Officer Helps An Injured Marathon Runner Cross The Finish Line [VIDEO]


A police officer from the city of Savannah, Georgia is in the news for a generous act towards a marathon runner, helping him to complete a keenly contested race after sustaining injuries during the final lap.

According to the Good News Network, Robert McCoy had just made the final turn and could see the finish line in front of him during the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon” taking place in the city. Unfortunately for the participant, in the final moments of the run he took a nasty fall, scraping his face, knees and shoulder in the process. He had run 26 miles and only had about 200 meters to go to complete the race when the accident occurred.

One observer that had witnessed him fall to the ground was Sgt. John Cain, of the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department. Officer Cain immediately rushed to help McCoy.

Bloodied and stunned from the fall, and exhausted from running non-stop for hours, McCoy told the officer that he, “had to finish the race.”

The police officer did not turn him down. He helped him up, took his arm and kept McCoy standing. The two began running, as officer Cain held McCoy to give him support. They ran past cheering spectators who were very excited to see the officer give aid to the runner.

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After crossing the finish line, McCoy thanked Officer Cain for his help, and after receiving his award from the organizers of the competition, McCoy gave the medal to Officer Cain.

McCoy told local media, “He deserved it more than I did, because if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have finished the race for my dad.”

McCoy was running the marathon in honor of his father, who had passed away in the Spring; according to him, that was why it was so important for him to finish the race.

The video of the incident has gone viral on many social media platforms. Many viewers have praised the action of the officer, hoping that other officers will learn from this — to give a helping hand when necessary.

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