Saudi woman Gang-raped, Court Gives Her 200 Lashes And Jail Term

Relatives of Palestinian woman Amani Baraka, whom medics said was killed in an Israeli air strike, mourn during her funeral in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip August 10, 2014. Israeli air strikes and shelling killed three Palestinians in Gaza on Sunday, medics said, in a third day of renewed fighting that has jeopardized international efforts to achieve a lasting ceasefire in a more than month-old conflict. Palestinians kept up rocket and mortar fire that, since the last truce expired on Friday, has focused on kibbutzim, or collective farms, just across the border in what appeared to be a strategy of sapping Israel's morale without triggering another ground invasion of the tiny Gaza Strip. REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa (GAZA - Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST MILITARY CONFLICT) - RTR41UFK

A court in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has sentenced a woman who was gang-raped by seven men to 200 lashes and six months in jail after being found guilty of speaking to the media about the crime and indecency.

According to the account of the story reported by the Middle East Monitor, the 19-year-old Shia woman was in the car of a student friend when two men got into the vehicle and drove them to a secluded area, where she was raped by the seven men.

She was initially sentenced to 90 lashes for being in a car of a man who was not related to her. Commentators say Saudi Arabia’s law dictates that a male family member must accompany a woman at all times in public.

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The Press TV reports that the rapists were surprisingly sentenced to five years in prison. And it is unclear why the rapists were handed this light sentence, considering the fact that they could have faced the death penalty.

Lawyer for the woman, Abdul Rahman al-Lahem, appealed to the Saudi General Court after the sentence was handed down. However, the court reviewed the sentence, increasing it to 200 lashes. The court held that the woman had spoken to the media. The lawyer was also banned from the case; his license was confiscated, and was summoned to a disciplinary hearing.

After this new ruling, court officials said in a statement published on the official Saudi Press Agency “For whoever has an objection on verdicts issued, the system allows to appeal without resorting to the media”.

The verdict has been criticized by a number of activists and human rights organizations around the world. Human Rights Watch condemned the ruling, saying it creates grounds for perpetrators of sexual violence against women to continue their crime.

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“Not only sends victims of sexual violence the message that they should not press charges, but in effect offers protection and impunity to the perpetrators”, the organization said in a statement.

But the Kingdom replied such criticisms, faulting the woman for going out without a male family member.

The Saudi Ministry of Justice said in a statement “The Ministry of Justice welcomes constructive criticism, away from emotions”.

In September 2014, the United Nations (UN) elected Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the UN, Faisal Trad as the new Chairman for the UN Human Rights Council Panel.

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The UN Watch, a non-governmental watchdog organization based in Geneva, urged the US ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power and EU foreign minister, Federica Mogherini to speak against, and lobby for the appointment to be reversed due to Saudi Arabia’s poor human rights record.

“It is scandalous that the UN chose a country that has beheaded more people this year than ISIS to be head of a key human rights panel. Petro-dollars and politics have trumped human rights. Saudi Arabia has arguably the worst record in the world when it comes to religious freedom and women’s rights, and continues to imprison the innocent blogger Raif Badawi”, the organization said.

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    • Its not weaopon…its just a customsory symbols of Muslims….and its right why she was in the carcof a stranger? Saudia law are what Islam says. Saudia is very safe country. I love it.

      • I think a weapon is the term you’re looking for, and technically yes it is an image of one. She wasn’t with a stranger she was with a student friend, and even if she was are you saying she deserved to be gang raped and then sentenced to prison and 200 lashings? Saudia is the airline – Saudi Arabia is the country it operates in. Learn to think coherent thoughts, and how to spell.

        • what the hell it is ,a girl being gang raped by 7 bloody mad dogs ,getting imprisoned and lashed ,just because she was with some friend in the car and because she spoke to media, it is nothing but the blind saudi interpretation of islam.

      • Most countries are considered safe when a woman can travel alone under the protection of the Kings law. It is even in the ancient boasts of Kings like Sargon. Saudi Arabia doesn’t seem to have the power to make is citizens gear punishment by the king.
        Also, I think that the Saudi judges have no experience with physical punishment. Even the despicable British judges of old had experienced beatings at their schools, in their youth, and had a sense of proportion. Current Saudi judges prescribe over one hundred lashes quite often. And yet one hundred lashes was known to be punishment causing death, in England.

