Shocking 1995 Video Surfaces of Barack Obama Revealing Who He REALLY Is [VIDEO]


In the video below, Obama described, by reading a passage of his book, how his worldview as a teenager held that “any distinction between good and bad whites held negligible meaning,” because they were all racist. Now, some people do grow out of their old worldviews, and a charasmatic speaker like Obama might have leveraged this to his advantage by making it seem like he has.

However, his actions at decimating the American middle class while transferring all that wealth to the 1% should prove that he is a hypocrite at best. He either has not grown out of his old views, or spoke heatedly against Whites because it was advantagious to him to do so at the time, and chooses to appear moderate now because it is advantagiouss to him at this time; he is the ultimate hypocrite, who bears no loyalty to anybody.

He also believed that anybody who called him “paranoid” for making the above statement had done the equivalent of calling him the n-word.

He refers to Frank Marshall Davis, who of course, was a former member of the Communist Party USA. This was a man who somehow managed to earn a 600-page dossier of his activities from the FBI as well as a place on the bureau’s “security index,” essentially meaning he could have been arrested at any time.

Obama has hidden his history with Frank Marshall Davis, away from the prying eyes of the public, for long enough to earn himself both election and re-election. With the mainstream media perfectly happy to help him. Regardless of one’s view on the communist party, or its ideals, one must realise that being linked to the communist party would have destroyed his chances at election. Yet still he won.

Perhaps he never really wanted to enforce his communist roots, seeing as the wealth disparity has exploded. OR, he wants to give the corporates what they want…. So much of it that they would be eaten alive by it…. the end goal of capitalism is unrest, and rebellion after all, or at least according to communist mantra… He’s just speeded things along. Regardless, the end result is either a repressed majority with barely anything…. or a free-ish majority with nothing. There is no room for moderates anymore though, sadly, political reform is getting less and less likely.

One wonders how many Americans would have voted for Obama if this had been public knowledge in 2008… Well, it always was publically available, but never shown to you by the mainstream media until he had nothing to lose. Now you too can take a look at Obama behind the mask, knowing how he’s “changed” over the years.


Here’s the full video of Obama’s speech:

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    • People “can” change. How much or whether it is for the better if at all, no one else will ever know. It is the biggest mistake to think or worse believe someone else has your best interests in mind because thats impossible. Only you know your interest, and some can’t even figure out what they want in life.

      To see someone so out spoken and passionate about such a controversial issue. To get up in front of millions are speak to crowds about it, in such a way. They would not abandon such thoughts or views so lightly. If only to serve a greater self serving agenda.

      • Yes, he surely is the anti christ! And when he 100 years from now, when he is dead and gone and yet look, the world is still the same shithole and nothing has changed, no apocolypse or jesus has arrived, your offspring will realise how stupid your beliefs will, and so shall embrace athiesm, realising that all believers in the abrahamic cult religiouns are f*cking morons.

      • Ummmm the fucking antichrist was supposed to unite nations , bring people together as the false prophet. I am pretty sure Obama has done neither and has only divided the nation further. If anything he is probably jesus with how much everyone hates the bro.

    • Whether Demo or Republican as figure heads, we have the SAME fascist behind the scenes.

      Until we get a third or fourth party in “real” power, the people will continue the down ward spiral into poverty, hunger, and expendable humans of the rich.

  1. Sociologically speaking, racism is something that can only be perpetrated by the oppressive race. The united states has a long history with white “power”, in a way that has systematically discriminated against people of color. This is racism. Any minority discriminating against any other minority or a white person would be considered prejudice.

    • That’s institutionalized racism. Any prejudice based on race is still racism, it doesn’t matter which race is discriminating against who.

    • With all due respect white whale, that is incorrect. Prejudice is defined as holding a negative bias towards someone with limited to no experience of them. Racism is prejudice based on race. Therefore, it can be perpetrated by anyone at any time.
      Discrimination is acting on that prejudice or racism.
      I’m not sure where this idea that minorities can’t be racist has stemmed from. It has a very specific definition. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘sociologically speaking’ – you might mean that systemic oppression can generally only be perpetrated by the dominant race, which would be closer to correct. However, individuals of any color, shape, size or nationality can both be racist and discriminate against other.

