The Truth About NASA’s ‘Alien Mega-structure Discovery’


Its about to get deep. Hold on to your ‘noggins’ because your mind is about to get boom

Just as satellites are held in place by the gravity of the Earth, the Earth is held in orbit around the sun by the force of gravity. Gravity is more powerful the closer you are to the source. For example the planets closest to the sun orbit at much faster rate than planets furthest away. We all know it takes 365 days for the Earth to complete one orbit around around the sun. But in comparison Mercury orbits the sun in just 88 Earth days where as Neptune takes 165 Earth years to complete one full orbit. Just as Earth orbits the sun, our sun orbits around a black hole. This black hole is the center of the galaxy known as the Milky Way. A black hole is object of an unfathomable amount of gravity. Everything which orbits around it, including light is slowly sucked in and consumed. The sun day will one day breakdown and consume Mercury and Earth, the sun will be broken down and consumed by the black hole.Β A119-1024x434


With that in your minds lets move on. Did you know that is takes 8 minutes for the light of the sun to reach Earth? If the sun exploded at this very instant, we would not know anything about it for 8 minutes. This is the concept of how space (distance between two objects) effects time (present moment).

NASA is indeed witnessing something never recorded/seen before. A star is actively being consumed by the forces of gravity. The orbit of a planet has gotten so close to the mass of the star that the star has begun to consume the planet. The forces of gravity have begun to physically break apart mass. Over the past few months people have been studying this mystery object. NASA researchers could not quite pin point what it was they were looking at. The object appeared to fluctuate in size, in shape, in mass irregularly/unnaturally as it orbited. Some people claimed it must be aliens! It was not until a few days ago that NASA discovered what is really happening. The planet is so chaotic on our sensors because it is physically being broken apart by the forces of gravity of the star which it orbits. The Kepler telescope is indeed witnessing something no one has ever seen before, a planet is actively cannibalizing before our eyes.

What I find fascinating about all of this ties back to why I talked about the sun with time and space. You see, Oct 24 2015 we are watching this plant disintegrate. However this planet is 1,500 light-years away. Meaning at the speed of light, it took 1,500 years for light from that planet to reach Earth. It would take a modern spaceship 37,200 years to travel one light year. Think about the sun from earlier. The planet we are talking about is 1,500 light years away from Earth, the visible light from the sun is 8 Earth minutes away. Do you understand the strangeness here? In October 2015 we are witnessing a planet disintegrate in front our our eyes in live time. However, at this same present moment in time, this planet most likely does not even exist anymore.Β  boom



  1. well its funny cause i dont know how i came to that idea but when your “flying” towards a star wich is for example 2000 light years away doesnt that mean that you would travel in time ? example if youre driving on a road there are cars on your lane and cars on the opposit lane – you always see more cars in the opposit lane cause they are drivin towards you and you see less cars on your lane cause you travel “with them on the same speed . so if your flying towards a source of light the amount of light wich comes to you or passes by is higher than if youre driving away from the source of light in this case a star – i personally think time traveling is possible but only into future – for example flying to that 2000 light years away planet and back to earth in 2 years for example that would mean that you just passed by 4000 years doesnt it ?

    • I think if you were traveling towards a star with light that took 2000 yrs to get to you and you were traveling faster than light not alot faster but faster than light you would actually be traveling back in time. If the planet was destroyed by the time the light reached earth it would reverse.

      • If you were travelling towards the source of the light (the star) you would be travelling into the future, which of course is not possible. You would merely be seeing accelerated images until you reached the present time of the star. If you traveled away from the star at beyond the speed of light you would see the images going back in time in reference to the source, only you wouldn’t see the images because you would be going to fast. Nothing, as of yet, has been known to travel as fast as light, never mind faster.

    • No, light year is just the speed of light. For example, say there is a planet two light years away from the sun, it would take two entire earth years for the light from the sun to reach that planet. However if say a spaceship were to travel to from that sun to that planet in one year Earth’s time they did not time travel by a year.

