Over 1,500 Pedophiles and Human Traffickers Arrested Since Trump Took Office, Media Silent


In January this year, California launched a massive statewide operation against pedophiles. Over 474 of these child predators were arrested.

28 commercial and sexually-exploited children, as well as 27 adult victims were rescued during the operation. The Los Angeles Regional Human Trafficking Task Force and more than 30 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies were involved in the operation to flush these wicked criminals out. Law enforcement officials said they want to send a clear message to the rest of the United States that California law enforcement shares a unified mandate, and that human trafficking will not be tolerated in the state.


During the raid, California’s undercover law enforcement officers posed as prostitutes on street corners. Trained cyber detectives also posed as vulnerable teenagers and interacted with suspects on social media, traffickers and customers. This allowed the officers to make the sweep.

Human rights activists praised the effort of law enforcement officials in California. They urged other states in the country to emulate the shining example of California. Details of the operation are now emerging. President Donald Trump is said to have authorized the operation against perpetrators of the crime.

The veteran journalist and sex crime activist Liz Crokin published a report documenting over 1,500 pedophiles and human traffickers have been rounded up by law enforcement officials across the United States. Some of those arrested are said to include high-profile personalities.


According to the report, the massive crackdown on the criminals started after Trump took office on January 20. President Trump is reportedly to have met with senior advisers and representatives of organizations dealing with human trafficking immediately after taking office. He vowed to use his office to destroy what he described as “epidemic” and a “dire problem” facing the nation.

The report revealed that the operation to eradicate the pedophile and human trafficking business started in some states and cities before the massive bust in California.

To shed light on the arrests made so far, the report selected the following few cases to prove the operation started after Trump took office:

  • On Jan. 27, law enforcement authorities arrested 42 people in a human trafficking operation in Tennessee.


  • On Jan 29, law enforcement officials announced that over 474 people were arrested in a statewide California human trafficking operation. Some of the victims were rescued.
  • 108 were arrested from Jan. 18 to Feb. 5 in Illinois as part of a national sex trafficking sting operation.
  • 178 people were arrested in Texas for sex trafficking in a sting that operated in January until Super Bowl Sunday.
  • 16 people were arrested in January in Michigan for sex trafficking during the Detroit Auto Show.
  • In February, authorities arrested 11 in Virginia in a child sex sting.
  • On Feb. 14, the Polk County sheriff announced that 42 people were arrested in Florida in child pornography related cases.


Many high profile personalities including politicians, public officials, military, media, and Hollywood celebrities are said to have been fingered in the heinous practice. Below is a brief review of some of the high-profile personalities involved in this shameful act.

  • Kansas City Republican Rep. Huelskamp staffer was arrested on charges with 17 counts of child sex crimes, including sexual exploitation of a child.
  • The American football coach, Jerry Sandusky’s adopted son was arrested for sexual assault on a child.
  • Former Mayor of Hubbard Richard Keenan faces life in prison after pleading guilty to the rape of a 4-year-old child.
  • Oklahoma Senator Ralph Shortey was charged for child prostitution after being caught by law enforcement officials with an underage boy in a hotel room. He has since resigned from office.


  • The former Mayor of Stockton, Anthony Silva was arrested in San Francisco for profiteering, embezzlement, and “other charges,” and has been arrested in the past on charges of cruelty against a child after being reported for playing “strip poker” with youth.
  • A pedophile Secret Service agent for former President Obama was arrested on charges surrounding the enticement of an underage girl.
  • Air Force Colonel William R. Jones was arrested after he was found with sexually explicit photos of children as young as 10. He has since pleaded guilty to the crimes.

However, in all these efforts by the Trump administration to solve this social menace in the country, the Mainstream Media remains completely silent on the progress being made. They’d rather talk about the frivolous and unsubstantiated allegation that Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election.


Writing on the Conservative news outlet Townhall.com, Crokin lashed out at the media for deliberately ignoring the arrests being made. She wrote: “this should be one of the biggest stories in the national news…the mainstream media has barely, if at all, covered any of these mass pedophile arrests.”