      • Thank you for correcting this popular misconception. I’m so tired of seeing people excuse racism and other types of prejudice on the grounds that only the dominant subgroup can be any type of “-ist” against any other subgroup. Not only is this incorrect, but it’s just incredibly unhelpful and only serves to shut down legitimate criticisms of prejudiced people who happen not to be white, straight cis-males. I too am curious about where this destructive meme originated.

    • When people of color speak of racism we are usually speaking of institutionalized racism as the term racism has been broadened to take the sting out of it. Honestly no one really cares about the personal prejudices that don’t have much of an effect on our lives. What happens is that combined with the institutionalized racism people face the personal prejudices become literally insult to injury. Call me a nigger online in a world where no institutional racism exists? Whatever, I couldn’t generate a fuck to give, even with my fucks capacitor. But do it while I’m living in a world where I’m facing institutional racism & it’ll piss someone off real quickly. This is what a lot of White people don’t seem to get.

    • A rose by any other name. This would mean that in Africa, the tribes that sold competing tribes into slavery most often would be the racist tribes. It’s revealing and educational to discriminate between the two words, but it cannot change reality. Nobody sane would ever endorse ‘Aborigional Week’ or ‘Black history month’ any more than ‘white supremacy’, and for the same reason. The assumption that we were able to choose our skin color prior to birth and that the skin color in question is somehow allied with our behavior is not sane because the choice did not in fact exist.

  2. The more people talk about ‘black’ people or ‘white’ people, the longer racism will continue. Separating people causes it, call people ‘people’ and things will stop


    • I haven’t watched the vid at all, but I do not have to, to know that you are right.

      If you take your news from multiple sources, like you should, then you will have noticed some very suspect articles have been popping up here lately. Articles making claims that can/could be disproven with a 3 minute internet search.

    • Thank you for pointing that out. The video is actually really inspirational and I think it’s such a shame that Obama and Frank Marshall Davis are being discredited like that.

  4. So Marshall was in the communist party. So what? I used to have good friends that were marxist. This is not the 50’s anymore. The FBI spied on anti-war protestors that were only exercising their rights and also spied on the occupy movement, so being on an FBI “security index” is meaningless. If I knew this before the election I would have been more enthusiastic about Obama, not less.

  5. Stop leaning so far left and right, good reporting and journalism comes from a unbiased position explaining a clear argument for the information given. Your sources a spotty at best, you report info that is unconfirmed, and slander people on the stupidest shit. This was 20 years ago when racism was more intense then it is now, stop being stupid and report information that matters not stupid People Magazine bullshit. You have a media outlet with thousands that view it, use it for something positive, not to push your own personal agenda against Obama. When you report like this you are no better if not worse the CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News.

    • Thank you Chris….I agree with you totally….I never realized that Anonymous was so biased …. is this the original Anonymous or an off shoot poser???

      • Anon is a collection of individuals so any given article does not necessarily reflect the philosophy of anon as a whole.

        Stuff comes up occasionally that I don’t agree with, but as a whole the groups views seem to align closely with my own. I mean, they still have an article up about the ‘shake it off’ cop saying it was cute and funny when info has come to light since showing it was completely staged as a PR stunt.

        But the point is, as a collection of individuals with freedom, sometimes individuals do things or say things the rest of us don’t necessarily agree with. Sometimes people are too extreme, case in point the anon member’s twitter here in st louis that wanted to dox the police chief’s children etc.

        I trust that as a collective, we will almost always come to a decision that is palatable for the group as a whole. Some members too extreme, some far too moderate, and we all meet in the middle. durrrrr

    • What’s this? Someone in the comments without a tinfoil hat?
      Thank you for being reasonable Chris. It was a breath of fresh air here.

  6. I cannot reconcile the headline with the video. Obama’s excerpt is hardly shocking. I’m white. I grew up in the 50s and 60s. It’s real; only shocking to those who aren’t/weren’t paying attention.

