Who REALLY Benefits From Food Stamps? The WHITE People


According to US Department of Agriculture data, 23 million households and 47 million Americans in 2013 received benefits on an average month under SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). thee quarters of those households included a child, an elderly individual or a disabled person. The average monthly benefit per household was $274. 40.2 % of SNAP recipients were white, 25.7 % black, 10.3 % Hispanic, 2.1 % Asian and 1.2 % were Native Americans. Some 63% of Americans are non-Hispanic White, however, which would explain some of this ironic statistic. However, the claim that the welfare system has not benefited Whites and has mostly benefited Blacks or any other minority group has finally been turned on its head.


The 2013 data shows, white people are nearly three times less likely than African-Americans to live in poverty; yet, white people claim more food stamps.  According to the data, not only do white people benefit from food stamps, they also benefit from not having politicians and cops target and malign them as lazy, unproductive welfare queens who take advantage of a social safety net. As the chart indicates, racist ideas about welfare have come to overshadow statistical facts that reveal that the face of food stamps is in fact white.

Republican member of the Mississippi state legislature, Gene Alday in February had told a reporter for The Clarion-Ledger, a Mississippi newspaper, “I come from a town where all the blacks are getting food stamps and what I call welfare crazy checks. They don’t work”. He also said that when he went to the emergency room one time, “I laid in there for hours because they (blacks) were in there being treated for gunshots”. He later had to take back his words and give an apology. The USDA data shows who is getting the ‘welfare check’ after all.



  1. Not really that big of a margin when you consider the fact that considering the ratio of white to black population is much larger.This data is not accurate. How many white people are in America, and on food stamps? How many black people are in America, and on food stamps? How do these percentages compare?

    • Exactly my thoughts brebrekiller. An Anonymous posting stirring up trouble where there is no trouble to be stirred up. Anonymous: do something worthwhile: go back to fighting ISIS.

      • There’s 400 million people in america, 15% whick are black that will be 70 million black people, 25% is on food stamps, thats 17 million on food stamp out 70 million ok, 53 million blacks are not. 63% of 400 million america is white, 40% is on food stamps. That’s 57.6 million food stamp, recipients, the numbers are 3 times greater that blacks recipients, more than 6 to 7 times than other ethnicities here in america.

    • Who gives a damn about percentages … the fact is that there are a LOT of white folks on Gov. subsidies … not just Blacks or Hispanics .. because MOST of what I hear is complaints about the system being scammed by Blacks and Hispanics … Poor is poor … needy is needy .. just be grateful YOU do not have to be on that list!!

      • I give a damn about percentages… And if you had been paying attention in 3rd grade math you probably would too. The proportions are way out of scale

        • Brandon, I’m with you the numbers does count and I do care about the percentages, 15% of 400 million americans are black, that’s 70 million blacks, 25% on food stamps, that’s 17, 500, 000 on foodstamps, 52, 500, 00 blacks arr not. There’s 63% of america are white, 40% of 400 million on food stamps, thats 57.6 million whites on food stamps. The numbers don’t lie. That’s over 3 times more whites on benefits in america than blacks, 6 to 10 times more than any other ethnicities. The numbers don’t lie.

    • It also stated by house hold head not entire family so numbers are off and anonymous wouldn’t put something like this out there this is a separation tactic when we need to come together

    • “White Americans are the racial majority, with a 77.7% share of the U.S. population. African Americans are the largest racial minority, amounting to 13.2% of the population. Hispanic and Latino Americans amount to 17.1% of the population, making up the largest ethnic minority.”
      “Nationally, most of the people who receive benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program are white. According to 2013 data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which administers the program, 40.2 percent of SNAP recipients are white, 25.7 percent are black, 10.3 percent are Hispanic, 2.1 percent are Asian and 1.2 percent are Native American. 2/08/2015”
      In order for the ratio of whites on foodstamps to be equal to the ratio of blacks on foodstamps, let’s set that up for you…

      77.7x= 530.64
      X=6.83% (rounded up)

      In order for blacks and whites to avail themselves of foodstamps in equal proportions, blacks would constitute only 6.87%

      Personally, I’ve long grown weary of the whole “black / white thing,” but misrepresenting such an obvious disparity is propaganda.

