This Is Huge: Evidence Builds Linking Israel, Turkey To ISIS


by Sophie McAdam at


Western lies are unravelling fast as Russia reveals explosive evidence that changes everything in Syria.

You might have seen accusations in the press this week that the Islamic State is selling oil to Russia. Apparently, Turkish President Reccep Tayyip Erdogan claims that Putin is one of the key buyers in Syria’s dirty illegal oil trade. But don’t fall for it: the story now being peddled to us by the Western press is a panicked response to a major Russian exposé that first came to light last week. Actually, it’s our friend Turkey who has been caught buying oil from the terrorist organization…and that’s not all. Recent revelations point to evidence that:

  • Erdogan’s son is dealing in illegal arms and oil with the Islamic State.
  • Russian satellite images show three main oil smuggling routes to and from Turkey.
  • Turkey shot down the Russian jet because it is defeating I.S and therefore interfering with Erdogan’s lucrative trade.
  • Somehow, despite the scale of the operation, The USA seems to have missed all of this.
  • There are also new claims about an Iraqi security team who have evidence of a top Israeli military officer fraternizing with members of the I.S.
  • A journalist has uncovered evidence the USA is complicit in a Turkish terror campaign against a Kurdish village last March. He claims the Turkish army waged this war on civilians alongside Islamic jihadists.

You may remember Putin accusing the USA of creating and arming the Islamic State. In that interview, which we covered here, the Russian President claimed the White House knows exactly which of its allies are buying the oil that allows I.S to keep on growing.

We’ve had to wait a while to find out who he was referring to, and this is big news. But these revelations are at risk of being lost in a quagmire of lies, as Erdogan, backed by Western intelligence agencies and their media lapdogs, has inverted the truth to distract and confuse the public.

When a Russian jet was downed by Turkey in late November, Putin said:

“We have every reason to think that the decision to shoot down our plane was dictated by the desire to protect the oil supply lines to Turkish territory.”

Two days ago, the Russian Defense Ministry held a major briefing on new findings concerning IS funding in Moscow (see video). According to Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov, up to 2,000 fighters, 120 tons of ammunition and 250 vehicles have been delivered to Islamic State and Al-Nusra militants from Turkish territory.

“Terrorism without money is an animal without teeth,” Antonov declared, saying Russia was determined to fight the Islamic State. He pointed out that attacking the source of their wealth is the logical key to defeating them. Antonov showed satellite evidence that Turkey is involved in a large-scale illegal smuggling campaign, and said:

“Today, we are presenting only some of the facts that confirm that a whole team of bandits and Turkish elites stealing oil from their neighbors is operating in the region.”

He claimed there are thousands of trucks and live oil pipelines involved.

“According to our data, the top political leadership of the country- President Erdogan and his family- is involved in this criminal business.”

“These [airstrikes] helped reduce the trade of the oil illegally extracted on the Syrian territory, by almost 50 per cent,” Antonov says, adding: “The income of this terrorist organization was about $3 million per day. After two months of Russian airstrikes their income was about $1.5 million a day.”

Turkey is certainly getting a lot of attention, but it has overshadowed other important news. A claim by the Iraqi security forces could point to Israel as a suspect in the terrorist group’s training and operations command. In another massive revelation, FARS news agency reports that Iraqi security forces recently took an Israeli colonel hostage, along with the I.S militants he was accompanying. The Iraqi army commander told the agency that the Israeli militant “had participated in the ISIL group’s terrorist operations.”

The colonel was arrested along with the jihadists, and the Iraqi commander even specified the traitor’s name and dog collar number:

“The Israeli colonel’s name is Yusi Oulen Shahak and is ranked colonel in Golani Brigade with the security and military code of Re34356578765az231434.”

The Iraqi commander said it wasn’t the first time Israelis had been caught with Islamic State militants, but they had never before found a high ranking officer. Iraq also claims that I.S drones with Israeli-made labels have been shot down on two occasions.

Along with Israel’s Netanyahu, Reccep Tayyip Erdogan is far more of a tyrant than Vladimir Putin. His military is targeting Kurdish citizens, an ethnic group with their own language who are alienated in their from other Turks. Most anti-Kurdish atrocities at the Turkish government’s hand have been ignored by the mainstream media, although a few independent journalists have uncoveredclues that (like the downing of the Russian jet) Turkey’s actions have the USA’s approval.

President Erdogan has crushed civil liberties during his time in power, and responded with extreme violence during Turkish protests against his leadership. Other Western allies such as Qatar, Israel and Saudi Arabia are also known for their horrendous repression and human rights records, yet Putin- the only leader who is actually doing anything to crush the terrorist cell- always attracts the most criticism from the Western press.

Erdogan strongly denies Russia’s allegations, and has said he will resign if it can be proved he’s lying. Judging by the following image and Antonov’s statement in full, it the corrupt President should be packing his bags as we speak.