      • Wow! I didn’t know that when Islamic law was written there were cars driving around – give me a break for this medevial bullshit law and any law that puts a women under the thumb of a man! Can’t you see how wrong this is? Or are you completely blind and brainwashed?

      • You’re not a man,your a coward to hide who you are. She was in a fellow student’s car,not a strangers. Did she ask to be raped and abused? NO! Perhaps you would like it? Time to live in the year 2015 not in old ways that define women as pieces of meat,no rights or freedoms.

      • Hey Unknown – you are a major douchebag and I sincerely hope YOU get raped by 7 men and beaten to within an inch of your life. To condone this heinous act makes you every bit as bad as them. Saudi Arabia is a piece of shit country full of religious arseholes and OBVIOUSLY isn’t a safe country if young women can get kidnapped and raped. Asshat.

        • That would be you with the small brain, basic thoughts available only. Complex abstraction, highly unlikely.

      • Obviously you are male. It sickens me that the west turns their head to the travesties in the places like Saudi Arabia. I guess economics and oil makes governments turn their head. You can have your version of Islam, it is garbage.

      • What a fucking tool.

        1.) A sword is a weapon, regardless of whether or not it’s ALSO a symbol to the Muslim faith.

        2.) A country that refuses equal rights to their women, requiring them to be escorted by a male family member at all times, and finding THEM guilty of crimes when they seek help from the outside (since their laws are fucking barbaric) is a country that isn’t worth the land it stands on. Fucking Saudi Arabia needs to get with the times, grow up, and join the first world.

        3.) Fuck anybody who endorses that woman being punished for ANYTHING she did. She is a human being, and she should be treated with the equal rights that all human beings deserve, regardless of gender. SHE was violated. SHE did nothing wrong. SHE was punished with a brutal beating… meanwhile? Her rapists? Seven men who should have had hot pokers rammed up their urethras before being sodomized by an angry bull, get a five year hand-slap sentence.

        Seriously? What the fuck is up with that part of the world? And somehow people who live there (mostly men, but some women) still think it’s right? Fuck. I get it… it benefits the men, and the women are basically in a large-scale Stockholm Syndrome type state.

      • Saudi laws are opoosite to what islam says. Actually the whole government systyem is forbedden in islam. There is no support for Kingism in Islam. All calaphs were elected by public. You live in a land of sin. Get out before the wrath of Allah falls upon you.

        • even after being a muslim i agree with all those who condemn the foolish legislations of saudia . Actually a sentence belonging to lashing or striping belongs to HADD and can only be imposed by a Person who pure by birth . and these fuckin pieces of pig shit are impure from the chains and chains since they belong age of conspirical Ameer Mavia and his father who always claimed to be the true friend of Holly Prophet But they Killed the family of Prophet .The laws preached by Islam has a lot of room of relaxation for the ordinary wrong deed like going out alone from home of a lady, but zero tolerance for such big sins like gang rape.
          and how is that possible that a state is punishing both the convict and alliance then where is the fuckin justice . and if punishing both than why one under the Special Extream Law of Islamic Hadood ordinance and one under penal servitude .

      • Regardless of the circumstances women should not be raped! No excuses. Men must learn to respect women equally. Surely no man or women should be abused regardless of sex, status or circumstances.

        • it’s Saudia Arabia, need we say more!? That country among others neighboring it are bat shit crazy and went “bye bye” a long time ago, I am not least surprised when bullshit like this takes place. When you deal with Islam or really any religion for that matter, you are not dealing with people playing with a full deck. Logic and reason need not apply when you deal with these barbaric primitives.

          Their idiocy and Religion is like a black hole of stupidity, it sucks everything intelligent, logical, reason, and anything that relates to common sense into oblivion never to be seen or heard of again.

      • are you illiterate? or just a prejudicial, moronic low life, that has no real grasp of reality due to his extremely low IQ?