    • To do the math:
      11,565,000 Non-Hispanic Blacks on Snap
      18,090,000 Non-Hispanic Whites on Snap
      196,817,552 Non-Hispanic Whites total in the US
      37,685,848 Non-Hispanic Blacks total in the US
      (According to Wikipedia)

      That means approximately:
      1/3rd of the Black population is on Snap
      1/10th of the white population is on snap

      • Black people in this country make up about 13% total population. White people make up about 75% population. 1/3 of 13% is 4.3% 1/10 of 75% is 7.5% so more white people get SNAP.

        • Are you retarded or do you really not understand proportions? If there is a society with 100 people, 90 of them white and 10 of them black, and 9 of the ten blacks are on food stamps vs 10 of the 90 whites, is it really relevant that more whites are on food stamps? The relevant statistic is that 9/10 blacks are on food stamps vs 1/9 whites. The same applies to the world we live in.

      • You want to break things down by ratio. The fact still remians that their are more Whites on welfare than Blacks. You people got excuses and like to twist crap around even if it’s in your faces. Some of these cases are indeed lazy people looking for handouts and I’m sure fraud cases. Tell me why my relative knows a white woman that lives in a $200,000 house getting food stamps.

        • using your logic, numerically speaking(since you negate adjusting for percentage of population), more white people have been killed by law enforcement than any other race, where is the outcry? Also.
          , my ancestors were Irish slaves can I apply for reparations? And my ancestors were ambushed by native Americans in wagon trains, can I get reparations for that?

        • um, except for the part where african americans are more likely to have larger families and these numbers oNLY count the head of the household. I would be willing to bet, fair or not, that more african americans are on snap than caucasians. For the record, im hispanic, aka no dog in this fight.

      • 1/3 compared to 1/10 by population comparison. So lets address this social stigmata perpetrated on black Americans. By the real mumbers we have more tax sucking lazy white persons then black persons. Soooo lets cut the crap. We aren’t discussing a race or a contest. We are dealing with facts and the lies of the lazy black benefit suckers being a problem to society. When the truth is whites on public assistance cost our country more then black americans. You can spin the ratio between the two ethnic groups all you want. Be the lions share of the public cost goes to the white public assistance recipients.

      • Your numbers are way off, lets do real math. There’s approx. 400 million people in the U.S. 15% are black, that is roughly 70 million, 25% on food stamps, that computes to 17.5 million, 52.5 million are not on food stamps. 63% of america are white out of 400 million, thats 252 million 40% on foiddtamps foodstamps, that’s 100.8 million on food stamps.

        • John, that is an amazing number you just pulled out of thin air. Please stop quoting your math, your wrong. FLAT OUT WRONG AND YOU CANNOT DO MATH.

          and you managed to find 100 million white people on it. LIES. It is approximately 8% of the white population on welfare compared to approximately 48% of the black population. Yes numbers matter. Yes, percentages matter. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LEARN MATH!

      • If Blacks,Hispanics and native Americans were the only ethnic groups on public assistance the programs would not exist. These programs were created by white people for white people during the great depression that was a huge banking scam perpetrated by super rich bankers. Better known as white people who care more about money then the well being of their fellow American white people.

        • Bruce, I am not following your logic. Are you suggesting that we would be better off without welfare? I wish there was a limit (1-2 years) that you could receive welfare. During that time, job training of some sort in order to allow you to get a job.

      • Yes and we have moved on from the 70’s. It is 40+ years later…………………………..Many things have changed. Quit trying to go backwards.

  2. What I would like to see is a factual account on how the food stamps are used by those in different races. I really don’t care what race receives the help as long as they are using it to HELP them. Let’s see the figures on those who get their ACCESS card and sell their benefits for .50 cents on the dollar. Let’s see the figures on what type of food is purchased based on race (are they buying mac and cheese or loading up on shrimp and steak at the beginning of the month.) and we’ll get a better view of who is really abusing the system.

    • I guess you are against the government listening to our phone calls and reading our emails but you’re OK with them checking to see what we are eating and drinking. Hypocritical much?

    • It is completely irrelevant how the benefit is used.

      If they want to spend it on hookers so they can pretend for a night or two that someone actually gives a shit about them, on drugs and booze so they can forget the fact that society feels they don’t deserve the same comforts as those not on welfare, a bang-up bone at the most expensive buffet they can afford, who fucking cares?

      Are YOU going to ration and limit your consumption based on your income? Cause I sure as hell ain’t. It’s not like they can run and get another cheque, either – over the money’s gone, that’s it for the rest of the month.