    • I agree ! Also grew up in 50s & 60s, in jim crow south, by the time I was 3, I was lecturing adults about their bad treatment of African Americans in our town and in the south.
      As for communist, i say better than tea party.

  7. ask anyone in their 50s today if their worldview has shifted from their 30s. Our world has changed significantly in the last 20 years due to global communication. This video reveals who he was. It’s true that many people wouldn’t have voted for a black man if they’d seen this. Forward!

  8. did anybody watch the whole thing mainly the last fifteen mins makes me think better of him at least in 9( he is a fuckin crook regardless nowadays

  9. Actually, I’d love to think this is who he really is. Unfortunately because of so many ugly things happening in our world these days, I don’t trust anyone anymore, and I have become very disappointed with his actions over the past several years. There could be many reasons for his chosen actions as president other than possibly having been not a good guy all along. But we can only judge people by their actions when we don’t really know their intentions or motives.

  10. This is a very powerful video and it actually makes me like Obama as a person much more. There is nothing wrong with his past ideas, it’s the truth.

  11. If you watch the whole video he actually says that, that particular passage was how he felt when he was 16 and since then has worked through his anger. It seems that everyone just jumps to conclusions just hearing that statement, without actually finishing the video. This is just a book about his life, what he’s gone through, and past experiences. Also it seems that he was not even saying that statement, it was a quote from his friend Ray. So I’d say actually watch the video and comprehend whats going on before jumping to these conclusions.

  12. Very disappointed anonymous. Your stuff is usually bang on the money. I don’t see how this can be construed as racist or that he’s a member of the communist party. The assertion is laughable. They guy is just reading out his experiences as a mixed race guy growing up in a pretty redneck backward country in the 70’s. Stop with the bullshit propaganda and get back to doing what you do best and INFORMING people of the truth.

  13. I almost skipped watching this wonderful video because of your National Enquirer-ish title: “Shocking 1995 Video Surfaces of Barack Obama Revealing Who He REALLY Is.” There’s nothing shocking here–but there is something of real interest and value. There’s a revelation of “who he REALLY is” only to those who haven’t listened to Obama over the last eight or ten years. I suggest you re-publish the video with an invitation to hear the story of a young black man who deals directly and honestly with his place in a racist society. It is a story that helps us understand how he managed two terms as President in spite of concerted Republican opposition that was fundamentally racist.

  14. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Barack Obama’s reading of a beautifully written book and the introspection of his youth. I find most revealing this man who spoke of optimism and hope in 1995 and how his views have not really changed much at all. With the revelation of his own grandmother’s racial biases and those of whites with whom he was surrounded, he was able to incorporate an ideological perspective that a racially integrated society was fully within the scope of reality. Obama has not only maintained his optimism, he’s indoctrinated an ideological perspective of a ‘better world’ in his politics of today. I didn’t see the ‘tag line’ of “shocking” in the least as relevant to the video!

    • I really admire and respect Barack Obama…as a man, a father, a president and a human being. He knows he is not on this Earth to just struggle but to work to make the world a better place for everyone. I’ve learned alot about my own prejudices over the past few years of his presidency. He is even more of an inspiration as a courageous leader with clear focus and determination. He isn’t afraid to share his own story of growing up black to show what it takes to find your path and stay true to yourself. Thanks for sharing this video.

  15. I’m very disappointed with the headlines. Watching this video makes me want to go out and buy his book. While this video does reveal him behind the mask, it does NOT show anything bad rather his true identity of a brilliant, articulated future president. I think it’s obvious that president’s these days are nothing but puppets. The guy in office today is not the same guy on the video. On a side note, this video would’ve reinforced my decision to vote for him not hindered. I’ve lost some respect for Anonymous. Not because of your attack on Obama but from your blatant bias in a report.

