows this WAY out of proportion, and then the content goes on to link in examples from the past i think we all agree were not good but in effect have nothing to do with NZ’s proposal.
    So the title SHOULD be: NZ offers contraceptive implants to young women.
    In effect this is no different then at present (because teens from the age of 16 in a large percentage of developed countries will go on the pill and will often stay on it for up to a decade) except for 2 small things: these would be implanted which is actually better than the pill because they are more effective and the actual amount of hormones needed is far less for than for the pill – so better for the environment and for women’s health, and they would be offered (which is great, as we desperately need to stop having ‘accidents’, let alone stop having kids, have you checked world population lately?
    Personally I think it’d be better if young women were able to get non-chemical contraceptive implants – I’ve been using a copper-T since I was about 23, it’s great – however I know that its not best for young women/teens to get them.
    Indeed as the comment says this is not eugenics – get it straight ppl.

  4. I was recently listening to a TED talk that a person called Margeret Heffernan happen to mention about productive of egg laying in chickens resulting in pecking order an experiment derived by evolutionary biologist William Muir. So the direct lecture goes as follow (see TED text/Video): “An evolutionary biologist at Purdue University named William Muir studied chickens. He was interested in productivity — I think it’s something that concerns all of us — but it’s easy to measure in chickens because you just count the eggs. (Laughter) He wanted to know what could make his chickens more productive, so he devised a beautiful experiment. Chickens live in groups, so first of all, he selected just an average flock, and he let it alone for six generations. But then he created a second group of the individually most productive chickens — you could call them superchickens — and he put them together in a superflock, and each generation, he selected only the most productive for breeding.
    After six generations had passed, what did he find? Well, the first group, the average group, was doing just fine. They were all plump and fully feathered and egg production had increased dramatically. What about the second group? Well, all but three were dead. They’d pecked the rest to death. (Laughter) The individually productive chickens had only achieved their success by suppressing the productivity of the rest.” So maybe something to think about? Yep I’m from N.Z & I wouldn’t like to see this liken to an immunisation campaign however I have see this encroachment via personal letters address to those on solo parent benefits such as the DPB who had teenage daughters (not sure about sons) as they assume females on benefits were loose so therefore thinking of the mothers genetics as something like an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree so they would rightful incept the daughters too in getting free contraceptives from the age of 16. But since the DPB & other welfare benefits have been changed I’m not sure if they are still sending letters or not.


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