      So who bloody well cares?

      • Wait what?!? You’re forgetting that this is coming out of working folks pay checks!! Of course I care where the money goes!!! If I’m having 40% of my check taken so someone can score some dope, of course I’m going to be upset and I have every right to be!
        Some of you forget that their is now “owner” or king of the US. THIS COUNTRY BELONGS TO ALL OF US. I don’t need to know WHAT people are buying but the card should be restricted to food/water/shelter purposes only.

      • Learn how to speak properly, take a shower, put on a pair of pants that the crotch doesn’t hang somewhere around your knees and a clean pressed shirt ((without words plastered all over it) and you’ll see easy it is to get a job. Or at least look in the mirror and be honest with yourself.

    • hERE YOU GO!

      Population by race:

      White: 224,000,000
      Black: 39,000,000
      Hispanic: 50,400,000

      Number of people on Food Stamps by race.
      White: 19,475,000
      Black: 17,100,000
      Hispanic: 8,550,000

      Percent of population on Food Stamps by Race:
      White: 8.6%
      Black: 43.8%
      Hispanic: 17%

      • Ohhh come on ! Your taking away from the false point the writer is trying to convey.. MORE RACIAL TENSION !
        The writer know all of this. She just baited the hook and everyone’s all over it.
        Exactly the same thing the government always does to take our eyes off of the real issues.
        Wake up people!

    • So you believe minorities sell and waste their benefits and whites are spending theirs responsibly….. That’s a sad joke. This is old news. Whites want to ‘do the math’ and dispute facts but Bush covered this over a decade ago. WHITES receive more benefits from these programs than any other race and always have.. The programs were created for whites. Get over it and stop lying on other races!!!!

      • Thank you! Facts nor statistics can be distributed against. Even in college, many Instructor’s have admitted to this fact in Sociology. Whites receives MORE Snaps, period!

        • because there are MANY MORE whites! It is still a predominately white country and that isnt likely to change, so yes, in gross numbers there are more whites in every aspect of life than there are blacks or hispanics. Good and bad. That doesnt change the fact that if you are black you are several times more likely to be on welfare than if you are white.

  3. In 2010, America was 72.4% white, 12.6% black, 16.4% hispanic, 4.8% asian, and 0.9% Native American. By simple statistics, black consumption of food stamps is the highest per capita within a racial group. However, this could be because of years of systematic oppression and racism. All I know is that if you’re poor in this country, it doesn’t matter what color you are, you’re screwed. This article is blatantly misleading, but the real truth is that we need to help people rise up to become better, instead of complaining about who gets the most food stamps.

    • Your numbers add up to 107.1. The overstated number is the white number.

      Another number you didn’t mention. Blacks have had a 70+% illegitimate birthrate for decades. Hispanics have a 50+% illegitimate birthrate. This is the critical driver for their over-representation on the welfare rolls.

      • except that this table does not mention children, only the heads of household are counted (probably to avoid the confusion of mixed race households, ie what slot do they fit in) as far as overstated number, i think its more likely that his source didnt account for the fact that there is overlap between hispanics since hispanic is an ethnicity rather than a color (you can be white hispanic or black hispanic etc)

  4. Nothing is said regarding how many of those elderly individuals are just relying on their Social Security payments alone for income. And, YES if the monthly payments for Social Security (which they worked for&their employer had to match that amount) were higher they would not qualify for SNAP. And, YES it is true women do outlive males and do not have the financial support of their husbands. This is simply a “witch hunt!” Or, war on women.

  5. Its really a shame we keep coming down to race about everything. We need to move on and stop vilifying everything based on race. What matters more is we start getting people meaningful jobs that pay more and higher education that does not involve common core.

    Someone mentioned “systematic years of oppression”… I can’t see that as an issue anymore as we are decades from the 60’s and hardly anyone discriminates against race anymore, unless you live in the deep south. Not to mention Affirmative action that has allowed many minorities a much stronger chance at jobs and education.

    • Actually I’ll have to disagree with you soon that. There is still tons of recism and systematic oppression just because YOU may not experience it doesn’t mean it isn’t still around. Just saying.

