New Bill: Ban on Masks, Hoodies in Public Places


Throughout 2014, Anonymous supporters could be found rallying in protests, donning their Guy Fawkes mask as a matter of safety and representation of what the collective stands for: a right to speak freely without the concern of segregation. It is a symbol of rebellion against those who wish to squash freedom; if your identity is unknown, how can ‘they’ stop you?

The movement has become worldwide and the mask has become a globally recognized emblem. The mask, in itself, is said to be financially lucrative over at, since the concept of identity protection in the name of freedom has stretched across the world.


Polish politicians using the Guy Fawkes mask

It is with this in mind, that the proposed bill by Oklahoma lawmakers will see wearing masks and hooded sweatshirts banned in public spaces. According to Senator Don Barrington, he stated that the law would make it, “unlawful to wear a mask, hood or covering during the commission of a crime or to intentionally conceal a person’s identity in a public place.” It wouldn’t, however, apply to anyone wearing a mask for medical purposes, or coverings for religious beliefs.

It’s understandable that a government wants to unveil the thief walking into a station preparing for an armed holdup, but how many criminals walk along the street prior to the crime, wearing a mask? The question arises, and the context of this proposal that is still yet to be determined. With more and more students, blue-collar workers, professionals, doctors, lawyers, you or I – anyone who wants to rally their opinion without the worry of ramifications, from say, their employer, while wearing the Guy Fawkes mask or other forms of disguise during a protest; who is it possibly aimed at?

The misdemeanor charge can carry a fine between $50 and $500. A term of imprisonment for up to 12 months is possible if the courts rule in that favor.




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    • You don’t fuck the government my friend, they fuck you. To be honest I agree with this one, Im tired of pussies going into peaceful rallies then starting trouble. Perfect example is the retards that were throwing m. cocktails and looting stores. If I were a cop I would have shot mask wearers on site at that point, just to eliminate the idiot gene pool they are a part of. As far as the KKK, you all are showing just how ignorant you can be. Pick up a fucking book.

    • Reading through these replies, the kkk and Halloween for example, are you all fkn idiots? Did any of you mental midgets see the people firebombing Ferguson? That’s what this is about, not about some crack head conspiracy theorists posting shit on the web. Its about shitbags turning a reasonable protest into something much more dangerous, and creating the mob mentality among the protesters. If you guys cant see that, your more pathetic than I would have guessed (which after your well thought comments is an amazing feat). Now if you pussies want to wear a mask in my neighborhood, go ahead, my rifle shoots spot on, and my shotgun NEVER misses.

      • The mask is to help protect the identity and makes everyone anonymous. It is those few people that start things up and get violent that people focus on. Before calling everyone with a mask some idiot, try looking into it at first. Everyone has an opinion. Behind the mask is an idea, and ideas are bulletproof. Yes, I quoted.

      • I’d like to call you on all that tough talk. You underestimate the unseen. Give me the address tough guy. You will not be my first, nor my last. You are not the only one with a rifle, killer. Keyboard cowboys. The address? Lets do this. I am for real.


      • Another keyboard cowboy and tough guy. You must think you are the only one with a rifle. You underestimate what you will not see. How about a name and address, killer? I will bring it right to you and hope you call my bluff, you punk. You will not be my first, nor my last.


  1. I guess that it never occurred to them to pass a law like that to unmask the KKK whose only purpose was to commit violence and mayhem. Strange.

  2. So “Anonism” could be a religious belief. The rules of the internet are our bible verses and the freedom of our rights is what we preach! I’ll wear the mask because it is my belief and my religion!

  3. For me and my kind, there are two very important areas, and these are firearms and protest. Any move to regulate either is viewed as suspect at best, but this proposed bill is too funny to not chuckle a little.

    The wording is clearly the product of United States’ best and brightest. It reads that the law would make it “unlawful to wear a mask, hood or covering during the commission of a crime or to intentionally conceal a person’s identity in a public place.” Really?