      Basically it’s just speed, like miles per hour..

    • U are not traveling in time, u are merely seeing the light from the star at a faster past. Ur speed towards the star and the speed of light coming from the star are added together and u see that light at an increased speed. So instead of 1x ur watching the movie at 7x if ur traveling at y times the speed of light. Time stays the same rate on earth in the ship and on the planet u are traveling towards. U just see the movie displayed by the light on the telescope at a faster rate. That is what Einstein meant, but lesser minds have misinterpreted it and passed it to u as time travel.

      • Einstein says you cannot travel faster than light, and it seems like he was right. The GHC in Geneva can only accelerate particals only close to the speed of light, you can’t actually match the speed of light. And besides as you accelerate, you take on more mass, slowing time (time dialation). That’s what einstein’s theory was all about, space/time speed/mass.

    • haha no time slows as your approach the speed of light, and stops unpon reaching it… so if you could travel that fast towars it, you would probably witness an acceleration of perception… think of fast forwarding a movie, if thats hard to imagine, so your not going forward into time, just getting to the light that wouldn’t normally reach you for 1500 years.

    • Yes, you are right we can travel in time, but only into future. You can travel exactly 1 second into future but it takes 1 second for you to travel that 1 second

    • Actually, You cannot call it time travel. And even if you do call it time travel , that would mean that you time traveled but only in the sphere of time according to that same star. Not according to the time of the universe.

      Also , travelling towards the light source does not stop your body from dieing according to a time limit. So even at the speed of light , you can only travel 100 light years at maximum as your body’s age is 100 years at max. And then you will die while travelling πŸ™‚

      • that is wrong, sorry. if you travel with near the speed of light you doesnt age like someone who is moving by “normal” speed. read einstein. this has been proofed by science by comparing two atomic clocks, one has been placed on the ground ob in a plane. the clock in the plane was mms or nano seconds (dont remember) behind the clock on the ground. if (relativity speed slows down time). you cannot move back in time because you cannot move faster than light (e=mc^2). but you can move forward in time by moving through a high gravity field I guess.

  2. Please, please proof read before posting articles.

    To read this was painful: For example the stars closest to the sun orbit at much faster rate than stars furthest away.

    Proof read: For example the planets closest to the sun orbit at much faster rate than planets furthest away.

    Please proof read, it makes you look stupid.

    • Moreover, “Proof read: For example the planets closest to the sun orbit at much faster rate than planets furthest away.”

      Now to be properly proofread by an Englishman:
      “For example, the planets closest to the sun orbit at a much faster rate than the planets furthest away.”

      Yay, that’s better isn’t it? Mr. Dunford

  3. The speed of light is based on earth principals and therefore not relative to the void of space which holds very little mass or atmosphere dense enough to delay light travel. Therefore the speed of light is just a theory when the earth principals are eliminated.

    • The speed of light (“c”, as in E=mc2) we commonly use is the speed of light in a vacuum. It has been very precisely calculated at 299,792,458 meters per second. When passing through a denser medium (such as air, glass or water) light slows down. When passing through air, the slowing effect is very slight. When passing through a diamond, light is less than half its speed in a vacuum. Some exotic substances can effectively slow the speed of light to a crawl. The speed of light is not a “theory” but a proven constant.

      • Sorry guys, to prove the theory of light travel one must test the theory from a distance of at least a light minute in the vacuum of space, anything else is a man made test and unreliable

    • Whenever anyone says “just a theory” then you know they don’t know what they are talking about. Whatever “Earth principles” you are talking about are totally irrelevant because the speed of light isn’t based on anything like that. It is based on the speed of light itself, not the speed of light adjusted for atmosphere and refraction. That’s just not how it works.

    • @ Anon: You know, you could improve the content of this thread simply by staying on topic, and not on critiquing peoples writing. It makes you look like a distracting fuckwad.

  4. It’s truly a mindf**k, that as you said we’re watching a start come to and end in real-time, and at the same time the star does no longer exist. So deep thought.