      • Jst think if she was ur sis. Would u hv thought in d same way
        Think before u speak
        I really want to abuse u in hindi

      • It is sick sad idiots like you, that makes life, living hell for these women, how would you feel if this was your mother, sister, daughter, they are evil low life scum, and should have been given life.

      • If you find it somewhere in the Quran that a woman cannot be in a car with someone other than a family member, please point it out. Otherwise you are a comitting a great sin of spreading false propaganda. The Saudis hardly follow any of the tenets of Islam. They just killed their way into occupying the city of Mecca and are pretending to be guardians of Islam.

      • you cunt of misery i lived in saudi too and while these men badtatds fuck around boys their women folk fuck around immigrant workers.
        Is this …..

      • Hey unknown I cant wait for the war to start you are not smart enough to hide in the masses of people who will ne brought to safety. So all I can say is “Asta LaVista Baby”

      • You can judge how advanced a country is by how it treats its women. Just shows how backwards the Wahhabists are!!!

      • A faith that must be confronted and defeated . Unfortunately it has support in all our countries and it is a mistake to think it is benign. it has nothing to offer the civilised world.

      • very well said , why these is a sign of weapon . because the arab basterds are extremist. the are big headed and claim to be the umah of Holy prophet PBUH . The person was so humanly and always on bent for humanity through out his and his life. being A muslim what i have learn from his and his All e Pak (Family) life only, but (not his friends) that , When Islam rushes in one’s heart it blooms up with politeness and love and not with the weapons . weapon was actualy once sent by God “the Zulf e Qar to Imam Ali to to help Holy prophet to escape from these kind of stupid and rasist arabs.

      • She was in the car of a student friend. Please don’t twist the story to suit your own narrow-minded mentality. This is not the middle-ages!

  1. This is the Culture we are making deals with? Just the nature of their laws, tells me that we are making deals with TERRORISTS, SHAME on our leadership for making ANY deals with this garbage. Hell you can feel it siphoning into our country. THIS is one of the reasons why our MOTTO is NO DEALS with terrorists, yet our politicians prove how worthless they themselves are for making deals with this trash every day.


        • Anonymous is anyone who wants to speak up without persecution or recourse from gov’t or others. You say “Anonymous” people you’ve spoken to? We are all anonymous. No matter what we do or don’t stand for, our voices should be heard. I believe in capitalism, but still believe in what “Anonymous” stands up for. So in short “Anonymous” stands for people AND leadership…

  2. If this is the laws in ANY COUNTRY, WE PROBABLY SHOULDN’T BE MAKING DEALS WITH THEM!!! At least the past Presidents got that right NO DEALS WITH TERRORISTS. This is why Obama is worthless garbage, just the fact he ALLOWS any deals with this/them/it.And that he wants 1million of them to live in OUR country? There is no Impeachment that can come to soon. Maybe our super smart, “ivy league” graduates should be checking the laws in other countries before they make deals with them, YOU THINK????? Nah all they care about is the warmongering and the money, who cares what kind of scum we let in the USA, we dont like our own population (as if you cant tell)why would we care if they have a few more pedophiles and rapists added to the mix?

      • Bush did it as well. It is counter-productive to assign an act that has been carried out by many previous administrations to one that is in office now. Perhaps if you look into the subject, rather than react in a knee-jerk (emphasis on jerk) manner, you will be able to convey an intelligent message in a manner becoming of a (supposedly) intelligent member of the human race–the only race there is.

    • Yes the Saudi system leaves much to be desired but realise this, the Koranic rape laws are an almost direct lift possibly direct lift from the Old Testament Jewish rape laws, Yes both of them state the woman should be stoned to death if she is raped in a town, she should have cried out! She however wasn’t punished because she was raped she was punished for being in a car with a male person that was not family! Now do I agree with this NO but that is the law and it is well known, had she been caught by the religious police she would have been prosecuted for this regardless and probably got the same fine! On the rape matter and the ONLY 5 years prison for the rapists, as we know Shia are not well liked in the Saudi Kingdom, I suspect if it had have been a Sunni woman the punishment for the Rapists would have been more severe! Personally she shouldn’t have been punished, and the Rapists should have been sent to prison for life!