    First, I have to ask, “Exactly, what type of criminal do we want in this land?” I can imagine only the dumbest of dumb wanting to maximize their chances of being captured, and I estimate that even the extremely dumb can arrive–all by themselves if necessary–at the notion that wearing a mask might be a beneficial step in a criminalistic endeavor. So, to keep our criminals competitive in the world market, say no to this ridiculous bill. Crime is illegal, as I understand it. What we wear while committing the crime should not matter, and if it does, we must make it illegal to commit a crime while dressed. For a crime to just be a crime (that is for a second crime to not be contained within the first crime) we must commit our crimes naked.

    Secondly, what idiot introduced this bill? It is important that people know, so that they will know which idiots elected the idiot that introduced this bill. Once the identities of these idiots have been disclosed, I think it is their civic duty (obviously a big deal for these folks) that they immediately suicide themselves right out of the gene pool.

    Without intentionally concealing my identity, I cannot fathom wearing a mask in a public or any other place. What type of person is it that puts on a mask without intentionally concealing their identity? I do not have the answer, but I am betting our crackpot medical community has discovered one. Intentionally doing something does not state our reason(s) for doing this thing. If I am really cold and put on a balaclava, I am intentionally concealing my identity in a cold place, be it public or not. This law would make my behavior illegal while leaving legal the impossible (except in the face of severe mental shortcomings) alternative of unintentionally concealing my identity in a public place.

    • I totally agree. This country is slowly becoming a dictatorship. Next thing we know, the country will say that it is illegal to protest at all and if caught doing so, we will be killed. Although it has happened before, I could see it happening on a larger scale. A person should have the right to wear what they feel comfortable with and if they choose to wear a mask and hoodie while protesting then that is their right as a citizen.

    • your an idiot dude, re-read that shit and if that’s really what you think that means, its time to stop the tradition of having kids with your immediate family.

  4. Am I the only one that sees the “intending to hide their identity” part as a partial attack on halloween as well? I can’t imagine halloween enthusiasts would want this bill passed….

  5. say i wasn’t up for annonomity, take their rights away. I’m not up for guns, take their rights away. Gay marrige, take their rights away too. Free speach, blah blah blah, take that right away too. What are you fond of, lets take those rights away too. Just a little bit of sarcasim there, like being a little bit pregnant. ALL OR NOTHING FOLKS, get that through your heads.

  6. “We have enormous freedom. That’s not a gift that was given to us, it’s a legacy that was left to us by centuries of struggle. By centuries of people that most of whose names are completely forgotten, the ones who created the freedom and the rights we now have, and that will be taken away unless you constantly defend them.”
    – Noam Chomsky

  7. Plan n simple. If someone is going to commit a crime no law or bill is going to stop them. No differant than stripping us of our 2nd amendment . This government is getting out of hand. They need to stop worrying about other countries and pay attention to what is happening on our home land.

  8. hello, my name is Daniel and I am 16 years old. I’ve heard of organizations that are anonymous hackers -and I heard children were part of something …… is sometimes wondering how to be part of something …. is possible to do part as:?

  9. Hooded sweaters…? What is this, middle school? That sounds absolutely unnecessary, why in the world do they need that? To prevent crimes? That’s a joke. If they are going to commit a crime they certainly wont mind wearing a hooded sweater to prevent their identification if they happen to get away with it. Maybe the people of that state should wake up and rally against it, so much is wrong with our country and I fear were nearing a few very big wake up calls. I’m honestly very interested in seeing what they would do if people stood up against this.

    • If someone can get away with making a church of bacon or marijuana and be recognized in the US. Why not make up a church of the mask or church of fawlks and voilla the mask is now a religeous thing and thus a legit way around this and the govs attempts to ban it.

  10. It says that one could wear coverings for religious believes. We have religious freedom to belive whatever we want. If we belived in a religion pointing towards our belives that stated a mask was in fact required. Would in then be justified? Please correct me if i’m wrong, I just wanted to make sense of my thoughts.

  11. Is it not my right as a human being to have any religion?
    yes it is and i pick mine as Anonymous.
    Therefore my mask is part of my religion!!


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