Maryland Cops Caught On Camera Pepper Spraying Fifteen Year Old Girl


The latest viral video of police brutality comes from the Hagerstown Maryland Police Department. According to reports, a fifteen year-old girl was knocked off of her bike by a vehicle but was uninjured. She didn’t want to talk to the cops, but in police state America, being a victim of a crash is enough for them to detain, throw you against a wall and pepper spray you. The family has hired a lawyer and is planning on filing a suit against the police department for their brutality.


The girl was involved in a minor accident with her bike. More accurately she was bumped off of her bike by a car while she crossed the street at a red light. When police arrived, she advised them that she was OK and just wanted to go home. When the police asked her for her parents’ information, she refused to give it. She then tried to ride away on her bike. Despite not wanting to do anything about the crash and advising she wasn’t uhrt, police proceeded to detain her for not providing her information. From a law enforcement perspective, they had every right to detain the girl, as she was a minor who may per policy need to go to a hospital for evaluation. She was wrong in not wanting to cooperate, as they did only have her best interests at heart. The problem, as we have seen time and time again, is that the response by police was not proportional to the amount of resistance they are encountering.


The girl was five foot tall and one hundred five pounds. Police could have easily gained control of her without having to slam her against a wall and then repeatedly pepper spray her. The video that has flooded the internet and has even been shown on MSM outlet CNN, shows police spraying the burning chemicals into the eyes of a calm and restrained teenage girl. The police then close the back door, effectively sealing her in a mini gas chamber. Chief Victor Brito adamantly defended his officers, not differentiating between the need to use force on violent suspects and the fifteen year old girl in question. He failed to address the hypocrisy of police on scene who claim to be looking out for the girl’s safety and well being after the crash, yet slam her against a wall a moment later. The chief said that the officers attempted to de-escalate the situation, however, the video does not show this.

The names of the girl and her family were not released, however, the family lawyer Robin Ficker has been quite vocal about the case. “This little girl, 5 ft. 105 lbs, was brutalized by Hagerstown police after, she, on her bike, was hit by a car, but refused medical treatment. They slammed her against a wall, arrested her for refusing treatment, maced her 4 times in the police car while handcuffed, and took her to the police station instead of the hospital!” The girl’s mother was angered over the incident. “You don’t take a 15-year-old child, and put them in handcuffs, and shut a door, and mace them four times. Why was she not transported to the hospital? Why?”

160922234321-15-year-old-pepper-spray-01-exlarge-169            The officer spraying a compliant teenage girl through the window of his cruiser.

Of course to cover their tracks, the officers had to fabricate a charge of disorderly conduct. According to reports, they also charged her with possession of a small amount of marijuana. The conduct demonstrated by police was not appropriate for dealing with a fifteen year-old girl. The actions taken by these officers shows that they only have one solution for every problem; force.

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  1. Why do these THUGS even have a dam BADGE? Her “crime” was that she is “black” & while on a bike ran a red light & was hit by a car, dumb but not worth all this!
    Being black is a crime in the USSA. These THUGS have no reason to detain her, cuff her, scare the crap out of her or mace her, they are CRIMINALS, THUGS, POS! They just have to CONTROL HER, she’s scared & just wants to leave But those THUGS just have to do their cop thing & DOMINATE HER, SHOW HER WHO IS BOSS.
    Here is this poor little, scared “black” girl, handcuffed, trapped inside a cop car, then they SPRAYED WITH PEPPER SPRAY because she wouldn’t put her feet inside the car fast enough to please them, sig heil , CRIMINALS!

    • Protecting the actions of this brat is what causes so many problems in our society. First, her color had nothing to do with this, so stop trying to play the racist card. Second, she was not hit by a car, she disregarded road signals and SHE ran into the car causing damage. Bikes have to follow the rules of the road just like cars. Third, they had every reason to detain her. She caused an accident and then was trying to flee the scene after being asked repeatedly and in a nice manner to stay while the cops finished their investigation report of th4e accident. Your “poor little scared girl” statement is total bullshit. Don’t let the photo of her fool you. She is a disrespectful, self-entitled brat who got off light for the way she behaved. Our police showed extreme restraint, caring, and compassion for this piece of shit kid who doesn’t know how to behave. And by the way, while you are protecting this brat’s as with your stupid comments, she was asked at least three times to get her feet inside the car and all she did was bitch and whine like a banshee. She needs to learn to put her big girl panties on when going our around others or else stay in a playpen in her house until she learns how to behave. People like you cause the problems in our society with your bullshit protection of those acting out. The only THUG in this incident was the damn girl. Period.


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