Do you see the reason why the media is part of the problem with pedophiles and human traffickers thriving in the West? In fact, some owners of the media are even part of the criminal ring that abuses innocent children.

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  1. I don’t get your point. This is a good thing, and the more these creeps are caught and punished the better. But you seem to be conflating the mission with the new President. Did he wave some sort of magic wand to make it come into being? What are the figures for previous Presidents? Perhaps the media aren’t reporting it because it’s just a non-story. Criminals have been caught, great, but I doubt very much that President Fail was in any way instrumental in that, as criminals have been being caught for millenia. Get over yourselves and try doing some real journalism.

    • Pull your head out of your ass already sweetheart. I hate to break it to you but Democrats and Republicans are the same same people pulling those strings doesnt matter they’re all pieces of shit! And let us not forget about the pussy grabbing president who has been accused 20+ times of sexually assaulting women. I seriously cannot believe how many people are this naive and stupid, how about you read a book and research. Get some knowledge big mouth b4 you talk shit about something you obviously have 0 knowledge of.
      Go back to your 600 pound Life, diet soda, and Doritos and keep your head in the sand where it’s obviously been.

    • And you would be wrong because it is the mission of President Trump and it is directly related to him:

      “President Trump has stated in the past his position on those he calls “perverts,” saying that they should get a “fast trial,” and, if convicted, the “death penalty.” Currently he is using his executive powers to go after sex-traffickers, and as you can see, it has led to many arrests in the first few weeks of his presidency.”


    • You are disgusting in your prejudice. Having been a victim, I know it should be front page everywhere. The only thing these people fear is the exposure of light to their perverted deeds. You obviously can’t see the reality. Sad individual.

  2. You say “since Trump took office”, rather than “since January”. There is no connection whatsoever between California taking this action and Trump becoming President, so… why pretend that there is?

  3. Totally agree with Sheryl and Steve. The undue effort to associate this pathologically self-serving and callous president with a significant social justice and human rights effort is quite discouraging; I expected better for your organization. Besides, in late January, Trump was obsessed with his inauguration turnout, banning Muslim refugees, deporting Mexican nationals and Dreamers, and his depiction on SNL; he couldn’t have met with law enforcement to ok this even if he had the capacity to care.

    • Well is Obama so great because he didn’t want any news of this getting out because he was involved in trying to keep this evil thing going. Of course you didn’t hear anything from media. But let Trump make a statement about it in January is as he didn’t have time to implement these issues to crack down, of course he didn’t but he was putting the word out that something is being done. The evil people hoped nothing would be said or done. Thank goodness Trump said something to let the evil know this was in the works to get these evil people. Anyone with a brain knows this crack down didn’t start with Trump. Trump was going to go after these people in his term. He will not tolerate.

  4. Hey Anonymous, my bad. I re-read the article, and the links, and saw you were merely reporting on a report with a pro-Trump bias. You state the author is credible in factual accounting, but also state her likely right-wing slant, and “the report selected the following few cases to prove the operation started after Trump took office.” You took the correct path, by providing caveats, without editorializing.

  5. Im going to have to write a letter to trump about my daughters sexual assault by her paternal grandmas husband when she was 3. They couldnt charge him bc he only touched her naked on her stomach and back!!!! But he put a napkin over her face when he did it. And hes done it to another little girl, same eye color, hair color and age. So……. hes gonna pay…… please advise how i can do this !!

  6. You mentioned Bill Clintons trips on the “Lolita Express but not Trumps”, I wonder why that is? You are a lousy journalist if you are trying to convince us that all the sudden these investigations started because Trump became President.. Those investigations were on going even before he contemplated running.

    • What exactly did Obama have going on to eliminate these kinds of crimes while he was in office? What results does he claim that he accomplished? Just interested, for comparison sake…

  7. Where is your sourcing for this article? Why are you politicizing this? True journalists have sources listed or if the source is anonamous that is listed as well. This is nothing but hearsay unless it is sourced. We all want pedophiles brought to justice and I hope that part of this artilce is true, but I have trouble believing this is real journalism.


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