  16. I’m very disappointed with the headlines. Watching this video makes me want to go out and buy his book. While this video does reveal him behind the mask, it does NOT show anything bad rather his true identity of a brilliant, articulated future president. I think it’s obvious that president’s these days are nothing but puppets. The guy in office today is not the same guy on the video. On a side note, this video would’ve reinforced my decision to vote for him not hindered. I’ve lost some respect for Anonymous. Not because of your attack on Obama but from your blatant bias in a report.

  17. Honestly whoever wrote this article is a fucking idiot and should have their publishing rights restricted/removed. I don’t particularly care for Obama or his politics, but the author of this tabloid drivel should be ashamed of him/herself for tarnishing the journalistic integrity people have come to expect from Anon.

  18. Who published this? Someone from the Republican party? Because that’s certainly what it looks like. Thankfully the readers of Anonymous quickly saw through this, as is apparent by most of the comments above. I hope this was an honest mistake, a fluke of some kind, because this was really way below your normal standards. By the way, it seems some people do not know the real meaning of the word “socialist”. To a Swede at least, it can have quite a positive ring to it. If it’s interpreted in the sense it was first intended, not politically. The rest of the video content has already been commented on. Well put and thank you.

  19. Anonymous, I’m very disappointing with your reports as of late. You guys are supposed to be a vision for the future. Something for people to have hope in. But lately you’ve been producing garbage reports with a very clear bias. What happened to information and news that we can’t/won’t see on CNN? Where has your integrity gone? What do you even stand for anymore. I’m one of the biggest Anonymous supporters I know. I tell everyone about the work you do in the name of “the people” but I’m starting to lose the hope I gained when you first surfaced. Please search your souls and revert to what you used to stand for and stop putting out such bullshit, biased crap, that goes against what you are supposed to stand for.

  20. Anonymous; how and why on Earth did you OK this racist, propagandistic article? This article is written in the same vein as most (corrupt) media sources: conveying bias; conveying and encouraging prejudice; manipulating the readers’ interpretation of the media; lack of reference to more than one perspective; over emotive language use- all of these are political and journalistic tactics which we are supposed to stand against as upholders of reality and justice. I smell a rat.

  21. Bullshit, all this tells is what he said 20 years ago!! What’s that got to do with today ? This is more like fox news than it is anon.Is it not poor journalism ?

  22. I love this man plain and simple. He has endured so much hatred from the ignorant people of this country. I believe he has done his best with his hands tied behind his back and Washington works in strange ways. I am well aware of that.

  23. I fail miserably to see how this is really, “racist”. There is absolutely no hate, no foaming at the mouth, no biblical preaching, no ‘down with the man’ attitude here. This is a young man telling the truth of his experiences and showing people his perspective as a multi-racial man in a time where all races were divided and still volatile. He tells it as it is.
    I am glad to see this video, because though yes, i am slightly disappointed in the actions of the man who serves today, not for the reasons you think, or even say. He just needs to focus less on uniting the government members, and more on reigning in their privileges.
    You call him racist? How about the inactive congress members who has vowed to oppose him (and only him) since he spoke up and said he was running for the white house for no reason at all(seriously, they gave no reason, just deflection). The ones who oppose every move of his even ones they previously supported with their messiah “Regan”. The ones who shut down the federal government over a political tantrum over a long since passed and largely successful law. The ones filled to the gills with elderly WASPs, bought and sold wholesale, who are laregly and openly racists from highly racist states and counties.
    Those who say that this man is racist, take a good hard look and tell the world whose worse, the man who tells it as it is, or the tools who gutted the voting rights laws in several states claiming to “help prevent voter fraud”?
    If this is a Fox News scumbag taking over these forums, know we will find you. And we will not be kind. Go back to telling the truth, no matter how bad or good it is. Non Biased. No fluff. Just the Truth, neat, no chaser.

