Officer Who Raped Cuffed Teen Gets Shot


Officer Jackie Neal, formerly of the San Antonio Police Department, was arrested after raping a handcuffed teenager in the back of his patrol car. This was back in 2013. An update of this story seems necessary, as it turns out that Officer Neal was recently shot.

According to Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, Officer Neal was shot in the neck last night. He is in critical condition.

According to local KSAT, the shooter is a female who is aged 46. She lived with him in the same home, and although there was no statement on the exact motive for the shooting, she was taken into custody without incident; this would suggest that she had a problem with Neal specifically, and was not a crazed lunatic who lashed out violently at anyone and everyone around her.

This has led many to speculate on a connection between the shooting and the officer’s actions for which he was arrested; a girlfriend who was upset at his heinous crime perhaps?

Neal will face charges for sexual assault in June, regardless of his state of injury from having just been shot in the neck. Even police sources told local KSAT that the shooting “might” have been related to the upcoming court appearance and charges facing Neal.

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  1. Great to hear that this son of a bitch got shot for raping a lady.
    I’m wondering though if this guy will get demoted/sacked from working for the US Government….or will be instead promoted to shooting black Americans, and people who follow the Islamic faith, in the name of “The US Police Force”. The US Government is THE definition of “international terrorism”

  2. i hope he hangs !!!!! to serve and PROTECT !!!! yeah right in whos world .. sure not ours …. the cops do what they want when they want and they get nothing but a slap on the hand ………………………….. fair huh ?!?!?!

  3. you people are just as sick as the cop that got shot seriously he deserves to be punished but condoneing wanting somebody to get shot dont sit here and act like your good samartians either cause your not your a bunch of evil violent pushing hypocrites =)

    • Wishing death on a child rapist/supposed (peace officer) hardly makes someone an evil violent pushing hypocrite. The douche bag deserves a bullet in the neck! With that said, I’ll bet you’d feel differently if it was your daughter.

      Good Samaritan #1

      • Just to be clear, he was not a child rapist. Just a rapist. The girl was 19, that is a legal adult. Not saying its any better, just wanted it to be known.

    • Even a good samaritan would kill this fuckface. What happens to most men that go to prison for a rape charge? They get raped or killed, most of the time its both. Even the prisoners dont want him on the streets, why? Because they have families too. Its sad that prison can be our justice system for doing this instead of letting him out YEARS early on good behavior or some bullshit like that. And even if he served his time then what happens? He rapes again. Kill this fucker and move on to the next one

  4. Another coverup by the MSM funny you don’t hear what these criminal cops are ALWAYS doing and WE DONT hear it on MSM at all jus on real independent news


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