      • No the Quran doesn’t have stoning of women in it st all actually. There’s no stoning in the Quran. Lashing is punishment for premarital sex but not rape. Why spread nonsense ?

      • Since the “Old Testament Jewish rape laws” are just that, Old Testament, they have no place in the 21st Century and guess what, the evil state of Israel has moved on and no longer holds to them.
        The Kingdom of Saud however, still has it’s head firmly stuck in it’s 8th Century arse.
        Regards the crime of being in a car…
        Show me where in the Koran it says anything about automobiles!
        With regard to the 5 year sentance, I wouldn’t be surprised to find that they had “connections to the Saudi Royal Family, most Saudis seem to be.
        You know The Saudi Royal Family, that bastion of propriety that spends months in the London Casinos, drinking, whoring & gambling (all of which are banned in The Kingdom).

  3. I can only imagine what it is like to live in a world like that. Where as a woman you have no rights and are treated as property or an object, only good for having children. That you cant even leave without a male family member being present and that men using violence and sexual assualt against you is not even a serious crime. In a world like that youre bound to lose if youre a woman. Follow the rules, youre damned, dont follow the rules youre damned. Grab your stuff and get the hell out of that country. Youre basically a slave without it being said directly, the only thing to do is run away.

    • Oh Deja, I totally agree. If only it were so easy for women to run away from that country. The sad fact is that they are are prisoners there without any escape.

  4. Dear King of Saudi Arabia: I’m a female and I’ve been out and about in public without a make family member since I was, oh, about six years old.

    Please explain how it is I was never gang raped?

    You should be embarrassed to rule over a country whose citizens don’t have the slightest concept of good manners and decency, let alone respect for others.

    And that’s why your country is totally not on tourism radar. Have fun balancing your budget when the oil wells run dry and the tourists give you the big FU!

  5. All I want for my birthday is for these 7 men and ANY man or woman that had ANY part in the barbaric treatment of this or any WOMAN to pay for their crimes against humanity as soon as possible. I think the punishment should fit the crime exactly and just as cruelly as they treated this or any woman. Women are divine and these type of people (mostly men in ignorant countries) are swine. That is all. Last time I made a wish was in November of 1989 when I wished for the Berlin wall to come down.

  6. This is truly a horrible story.
    To think that things like this could take place in this day and age.
    But I think what u are all are missing is these are the type of people our awesome president has agreed to take in2 our country.
    I pray that all we get are the good people.But we all know for every 10 that come there will be at least one bad one.
    And what kind of trouble will that bring us?
    I remember another fool that thought he could fight wars on every side…

  7. Baffles me how seemingly educated people are quick to jump to conclusions. Female rights are extremely well preserved in islam and I don’t believe this version of the story, because punishment for the rapists should be a capital punishment. I am also awed by the level of negative journalism against islam despite the fact that muslims are infact being terrorised and the world is turning a blind eye. I am proudly a muslim and there is no terrorism in islam, you all should read about it from a non maligning and truthful source.

    • Well, obviously u wont find anything wrong or true about the report because you are muslim….My whole life I have been hearing how women in Islam are mistreated and in Saudi Arabia how women has no rights. Its very sad. U need to do more reading to know the truth. Only a handful of muslim women are treated with respect and dignity. …

    • Ruqy, you do not seem to understand or comprehend what is human rights or women rights. How can it be well preserved when women are not free to be with a friend and have to be in company with a relative only. Why the men can do whatever they want but women are restricted by islamic laws. By the way, Islam was spread by the use of force and the sword was the weapon of choice that is why the sword is the symbol on their flag. Convert or die was the slogan.Indians were not muslims they were converted at the point of the sword during invasion.