      • I have to disagree with the racism …I grew up in a prodominat black neighborhood and the older blacks keep the younger educated black men down and worship very racist older men like Jesse Jackson Farrakhan al Sharpton these men live in the past and hate whites ..they want to keep the young black people down and keep them from there capabilities ..I’ve seen racism from the other side ..and if the shoe was on the other foot we wouldn’t be here any longer…look at Chicago Detroit most of Africa the black race needs to look in the mirror and also there children and stop teaching hate ..I hope for change and a better life

    • You must be joking there’s still pervasive institutional racism that permeates all levels of society,industry and some isolated cases, government

      • I agree here, however your average white American isn’t happy about institutional racism. Unfortunately, we can’t control it any more than the blacks can.

  6. This article is extremely biased and leaves out extremely important information. Like 72 % of the us consider themselves white while on 12% consider themselves black. The fact that they even ask about race on these applications is appalling. How can people get past racism if even the fovernment tracks people and groups them by race. White people dont benefit anymlre than black people. They benefit equally. They just happe. To have more white people in general. Now of white people were sharing their foodstamps thks article would be corrext to some degree. Lol

    • They have to track all kinds of demographic data by race so we can monitor and evaluate whether the programs we have implements are working or not, and prove that the US has made TREMENDOUS PROGRESS to HELP blacks and minorites, HELPING them out of poverty.

      But, its useless at proving ANYTHING in the end, apparently, we dont teach anyone statistics.

    • Beach .. you are out of your mind and BADLY misinformed … Drug use between black and white is about the same but the white portion is overwhelmingly upper class!

  7. i remember the days when anon was about looking past media hype and bullshit to see what was really happening, and not this liberal driven anti white horse shit.

    Go back to stories about the nsa and leave this mindless drivel to the idiots that feel guilty for being born white, despite never having done anything to harm anyone.

  8. For one, snap benefits are different from food stamps, there’s more whites than blacks, and this whole article is biased.

    • baby boy, I believe you are misinformed and have not kept up with the changes to the food stamp program over twenty years ago. The Supplemental Nutriton Assistance Program (SNAP) has replaced the old Food Stamp Program because the funds are no longer distributed with paper food stamps. The reciepants utilize a benefit card simular to a debt card that is swiped at the grocery store. At least that is how it works in NYS and I assume that how it works in all states.

  9. These numbers reflect ACTUAL number of Americans receiving Welfare, and a breakdown of recipients by race. I understand it’s hard for some of you good White Folks to digest, but more Whites receive food stamps, numerically than any other racial group.
    Playing with percentages doesn’t tell the real story. Again I get it, this isn’t what Fox News and the GOP has been feeding you for decades.
    The real welfare Queens live in Appalachia, and across Mississippi ( the state with the largest number of people on Welfare. So when this Congress starts cutting Welfare, millions of poor White people with be first to feel the pinch.

    • Of course more white people receive food stamps, the white population outnumbers the black population 5-to-1 and STILL the black population nearly matches the white population, in terms of food stamp benefits. Black people are recieving food stamps at a ratio of 5-to-8 compared to white people. So, in a population of 100 people, 12 will be black and 75 white. Which means, if 16 white people receive food stamps, 10 black people will too;that leaves 2 black people and 59 white people, NOT receiving food stamp. Therefore, approximately 5/6 of the black population is receiving food stamps, compared to 1/10 of the white population. You can’t compare 75% of the population to 12% of the population, without making adjustments for the gap. This also means that 85% of the black population will ‘feel the pinch’, compared to 10% of the white population, moron.
      I understand that the Democrats keep you simple, so you rely on their version of the facts, because you have no critical thinking skills. Everything you THINK you know, is based off of this same nonsense method of fact-checking and it’s done to keep you convinced that ignorance is truth. It’s sad how easy you make it for them to make a fool out of you, all while you praise their existence. Smh.

  10. Why are we paying attention to what race uses welfare most, instead of the problem of PEOPLE (all races included) getting on welfare and never getting off, or abusing the system. Seems to my priorities are screwed up these days.

  11. are we really gonna play the race game? come on anonymous, we are all human. poeple should not make these statistics so black on white.

  12. Come on Anonymous, you can do better than that. This article reads like something you would get from Fox News, using just enough truth to promote a lie. This is another typical race baiting article. What ever happend to fighting a corrupt political system that uses things like racism to divide us and make us fight amongst ourselfs,steal our money through forced taxation which the corporate run government uses to pay for the “Jack Boots” that force its oppression up on us.