Please share this news to counteract the incredible lies now being spread by the Western media.

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  1. It seems like all super powers merged to destroy syria… and take its oil.. Someone plz tell what can a common man like me do to help those Syrians?

    • Sadly, you can’t do anything bro. US and co did the same to Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. They wrecked entire countries whilst pretending to fight villains that do not exist. It was never about fighting terrorism. It was only ever about oil profits and territorial control. Millions of people, 99.9% of whom being Muslims, basically died – and continue to die – for nothing.

    • neither does the ‘legit news’ if you wanna post a comment of your opinion why don’t you back it up with concrete fact (in your case fact that dissproves the “annon”‘s evidence), or at least state that this is only an opinion of yours, otherwise your doing just the same thing as the people you’re denouncing. You are presenting your opinion as if it were fact. If you want evidence why don’t you give us some evidence.
      Although, i do agree with you that they (people in general especially news networks) should make more of an effort in making their proof more accessible to the general public seeing as nowdays alot of people, especially people of my age group 15 – 16, cannot give 2 shits about digging deeper and therefore they rely on the info they get from other opinions to build up their own opinions. (conclusion drawn from my own experience and intuition).

    • Do you really think that in the end, the Israeli expansion is only about religion? Israeli elites just want more money, power and land. They don’t really care about who they work with in order to get those things.

        • +1 Respect. I fully agree. Also, The whole idea behind I.S is their mission is to “remove” (i.e. Kill) all muslims who don’t follow their strict guidelines and what they interpret from the Qur’an (which by the way none of it is true) and they beleive that if someone doesn’t follow these “rules” they are unfauthfull to Allah. All these attacks are directed towards muslims. Paris has a very high muslim concentration with “The total number of Muslims in the European Union in 2010 was about 19 million (3.8%). The French capital of Paris and its metropolitan area has the largest number (up to 1.7 million according to The Economist) of Muslims than any other city in the European Union.” That’s why they attaced paris as well.

        • What a load of bull. Those freaks ‘supposedly’ have no fear of death. So why would they care if Israel fights back when they know they’d still be succeeding in causing havoc? Also why did they have the balls to attack France then? Or why did Al qaeda attack UK and the US? It’s because these groups were a farce the entire time. Merely an illusion created by Mossad and the CIA. Israel’s just annexed the Golan Heights – which is Syrian land. Anyone who thinks that is simply a coincidence is worryingly deluded.

      • bcz they work together, and ofcourse israel is not that powerful they were made a joke by gaza and hyzbollah so many times, so if isis was really islamic they wud have finished israel by now with all the resources they have

  2. the fact that you accuse ordinary people like annon for putting stuff about a war that should not BE,tells me what kind of person you are “happen”.I hope your country sudenly grows a lot of oil,then we’ll see what country comes to give you “democracy”.The fact that this is a war on a practicaly desserted country(many refugees fleeing to other countries),has to tell you something right?It’s a war for the greedy,not to free a country.You know what we must do?They say you can’t fight violence with violence.Well,they are wrong.The only way those greedy bastards that have the power will understand is by violently removing them from power.The whole world is a stage.But you don’t see it.Who cares about people when they have money?Let’s show them we don’t care about them either.

  3. As a new reader and one trying to keep an open mind I find your coverage fascinating but I am also very pro-Israel, linking ISIS to Israel is very controversial in my book.

    • In 2013 palestinian “rebels” fired six cruise missiles at Israël. two of which were intercepted the other four landed but did no damage. Israël responded with a bombardment using it’s high-tech drones… I’m no expert but they shoot to kill, they can reach, and bombs don’t discriminate. In the gaza war 71 Israëli’s died 66 of which were soldiers. However 2205 palestinians were killed, of which “at least 1483” civilians. Sounds to me like Israëlian militairy activity put it’s own soldiers at risk, and when they die, they use it as an excuse to massacre Palestinians. I got the death-counts from wikipedia and i put the 1483 in quotes because i don’t believe this number. We don’t know how many people lived there, we don’t know how many died, all we know is that they are supposed to be the enemy and we have the power to oblitterate them if we want, and we will. How many people have lost their minds seeking guidance, being impressionable and finding “consultance” in “spiritual leaders” only to be indoctrinated, brainwashed into becomming savage, unscrupulous monsters just like the one’s that robbed them of everything in the first place. I’m a European citizen 20 years old, I have not endured such ruthless warfare, so call me naïve or whatever. But this war is far from fair, and Israël’s hands are far from clean.

        • Spoken like a true hasbarist!
          It is well known to many that the biggest liars, deceivers, manipulators and hypocrites are the Zionist Israelis.
          Palestinians have made fake pictures, i have seen some, but after 70 years of having your land stolen and your people killed i do not blame them for fighting fire with fire.
          You see the lies and deception are literally the name of the Zio game.
          Whatever a pro Israeli says about Palestinians should be taken with a truck load of salt.
          They HATE the Palestinians, literally. They see they as animals.
          To a level head it is clear to see who the problem is in the Middle East.