      • Actually the Saudi Royal family were put in power by the British not that long ago. Until then these laws were not like this. The laws aren’t Islamic you won’t find them in Quran its western meddling again we have to thank for this

    • “My whole life I have been hearing how women in Islam are mistreated and in Saudi Arabia how women has no rights. Its very sad. U need to do more reading to know the truth. Only a handful of muslim women are treated with respect and dignity.” Anonymous
      The obvious question here is, who have you been hearing this from? As most thinking people understand, there is bias in everything that is said by everyone, everywhere. If you are on the right side of an issue, you hear and repeat that spin. If you are on the left, that is the message that you listen to and repeat.If you are a member of an oppressive regime, one that is lead by a shadow government that allows the populace to have the fantasy of options, that rules by propaganda, and you are a believer in that regime, then what you will believe is the propaganda that is spoonfed to you through the media on a daily basis. Today’s enemies are yesterdays allies. Land of the free…to do as they are told.Recall how vile and despotic Cuba, China, The USSR were? Hmmm, of those, who are now trading with us? Check your facts for yourselves, don’t just accept something because Facebook experts say it is so…

  8. you anal orfice arab mf’s screw boys so as not to defile your women fuck goats camels and what ever. then trust allah to give you 72 virgins if martyred ? yes ok 72 fucking iowa pigs

  9. To all you individuals who appear to be jumping to conclusions, you don’t have to be too narrow minded. Think about what you say before you type it. Some of you have a huge misunderstanding of islam and islamic laws, and some of you are simply racist and prejudice. First of all, the men/women who took part in this rape crime should instantly be put to death once it is confirmed they were responsible, no buts, ands, whys, or ifs. Now, islam and many other religions including christianity and judaism support this as a solution for this crime and others similar to it. And if you believe that the individuals who raped this women should not be put to death then you are sick, i challenge you to give me one good valid reason as to why their lives should be spared. I do not know why the saudi government did not immediately punish them for the crime, you can blame the government not the religion, and before you say the government is following the religion, STOP. No, clearly if you read the holy Quran you would be educated enough to understand that in the Quran it is specifically stated that if a person murders, rapes, or commits any heinous crimes, and four witnesses can testify, then the criminals be sentenced to death as punishment. Clearly the government did not carry out the proper method to handle this issue in this case, therefore it was not following the islamic law.
    If your whole life you have heard that women are always being mistreated in saudi arabia and other islamic countries, then you are getting biased information from individuals who clearly hear things and spread them even though they are false. Define “mistreated” in my entire life in have never known a muslim women who has complained of being mistreated because of islam, in fact all i hear from the sisters is that they love islam and would never leave it even if their lives depended on it. What strikes me as interesting is that you fail to understand the reasons some countries only allow women to go out in public with a male relative. You view it as , ohh she has no rights she can’t do anything, she’s not free. When what it was intended to do is protect the women, women can go out safely without risk of being kidnapped or raped, they are always accompanied when they need assistance, as well as several other reasons. The United States of America, a country i love, but a superpower who’s citizens often view the islamic law as abussive to women is particularly interesting, 1 in 6 women in the united states get raped, yet the islamic way is wrong, hmmm fascinating. ill tell you why america is number one on the rape list, because the women are out and about half naked unaccompanied. Little do they know, men will be men, a rapist will see a women exposed and will certainly attack, i mean the way lots of women dress in the US today, there almost asking for it.

    • So, in other words ‘men will be racists’ and raped women are asking for it? I know plenty of gentleman able to contain themselves regardless of the bikini of choice

    • Lol there is more rape in Saudi, it just goes unreported.

      Also everything you said is bullshit, speaking as a Muslim woman in canada, i’d rather die before I live in saudi arabia. You literally just said it’s ok for women to get raped if they’re not with a male chaperone. Human rights are ideally there to protect every individual citizen, including women.

      Go die, rapist apologist scum.

  10. Guys!! For the sake of peace please stop these fights . The rules saudi govt has is to protect their people from evil !! you may call it old fashioned but if you look into it you’ll understand why they do that !! Muslim world doesnt depend on this World and its enjoyment . Their main goal is to be good in here and whatever they do , they do it for the sake of heaven . Even though they are the second largest religion in this world , they stand No 1 in people who practice religion properly in this world . They dont allow women to go with guys other than their blood relation because its prohibited in islam . Women in most respected in islam , so as to protect their dignity and keep away from the filth these rules are made . Talking about that women (post) , as it reports , she is a shia muslim and they are against saudi govt as saudi is sunni community who are very strict with their rules and the shia community doesnt pay much attention to these rules , they are like half western half islamic *sarcasm . Its obvious and clear that these are just false claims against the govt . NOTE: Checkout saudi Govt’s crime record , You’ll be shocked because it is the least crime holder in this world because of their rules . I hope you’ll understand . Stop dividing people on thier culture basis and stop forcing them to accept or follow western culture when they have their own . Lets just unite and fight againts the currupts instead of fighting here 🙂