  13. WTF, Anonymous? How do you erect such a Straw Man argument, and then completely miss your mark in attempting to thrash it? Go home, Anonymous, you’re drunk…

  14. This is racist drivel. Fomenting hatred’s going to solve problems? Of course, you don’t really believe that. fomenting hatred divides and allows thugs to rule. Since when are poor white people not allowed to get help? Increasingly, and much to my utter disappointment and disgust, it seems black people and organisations are also turning increasingly fascist. Pathetic.

  15. I did those simple statistics that someone above mentioned. As the Dept. of Ag. data in the chart was from 2013, I paired it with 2013 Census Bureau data. Last step computation I rounded to one decimal place with standard rounding:

    White 9.5 %
    African-American 28.9 %
    Hispanic, Any Race 8.9 %
    Asian 5.9 %
    Native American 14.9 %
    Multiple Races 4.3 %

    Source http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/00000.html

  16. Yeah its only bias when the facts don’t favor white people. Amazing!!! If any other minority group led this statistic, everyone would agree with the information and nothing would be said about this article being bias and racist. Check yourselves.

    • …you do realize that the white population in the US is over 60% yes? White use LESS food stamps pro capita.

      I swear to god, this is grade school math, the fact that shills on both sides of the political spectrum can pull this crap without being laughed at is depressing.

    • Steve, I agree..white people love to talk smack about minorities using prejudice, until it goes against them, then they want to cry foul..lol, doesn’t feel so good does it white folk?? And I have white in me, so don’t try to make out like I’m being racist against whites..

      • Let me rephrase that; white people always say minorities use prejudice as an “excuse” until the shoe is on the other foot, and then want to get defensive..so how does it feel? Not so good huh, so stop doing it to minorities!!

  17. I’d like to know for sure how many of these people who are making these biased comments about the ratio of whites verses other ethnicitys (I refuse to say Race, because in Homo Sapiens there is only 1 race and that is Human) Are White. Because that’s usually the ethnicity on the defensive. And then if you call them a so called “Racist” then they say no I’m not I’m stating fact or I have black friends or some other bullshit. But you post something like this and it’s “Oh no it can’t be true” it’s just propaganda. Well I can’t speak for the whole country or the big inner city’s. I’m from Kentucky and I’ve lived it, I’ve seen more whites fucking the system here than any other ethnicity in this state…

    • So Caucasians are deeply defensive. I rarely involve myself in debates like this. But you don’t hear about whites pulling the race card. No Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton for whitey, and black lives matter.
      Simple math shows that Caucasians are a huge majority in this country. So OF COURSE there are more whites on food stamps and more likely cheating. But what matters is the PER CAPITA.
      IF their are 100 white people and 25 of them order vanilla ice cream, that’s 25%
      If their are also 20 black people and 10 of them order vanilla ice cream THATS 50% of them.
      Just talking about per capita. Personally the melanin in your body should not be how you are judged but some of you just cannot do basic fractions.

      • Well said buddy. Like the name by the way. If an ice truck pulls up in the neighborhood giving away ice cream cones and 75 out of 150 white Americans got one and 25 out of 50 black Americans got the rest, which ethnic group got the majority of the free ice cream cones. Yes less whites per capita got a free ice cream cone but they did get the majority of them.

    • That’s because the population in Kentucky, is mostly white, genius. This “table” is comparing 75% of the population to 12% of the population. If you can’t see the problem in that, you’re as stupid as they come.

  18. Considering 62.6% of the US population is White and 13.2% is Black you would expect there to be more white people on food stamps.. Anonymous can you please start kicking the racist folks out who just try to stir the racial pot by posting racist propaganda like this.

  19. Let’s not forget the fact that Welfare and SNAP (food stamps) are two entirely different government programs. Just because you need food stamps doesn’t automatically give you a Welfare check every month.

  20. Fuck you anonymous for being bought by the government. At one point you stood for something. If we are all one we do not do comparing or anything that can divide hate and race what the fuck are you doing?

  21. If these numbers are real and acurate , there is no possible way that any one month or even year of statics can be of any real value to anyone with exception to those whom wish to use the data to cause drama/controversy in an effert to add anamosity or hatered to support they’re own agenda ! Using the data of every month in a given larger time frame may aid in understanding how employment changes effect our local areas or states government . But this type of post is solely to point out a vary specific detail to invoke anamosity and controversy to support there agenda .

  22. This shaming of any race needing public assistance just to eat is disgusting. All people deserve basic necessities and this kind of BS should not be published, this is dehumanizing.