          • I lived in Israel in my teens within a Zionist movement that only promotes peace between Jews and Muslims and worked very hard to bring the two peoples to a common understanding. I think 99% of the people that keep saying Zionist this and that misuse the word and movement, it’s something fed to you by propaganda.
            If Israel really wanted more land, other than what Jews claim as their homeland from biblical times, then why did they give the Arab nations they defeated in the 6 day war their land back? If they were greedy and wanted to “rob” Arabs of their land they would have kept it.
            My ex girlfriend, from the kibbutz I lived on, posted plenty of pictures of her and her team of medical providers in the Gaza strip providing medical attention to Arabs that were injured during the conflict. These were photos that the media would never report on or the rest of the world would see. Yet did Hezbollah do that for their own people?
            I read so much hatred from people that read articles or watch videos of opinions of hate breeders around the world.
            You claim to be awoken and yet I still see plenty of people sleeping in the matrix.

  4. it’s rather more evidence that Anon is favoriting Russia over the US. Both are bad, but I’d like to see more evidence against Russia – there’s enough against the US …

    The shoot down has nothing to do with Turks protecting convoys, turning it into a big media show is a Rssian PR move. Russia should simply admit that they crossed into Turkish airspace by accident, and next time make sure they stay out of it, basta. It’s getting boring to hear the same arguments over and over.

  5. There is no proof in this article to substantiate any of the claims made. Seems this article is pro Putin and has been supplied by his PR machine. No worthy news agency would publish this story for lack of proof.

  6. All Bullshit made by failed Putin propaganda soviet era. Refugee fleeing, Russian help dictator to decimate their fellow countryment. Russian made arms used everywhere ISIS and Assad force. “The AK’s”. Everywhere Putin lay his hand, it’s [email protected]

  7. I don’t consider information that is truthful as propaganda. Veterans Today is there on the ground and reporting the same thing, has been for many months now. Veterans that have built up trust and know the governments and politicians, many fighting in the oil and land wars themselves. If reporting the actions and words of Russia and Putin (who were asked by the Syrian leader Assad for assistance fighting the invaders – US, UK, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey) bothers people, it is because the truth is hard to take. Being LIED to by our own government should be what is hard to take instead of shooting the messenger who presents such irrefutable evidence (on-the-ground photos, satellite photos, investigations by multiple countries). When all the US presents is – well, words. Still waiting on evidence that turns out to be truthful and not just lies. When has anything our US ‘leaders’ said about making war and invading other countries turned out to be the TRUTH for the last 60+ years? Not once. Not ONCE.

  8. Turkey is ISIS!!! I am ashamed my governement (US) has taken the wrong side on this!!! The American people will NOT allow our government defend Turkey/ISIS!!!

    I know Putin is wrong on a lot of other issues (Ukraine), however, in this case, I said with the russians 100%!!!!

    We need to kick Turkey/ISIS out of NATO and let the russians, armenians and Greeks take the justified revenge on Turkey/ISIS!!!

    If my governement refuses to help russia, so be it, but they need to stay out of it then and by no means defend Turkey/ISIS!!!!

    Most of us Americans know the truth….Turkey is ISIS and they need to be destroyed.

  9. Lots of proof that Turkey is dealing with ISIS and selling the oil. No way to know exactly where its coming from, especially once its been refined

    Turkey would use it for domestic use and sell it all over the Mediterranean.

    It would appear the US has refrained from destroying the 5000+ tanker trucks running between ISIS and Turkey, why not sure, but not to destroy ISIS that is for sure. Likely France, UK and Germany didnt know as they have jumped in to cover their embarrassment.

  10. There is much better stuff on the site, even a video of an American Drone being followed. Putin has said approx 5000 tankers and 1000+ destroyed. Dont know if its 5k, but certainly lots and lots of them

  11. Netanyahu is head of the Khazarian Mafia, an evil, ancient group who control the banks, media and education system as well as pretty much everything else. The Rothschild’s are involved and have funded every side of each war since the Napoleonic war. There is an interesting article on veterans today as well as many more on Google. Read and spread the word. Society is brainwashed.

  12. This site is spilling out bullshit again and again. Ur “facts” and “evidence” are so childishly plastered like a sensationalistic newspaper, backed up with no research whatsoever… Anon has become Infowars with Alex Jones. Your role is to create a gigantic mass of confusion so people will doubt everything, and thus, act on nothing.

  13. this is pure PR design to convince WEAK MINDS . The MURDER putin invade the crimena to STEAL oil fields . REMEMBER MH17 . CIVILIANS KILL BY RUSSIAN


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