    • The star still exists. Takes more than 1500 years for a star to die out. The planet or whatever object that was orbiting the star 1500 years ago was clearly destroyed and pulled into the star by its gravity and the light from that event is only just reaching us now.

  5. I can’t remember the last time I saw so many grammatical errors in 1 article. Please proofread in the future. After the 3rd or 4th error, I lost interest in the article & only wanted to finish reading so I could see how much worse it could get.

  6. Normally really good articles and although you make some good points. The headline is very misleading and the story drifts from point to point.

  7. I already knew this and took it into consideration, but at least there are less people screaming “THEY FOUND ALIENS AHHHHHH!”

  8. You have actually just combined two different stories about things in space and mashed them together in order to fit your theory. The light irregularities discovered by the Kepler telescope regarding the star KIC 8462852 have nothing to do with the K2 mission finding a white dwarf star that was ripping a planet apart…other than they used the same telescope to discover both situations.

    Seriously, do a little more research. Like, any, would be good.

  9. Um, you do realize you’re talking about two completely different stars, right? The NASA JPL article is about a white dwarf named WD 1145+017, while our favorite Dyson Ring-constrained star you allude to in the headline is a yellow-white dwarf named KIC 8462852 (the mysterious star we’re all excited about; it’s also nicknamed the W(here’s) T(he) F(lux)? Star).

    Two completely different research teams, two completely different articles, two completely different stars, in two completely different galaxies. And it took me about a minute to look it up to be sure.

    So yeah, the WTF? Star is just as exciting as it was two weeks ago, and I can’t wait to hear what the Allen Array has to tell us or not tell us. Don’t be a buzzkill for the sake of being a buzzkill.

    • Jesus Christ.. This article is obviously only for the uneducated people.. No points are made other than light years being what they are; light years.

  10. You write, β€œIt would take a modern spaceship 37,200 years to travel there.” But couldn’t they use a spaceship with a Volkswagen engine and just disable the emission regulating software?

  11. The truth about nasa. They are a fraud who take billions from the people by feeding them fake doctored documents and living off the lie we went to the moon.

  12. Why are so many people criticizing this article for the gramma errors when the content in this is crucial for us as Homo sapiens? I am not from England or The States, and yes it was difficult for me to read and understand some sentences in this article however it forced me to concentrate more and be more present while reading it. I think it is important information that is being presented by NASA and we need to discuss it together – as one mind. There is a new paradigme happening on our earth, a shift in human consciousness – we are fucking part of it! Please keep your critical thinking but do not send negative energy out in the universe not even through the internet. We are one. Namaste

  13. I think you may have 2 separate stories muddled here. The alien mega-structure story concerns a star in Cygnus called and latest is that we are awaiting data from the ATA (Allen Telescope Array). See this from 2 days ago

    The cannibalized planet story refers to a white dwarf star (WD1145+017) which is 570 Light years away in Virgo which means we are now witnessing what was happening in the system in 1445AD See:-

    Both of these stories are still pretty mind-blowing, of course. πŸ™‚

  14. OMFG, these are two separate discoveries:

    This article is talking about a discovery in August 2014, and involves a White Dwarf star by the name of WD 1145+017, which is located 570 ly away from Earth. It’s got nothing to do with the “alien megastructure” discovery.

    The “alien megastructure” case was first discovered in March 2011, upon which every other hypothesis was controlled for. The star’s name, in this location, is KIC 8462852, aka Tabby’s Star, in Cygnus. It’s 1480 ly away.

    Furthermore, this socalled “alien megastructure” hypothesis is based on a mere afterthought from the researcher. Their leading hypothesis isn’t “aliens” at all – it’s an “exocomet” – i.e. a comet not in orbit of our local Sun.

    If you guys wanna go around calling yourselves “Anonymous”, you may want to pay due respect and base your articles on sober, proper fact-checking and not jump on the first anti-gov narrative you manage to come across.

    Talk about inventing a problem that doesn’t exist. No wonder people on this planet are in a coma.

