Maid, Abused, Beaten & Raped, Cries For Help On Facebook


A 28-year-old Filipino maid working at a house in Bahrain posted a desperate cry for help on her Facebook page. In her three minute video message, she said, “Help me get out of here. I’m scared. Until now, my genitals hurt. My leg is bruised. He punched my leg to immobilise me. After my employer’s son abused me, he threatened to kill me and bury me in the desert if I tell anyone about what happened.” She also posted a written appeal asking viewers of the video to contact the Philippine embassy on her behalf.

Her plight went viral, prompting officials at the Philippine embassy to rescue her. “The rescue was prompted by the video message… she is now under the care of our embassy,” Foreign Ministry spokesman, Charles Jose, said. Philippine embassy officials and staff from Luna’s employment agency picked her up from her employer’s house, Jose said, adding that police were investigating the incident.

Luna said her employer did not believe her claims of being raped and beaten and insisted she finish the remaining two months of her contract before she could go home. Her employer also told her to have an abortion if she fell pregnant, she added. Luna’s alleged assailant, however, denied attacking her, Ricky Aragon, vice-consul at the Philippine embassy in Bahrain, said.

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    • I am a Muslim, an Afghan, a normal immigrant in saudi arabia and believe me if you are not from any Gulf country and do not possess a western country’s passport, u are treated like a slave by your “Kafil” or Sponsor.

  1. I don’t care who you are to be treated like that is wrong and should never happen…hopefully that employer of hers gets what they deserve karma is a bitch and they will get there’s …No excuse is good enough for violating ANY ONE i am glad that women put a plea out for help on face book i am glad that she got out had she not asked for help she probably would be buried out in the desert dead.

  2. These f*cking arab swine continue doing this all the time to maids (we have heard this story now 100 times last year)…. why the maids continue to go there to held those animals??? We all know how they look at women in the oil gulf states, women are treated as animals and belongings there, not a human beeing.

    There are plenty of other countries to go for work as maid without any problems getting a visa…. Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden and so on. I would gladly help anyone with contact information to get maids work in the EU.


    • Sad but true, I lived in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha, and human trafficking and domestic labor exploitation are rampant across the Gulf region. And it isn’t just Arabs either, Western expats also treat their maids and cleaners horribly because they know they can get away with it. For every one who gets rescued, thousands more are suffering. Widespread reform is needed.

    • Stop with your generalisations you racist imbecile. My parents treated their maid like a member of the family. Christmas gifts, jewellery and money for special occasions, days off to do what she likes. The thanks they got was getting cash and jewellery stolen and her fucking off with it before completing her contracted time. I guess we can conclude from that that all Philippina maids are dishonest thieves.

  3. I am disgusted at some of these comments. The overgeneralizations in some of them are absolutely appalling. Women travel to Arab countries to work because their home countries are nearby and therefore airfare is cheaper and the jobs are more of a guarantee as opposed to if they were to move to another country. However, many maids are good and the families they are employed by are good, and their contracts work out and no one is abused or hurt. This is a situation that was unfortunate, but we should be rejoicing that the woman got out alive. In the future, the employers should not be allowed to hire anyone given the history of abuse. I feel sympathy for that poor woman and anger towards that young man, however that does not give me the right to make sweeping overgeneralizations.

    • …. You must not function at normal levels. Please leave this sight. She is Arabia. She is a woman and a maid. No investigation would go in and she was likely being kept way from police contact. If anything went on she would be ignored considering she is a woman and Filipino, she would be abused even more.

  4. Not only in Arabic lands such abuse happens globally in such Countries, UK USA Isreal Brazil India Thailand Not only by Arabic people but all People especially Men from every nation Thankfully this young woman is out of the Hell and torture she had to go through Its the very rich who create such oppression that is what needs to be addressed and outlawed any abuse of Human Beings of any class or creed needs to be once and for all be made a Criminal act and endorsed strictly with heavy fines and prison sentances globally

  5. This will not stop as long as the government allow it to continue. This is not the first time, and it will not be the last.
    Some girls was not as lucky to get out alive. But, those stories are never told.
    If a Filipina marry a European, or American, they have to attend seminars to know their rights before they are even allowed to leave the country. But, going to these shit pleases is fine with the government. They boast about how much they are doing to fight trafficking, then yet they allow young girls to go and work in these places.
    Let the assholes do their own dirty laundry. Look after their own kids. Have their own wives serve them in their bars.


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