Officer’s Bodycam was Turned Off When He Shot and Killed a Man


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26-year-old Ty Worthington was killed last week by Salt Lake City, Utah police, and now the unnamed officer who killed him is saying his body camera was ‘not on’ during the situation.

According to a local news article, “the department is currently testing and evaluating three kinds of body cameras. Because of short battery life, they are not turned on for “routine” calls.”

The officer who shot him is on administrative leave, or paid vacation.

Officer Sam Winkler of the South Jordan Police Department said “The officer confronted Mr. Worthington in a horse corral, and during the confrontation multiple shots were fired,”

Ty showed up to the house of family members after being kicked out of their place, and they called the police on him.

He then ran into a neighbor’s yard, and was found hiding in a horse corral.  All we know is he was shot and killed, and the police allegedly recovered a small handgun ‘next to him’, while the officer’s camera was off.

This is likely to add to the debate over equipping cops with bodycams, which is coming into question following the filmed death of Eric Garner at the hands of police.

Please share this with anyone who could use some perspective on this increasingly relevant issue of police violence. This is how the incidents go; police do such things as have body cameras ‘not turned on’.


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    • You cant make it a felony for them not being on. The batteries simply died and are not good batteries so they dont last long. What they can do is have better longer lasting batteries and have multiple and make it where when one dies it sends a message to the other one on the officer telling it to turn on. But then the officer can get into trouble for turning it off himself or not charging the batteries.
      The lie detector is not 100% correct. People can cheat the lie detector and pass it by not being guilty when they could be and the other people who have bad anxiety or/and nervous just cuz the police are surrounding them in the room or just cuz of the situation there in and fail the lie detector when there innocent.

      • Obviously this is a problem with a technical fix. We need bodycams with batteries that will last for about 12 hours of continuous use, that can be readily recharged, and *can’t be turned off*. Okay, Heroes of Anonymous: what are you doing about this?

  1. Utah native here, please correct the conflicting city information. At the beginning it refers to slc, ut pd. Then later south jordan. They are separate cities, quite a distance from each other, with their own pd’s, jurisdiction, and chiefs. This would be like referring to a different city in Missouri as the pd that shot Mike Brown. Thanks!

    • Seriously it doesn’t matter where the police officer is from, the problem is he shot a man and there is no excuse for that. Use a TASER not a GUN, end of story.

  2. Put solar panels on it similar to the ones found in a common calculator to help extend the life of the battery. On top of that they can use some of the space on their belt to hook up a battery pack to allow a larger battery to be attached to the cam to give longer battery life. That or make it it required for the officer to charge the battery while in the car so the cam will have more than enough power as the officer puts on the cam and leaves the car.

  3. Make the cameras on their body unlock the pistol holster but keep it locked if there is obstruction or add a camera to every gun

  4. Spending More money to add cameras to these officers and their weapons will not make a difference. They will still shoot to kill, regardless of cameras. A new Idea needs to be formed. It’s called an effective government, which we do not have. Anarchy is the only way to rid the world of this problem.


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