  24. Unfortunately it is not just obama but successive governments in a majority of countries which follow the same drastic direction for this planet and the human race thinking they can save themselves with $$$$$ but they will be caught in the destruction and chaos they are wrecking on us all – they are commencing their population apocalypse programme – these governments need to be stopped before the damage erreversiable HAARP/FEMA/Plum Island/Horn Island etc etc etc need to be shut down and demolished maybe with the damn scientists and governments inside plus the sites in other countries that are doing the same things

  25. In my opinion most of you folks writing comments about the “title” and its affect on your opinion of “Anonymous” makes you look absolutely ridiculous and not very bright. Let me just say that in my opinion Anonymous is many people from all kinds of belief systems religions races whatever anything that makes it possible for people to be different each one of those things is most likely and hopefully a part of one or more of the whole of us if I am right then I as well as every creature that has the ability to think for itself and feel a certain way about anything based on those feelings has a right to believe think feel say agree with or not whatever they choose. Basically I am surprised by the majority of responses focusing on the title and it being aligned with or opposed to the personal view of so many of us Who are you ask yourself why does it matter what the title which is someones view or understanding of the video or not???? Maybe its just to laugh at the reaction who cares what matters really is that they have the right to express whatever they want for whatever they feel you in turn have every right to disagree there is no leader of anonymous it is only one thing that is the core of this group this movement whatever this people who are legion which is many we will fight against censorship against control and restriction on the will of the people the authority of anyone to take this right away from anyone the basic rule as i see it is respect yourself and everyone else right to think feel say whatever they damn well wish and realize that in a way people arguing and bitching about differences of opinion is what we are in fact trying to get away from control yourself respect the individual and their right to speak whatever because when their right is taken so is ours we are against anyone who attempts to deceive the population for their own agenda and gain and anyone who tries to control anyone by imposing their beliefs on or removing the freedom for them to express their own beliefs this i believe is the tie that binds us. i have the right to believe this and i will not ever act say or portray myself to be something that is contrary to that nor will i sacrifice my beliefs for anything my core that which makes you who you are what makes you you the views you have which can not be shaken you your life your death your past your future your soul or lack thereof what is your character what matters to you that is what is important not who agrees the bottom line we are able to access things such as this and see truth truth is and can be perceived totally different to different people my perception of the truth does not need to match up with anyone else to be truth to me. thanks for the internet

  26. Yes lot’s of you people are hearing him now as he kinda was during is campaign. He’s a good talker and it makes people want to listen. I
    voted for him because of this, but he does have a hatred and deep rooted
    anger toward’s white people and by the beginning of his speech that’s obvious.. What he is doing for the last year is defiantly letting the American people know that he is not here to help them, but to hurt them and
    take there job’s and constitutional right’s away from them.. I feel all
    you are being drawn in from his way of talking, but trust he is not for the Americans and anonymous can see what’s behind is BS…

  27. No offense, but if everyone was judged by their worldview when they were a teenager I don’t think any of us would have much credibility. In those days I thought that no one over 30 was to be trusted, that Papa Roach was a good band and that there was no problem downing 2 liters of soda every day… Not a huge fan of the way his presidency has gone either, but let’s not rely on thoughts the man had 30 years ago to define how we think of him today.

  28. I’m not for nor against Obama, I don’t even care that much about it since I’m European, but in all honesty when I hear his story (the cmoplete story not just the first few lines), it sounds like the story of a youngh guy who’s still discovering how people are/think and his purpose for writing/reading tat passage is to explain an experience, not to advocate an opinion. How this website describes it seems cmpletely out of context…

  29. I’m not understanding where the racism comes in from this reading. He was simply stating what he encountered as a young man. Everybody who had a negative comment about this should look very deeply into themselves and try figuring out why they are trying to impose their insecurities with other races on our president. Also remember that America was not what it is today. If you are not a person born in this time period or near it, you can’t have any legs to stand on with this topic in mind. Not to mention, also a person who might have insight on what his actual experience was like. Not someone on the outside looking in. A non black. I’m sick of hearing people whine whenever another race talks of their hardships facing oppression. Sometimes it’s best to close your mouth and open your ears because there might be something you can learn from that lifeform and stop being so judgemental. With that being said, I only hope these people can find peace within themselves, because you can’t possibly hate someone you don’t know, meaning there is a lot of self loathing happening in the world and self preservation causes you to deflect your self hate onto others. Get well soon.