    • more accurately, a “swarm” of exo-comets, most likely caused by the nearby red dwarf. The red dwarf is about 885 AU away, or about .013 LY. That’s far closer than our own Oort cloud (2,000-5,000AU). If a red dwarf flew by our system that close, we’d see a similar rain of comets. Well, we’d see them for awhile until the bombardments wiped us out lol.

  15. How did you get to the idea that the Sun is gonna become a black hole? It’s not nearly massive enough to ever get to that
    It’ll most likely become a white dwarf with a planetary nebula.
    Don’t get into writing about fields of knowledge, of which you have no knowledge.

    * An astrophysics hobbyist.

  16. I take it its just me then that believes all of this is bullshit? Considering i believe in the flat earth theory and when i say all of this i mean literally everything, space, mars, moon landing, every planet, every satellite, every single picture of a round earth, the milky way…all of it..just me yeah?

  17. We ain’t going nowhere outside this Solar system for a long long time, that’s assuming we don’t annihilate ourselves before then.

    So whats the bloody fuss all about!

    Speed of light, Light years, Black Holes, Alien Structures.

    I think we got more immediate interests like who’s gonna help save this Planet and Us from the Crazies and the effects,Isis, Al-queda,Terrorism, WAR, Capitalism, Consumerism,Ideologies, Pollution, Global Warming, last thing we should be worried about is a grammatically correct Alien Invasion!

  18. Hi guys,

    I am a masters student studying Astronomy. I just wanted to ask where you got the information regarding the “[planet] being broken apart by the forces of gravity of the star which it orbits.”. This unfortunately is not the case.

    We know the orbital period of this “object” (as I will call it) is around 1500 days. Check the “Where’s the flux” paper that describes this observation if you wish. Meaning 1 year for this object is 1500 days, instead of the 365 days we experience here on earth. Using simple keplarian orbital mechanics, this corresponds to a distance from the star at around the same distance as the Mars is in our solar system (approx. 1.4AU). Mars orbits at around 1.5AU.

    At this distance from a star the gravitational forces would not be enough to “break-up” or disintegrate a plant. Mars seems to be pretty spherical, right?

    Just thought I would shed some scientific light on this matter πŸ™‚

    Keep up the good work guys.

  19. It is not “Time Travel” it’s what you are seeing… if you could travel faster then the speed of light you could travel away from the lights origin and view the “Light” or images after they happened.. For example the planet getting destroyed by the stars gravity. If we were at the planet that was destroyed, and traveled faster than the speed of light away from the planet in any direction we could virtually look back and still see the planet because the planets light is being projected slower than you are moving.

  20. I think if someone told me to have sex with my dad or he was going to kill my mom, but he didn’t have a gun, I wouldn’t fo it. If a killer put a knife to MY throat and told me to have sex with my son or else he was going to kill my dad, I would have sex with myself.

  21. You people sound like the nerds from my work arguing over the Star Wars Universe. I will tell you like I tell them “enjoy it for what it is” you bunch of nitpicking whining grammar babies.

  22. This is so wrong it’s not even funny. They have concluded it most likely is a large mass of comets and other space dust blocking the light from the star.

  23. I know many people have pointed it out, but this article really does not help this site’s reputation.
    And it’s not just the grammatical errors, it’s the content even more.
    Besides the fact that it mixes two events, and most things should be common knowledge, other things are just so inaccurate it makes you wince.

    The sun will only “consume” Mercury and Venus (not Earth), for example, because it grows that big before collapsing, not because of gravity like a black hole. So you mean engulf.
    While there is a connection between light speed and time, the mere fact that light takes a while to reach us is not that. You mean delayed perception of events.
    The only way to “physically break apart mass”, or rather matter, is to convert it to energy by nuclear fission or fusion, which is not what happens to a planet, or plant, in a gravitational pull. You mean ordinary breaking.

    Probably more. :\

  24. Hello folks, Here is something i’d like to clarify, it is indeed possible to travel in time forward, but not backwards.


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