    • Obviously Saudi cannot protect its citizens that well. I’m a Muslim, wearing headscarf, and since I’m fortunate enough to be born in a country that is NOT Saudi, I drive my own car and I can go out without being raped all 20 years of my life. Please explain how on Earth Saudi law is supposed to protect its citizens? Getting 200 backlashes only because she spoke out to media since her law is clearly so fucked up? Is that how you call a protection?

  11. I wish someone slap them people. My goodness this is wrong on so many levels. what they people get that raped her? I wish someone take them down

  12. The Saudi system places all the burden of sexual self-control on the women. Men are excused for behaving like animals. You end up with a country of morally immature boys pretending to be men. THEN these ‘boys’ write all the laws to keep themselves and their macho lifestyle in power. How is this different from ISIS?

  13. In suadi shais are hard hammered as against Sunnis. Everyone is equal in the eyes of law islam says this but in suadi shais are being manhandling.

  14. I think Saudi Arabians are mentally deranged, sick people. Most of their problems due ot their insane religion – Islam which has no place, freedom or rights for women. (Prophet) Mohammed himself was an uneducated, uncivilized sick maniac and pervert who got mariied to a six year old girl. So, what more! The best thing to do is to eradicate Muslims & Islam. Sic people & sick religion.

  15. Man, people just jump on bandwagons don’t they? Look, I don’t agree with the handling of the situation much like a lot of you but at those that claim that Christian teachings say this woman should have been stoned to death need to realize that the Old Testament laws are no longer valid. The New Testament with the first coming of Christ threw out all those old laws that align with Islam and Judaism. It pains me to see that so many of you can sit here and spout lies when I thought this was a place of tolerance and intelligence. Those who say religion in general should be eradicated are uneducated and ignorant for saying such things and those saying Islam/Muslims should be eradicated are inhuman for suggesting a genocide because of someones choice of religion.

    Saudi Arabia and their handling of this is wrong but that doesn’t constitute the hate thrown at an entire group just because a few idiots claim to be a part of that group. Grow up and stop buying into the swill that gets jammed down your throat to split the human race on religious boundaries like it was before.

  16. These nations are full of injustice…where citizens don’t have rights of freedom of speech. Instead of punishing rapists..they are punishing the innocent women.Saudi not worth living.. Saudi Citizens leave ur country….. its a pathetic place to live there.. At least think about safety of ur mothers, sisters wives and daughters..Does it worth to live in a country..where judiciary is run by Animals and Monstors….

  17. the dark lord sauron would never let this shit go down….i don`t hate muslims…but sharia law is fucking stupid…..women are people just like men…..sharia law is misogynistic as shit and deserves no place in the world….religion should be a choice not forced upon people… do you know people it is forced on even really believe it? you`d act like you believed it too, if you lived in a fucked up society like that……i bet every woman there would leave if they had a real choice and a place to go where they could be free.

  18. Laws should be based on basic human rights, not religion. Humans should only have a freedom of religion insofar that it doesn’t violate the basic human rights of others. Extremist muslims want to create worldwide hatred of all branches of Islam, because that creates later generations of extremists. The key to defeating the barbarians is to not play into their game. Guiding these countries to take religion out of their laws will do far more to end institutionalized torture/murder. Criminal theocracy is not culture. Culture is not torture or murder. To think any of that is ok on the premise of religion just means you’ve forsaken your own humanity to criminal theocratic brainwashing. Saying that a woman isn’t allowed outside by herself without a male family member is the same as saying that the Ruler’s military is too weak to protect it’s own people domestically. How could such a Ruler and his military even be a threat to another country? Sounds like they pick on women because that is the only thing that can give those weak monsters delusions of strength.

  19. Justice there is reversed, the victim is punished because she’s a woman and a woman has always twists in Saudi Arabia. Her voice counts for half that of a man. Humans are treated like animals, to death with sticks. This is sharia, the evil.