  30. The poster’s comment on this video shows, yet again, white privilege and utter refusal to acknowledge the reality of what it is too not only be a minority in this culture and further the struggle and journey multi-racial folks must face in discovering one’s own identity especially from such (external societal) divergent cultures/realities… but the Truth in our society. The truth being anyone not white (Judeo-Euro-Christian) must morph into behaviors, speech and mannerisms to be accepted as non-deviant ( ie. appropriate). Yet the mainstream culture (and that term in and of itself is an indicative marker as the white culture is not the majority by population, merely by oppression/power and domination. To clarify, for those about to slam me with their indignation, again rife with enculturated racism, tho undoubtedly unrecognized/unaccepted, the dominate white populus is not over 50% of the population as a whole…and many of us who look the part are multiracial and identify in private as much with other parts of our heritage…yet for ease of life/education/career/social acceptance have been silently coerced/forced to Be the ‘mainstream’ …or pay the consequences.

    I am emmensely grateful you posted this link. I read his book yet missed (or perhaps forgot in decade since I read it) a good portion of what he spoke about in this reading…but another blessing I got in hearing this was to realise that his book was one of the first steps on my ongoing journey to find my stolen heritage, both the Mexican and Ute. His experience of isolation is what I felt yet could not identify or name…esp as I look so white, thus no one can understand why on earth I would want to find ‘darky blood’. Whilst not facing prejudice in society, my full sister and I have faced in within our own family. But now choosing to discover my hidden ancestors and people, I pay a price.

    So shame on you, hiding as anonymous, who is the defenders of what is right, rectifying the injustices within society on the world stage, but often from an American premise…shame on you for using this hallowed platform to continue the racism that has put us in this morally bankrupt and unethical, greedy, selfish, violent culture we must endure today. You hide behind Anon whilst I call you on the carpet with my real face and real name…no bullshit innuendoed comment in hiding.

    Thank you Obama for naming the shame and the isolation! With his truth shared maybe more youth and old bags like myself (hehe) can actually have an easier time, a starting point, or clues to further ones journey in understanding, learning and embracing the part of our blood that has been demonized for far too long and additionally being able to understand why it is we have always felt like outsiders, just not quite fitting in…and more difficult, the challenge of hearing the undercurrent of racist comments, innuendos and almost worst ‘normal’ colloquialisms dripping with racist origins that ignorant folks don’t understand…because they don’t have to, because their grandfathers ‘redskins’ (scalps) weren’t for sale to the US gov’t…their ancesters weren’t raped and sodomized, starved, beaten as children for speaking their mother tongue or praying their traditional faith in Christian govt sponsored schools after being stolen/kidnapped by govt agents or bounty hunters, their people aren’t still facing US govt land grabs, constant racial profiling, job descrimination, racial hate crimes for their skin color, hair and/or facial features.

    So thank you for posting as this is something I now treasure…and on same hand, shame on you for being such a coward as to hide under anon to propagate your racism…even if you are too cowardly to face the truth within your own conciousness.

  31. Articles like this only serve to make anonymous look as stupid and uninformed as the writer. Accusing him of serving corporate interests and the wealthy while being a fucking communist? Really? WTF? Are there no editors here?

  32. Articles like this only serve to make anonymous look as stupid and uninformed as the writer. Accusing him of serving corporate interests and the wealthy while being a fucking communist? Really? WTF? Are there no editors here?

  33. I find it funny that people talk about him being a Communist when the poor and the middle classes are doing horribly and have been, yet the top of the economic ladder has not only fully recovered but has gained far more…If Obama is a Communism and not a Neo-Liberal on Economics i.e. supply-side economy you’re not paying attention. In addition if you DON’T know he’s a Neo-Conservative on numerous other policies mainly war with numerous countries to drive the Military Industrial Complex, he’s increased the number of wars we’re fighting…prior to us getting kick out Iraq we were in not two countries that did NOT attack on 9/11 but at least five…Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia you’re also not paying attention…wake up people and see there is a reason why those in politics always disagree on social issues…they agree on all the BIG ISSUES…if they differed in those areas they’d bring them up too.


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