  23. An easy way to Word this whole problem people somehow manage to keep arguing over.

    100% of food stamps go to Humans.

    I’m not american so i have no clue how the system works in your country, But i’m pretty fucking sure all the people on government payment are fucking human, Now shut the fuck up.

  24. so proportionally minorities use food stamps more…okay
    per dollar more money goes to whites…okay
    so when you hear that minorities are “all on food stamps” or “taking all our money” that is inaccurate because the vast majority of the money still goes to whites.
    this is funny because anytime that numbers say that whites benefit form something more then suddenly “we’re all human”
    we’re also failing to consider the starting point of minorities, if they start off with less it is harder to achieve the same things as whites, so a larger percentage of minorities will require some form of aid in order to get eve close to a fair chance.
    and lord help you if your name is Tyrone, Chiquita, or Jameima, because with a name like that and having to check the African-American box you’ll soon find that there are people who don’t even care to interview you before deciding that your nothing more than another hood-rat.

    • That’s BS. When my family came here. Every sign said ‘IRISH NEED NOT APPLY’ BOTH of my great grandparents spoke only Gaelic and used the little money they had to go to a school house every night to learn English. Same with Italians. Italian were treated as second class citizens all the way to the 50s. Hard work can get you very far. Will their be ignorant people along the way? Absolutely. But with a little elbow grease and a good attitude you can accomplish a lot in this country.

  25. It’s amazing how the elite who control this country have managed to divide and conquer the people. By injecting race their is certainly no chance of any consensus! However, white males more than any other group have directly or indirectly benefited from racism more than any other group. From free slave labor that made America the No.1 cotton, tobacco and sugar producer in the 18th,19th century and the transfer of that free wealth over to this day. In spite all the free stuffs whites have enjoyed, you are still on food stamps or SNAP? I assumed any one with sense of history and in their mind should be ashamed of themselves! Poor Europeans shipped to America on a free boat, given free land taken from native Americans, free black labor, and guess what, You are still complaining??? Sometimes i wonder what kind of thought pattern do white people have. Are you Sociopaths, narcissist or just plain devil! And I’m trying very hard to reconcile with white peoples’ philosophical thinking,morality and actions, it’s hard to see where you are right about anything. You have failed to realize what the whole world has now awaken to your deceit, including your own Country men. The elite that control ordinary-poor-peasant white people to do their dirty job for them are really good at mind control, because when i read your comments on here, it’s mind bugling. It’s like the mindset of a kindergarten with no critical self check and understanding of others. I may have overreach in my comment, but i am doing it on purpose to provoke a second thought to look in the mirror. No one is always right and no one is always wrong,including myself.

    • Well said. The racist are hung up on the relative percentages to convince others that black people are a social economic problem. Yes the numbers show that relatively speaking there are more blacks on snap out of the total black population vs white, but you cannot ignore the individual totals that more whites are on snap. And if they had a sense of history and humanity as you eloquently stated they would recognize that the economic disparities that drive people to this program is a product of the white elites who have not only benefited from the land they stold by ethnic cleansing of Native American communities and African slave labor but who continue until today to receive corprate subsidies which is another form of social assistance to build their personal empires at the expense of poor people and working people everywhere. My father identified as White Hispanic and he was not a racist but a few of his relatives of Spanish and Italian descent were. He unmearned the lies taught to him one of them that there isn’t such a thing as a white or black race. That the rich invented the concept to keep working class and poor people fighting over the scarced resources they have created by over consuming the world’s resources themselves. And it has worked clearly listen to their talk. But only a heart of stone and an “evil” spirit can continue to spread ignorance and hate using statistics that do not tell the entire story.

  26. This woman needs a refresher course in fractions. Dim witted idiot. How about we just make sure US jobs are brought back so we all can eat.

  27. Maybe we should look at a different point of view and ask: what is the percent of white people or black(any nationality from another country)is receiving food stamp? Yes, it is important to understand how their using it. Buying a lot variety of foods is important but mostly junk food is not. Also it is important to remember that food stamp was created to help supplement with your wage to live comfortably until you could better yourself. Not to live off it for the rest of your natural born life.

  28. let me tell my story. i worked my life in mills with good pay and paid plenty of tax dollars. i became disabled with heart issues at 52 years old. i now collect less that $1100/month and receive a SNAP allotment of, ready for this? this white man is eligible for eight dollar a month in food stamps, thank you very much.


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