  20. You guys, at Anonymous, have all the right to judge this, no matter the religion, such things are beneath humanity. But there have been a few clues in the stories that made me (i am european, atheist and quite disappointed by the global fight for power) believe that there might be a chance it wasn’t the narrow mind or strict rules of the saudi that led to this incident. It is a known fact that, for a long time now, America and Europe are trying to get their hands on the few resources these countries have. The easiest (and may i say, sickest) way to do that is by conquering. What happens when you know in trouble if you start a war? You find other ways. It’s easy for masses to believe that big and sickly corrupt governments are fighting against a huge evil wearing the TERRORIST name tag. It is easy to avoid blaming and revolt among population if you make them believe doing it for the greater good. It’s easier for people to believe in heroes rather than in fat white collars that just can.t get enough power. Now you have it- the masses’ support, no revolts. I am no bomber, extremist, conspiracy theories believer, but I know history. And the same thing happened to Africa, some time ago. When black people were inferior, slavery was common and mistreating people of color was something normal. The difference between then and now is that muslims or generally arabic people have some sort of power (compared to africans two centuries ago) and are trying to protect what.s theirs. I don.t support terrorism, i am quite the hippie actually, and even though I do not see bombing and suicidal attacks as the key to solving anything, I truly believe we should STOP and SEE that the governments of various countries are the ones that created this chaos, by interfering with other states’ own businesses. Let’s all think about Syria for once… WE destroyed their buildings, tore apart families and nature, inflicted with trauma and PTSD, denied the right to freedom and school during siege but hey! now a democracy with little population because all here, in Europe. This is what our hero-states do. Don.t believe everything you see on tv. Peace.

  21. And to state my point: i think there’s a chance that all this has been coordinated if not planned by other minds than the ones mentioned in the article. To startle us. To make masses hate muslisms, see in each muslim a terrorist and in each arabic country a state that MUST be conquered in order to have peace. They are making us rasist. They bring hate and fear into us. They manipulate. Of course, there is the possibility that this case is just the malfunction of Saudi Arabia. But… do they really suspend a lawyer, take his licence, just because he dared to DO HIS JOB?! It’s way too strict so that it seems directed.

  22. That’s crazy the man should be punished to. Not just the women he should get his arse beat. How is u going to beat a person get raped instead of the rapist. Personally I couldn’t live in Saudi Arabia it’s to much going over there for me just to live over there the religion shouldn’t be extrimanited the extremists should be exterminated.

  23. It’s so funny to hear everyone insulting Saudi Arabia 🙂 If all other countries are so good in Governance then how come Children,Girls and Women are Raped everyday in America,England and Europe or do you all want to say that no Girl or Woman is Raped Anywhere Except Saudi Arabia ??? I think that Atleast Saudi Arabia has put a Male Relative to protect Every Woman whereas all male relatives of other Girls and Women all around the world are sitting idle while their Girls and Women relatives have Sex and being Raped at Parties and most of the Girls and Women don’t tell it out.So the raped woman should have followed the Law or used Common sense and went out with a male relative.Think of it like a Bodyguard for all Saudi Women instead of thinking it as Old Primitive Uncivilised Laws.In the US every Girl has Sex in School and College and look at the number of Gays being Born ??? So it’s better if Girls have Intercourse for Reproduction than being a Slut and give birth to Gays .Rapists should be hanged to death but she should have followed the law for her Own Safety.

  24. hey everyone stop pointing towards religion point towards law. religion has nothing to do with here. you people just need a reason to start a war towards muslim. it is the law which is wrong not the religion. they are following their personal law as he is king but not islam so dont bring religion in this. im a girl im Indian and I stay in saudi and I feel secure here. so raise ur voice towards law not towards religion and having fun. one girl is beaten up and ur fighting like dogs here if u worry about her raise ur voice and point the law do not argue here by hiding ur names if u have pain then show it why the hell r u fighting here. u just need a reason to prove islam is wrong it is not islam who gave her punishment it is the king so argue with him. islam says respect a woman. it doesn’t say beat em up so point the law. I hope u people understand if u cnt then I think u dont have brains. im going to raise voice for her r u?


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