Top 10 Companies That Control The World’s Food Supply


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They aren’t the Illuminati, but they are in control. These are the industry leaders who have big revenues and even bigger impacts on people all over the world.
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  1. Good video showing how out of control we have let corporations get. All 10 of these corporations, and many more, should be required to split into smaller companies. Eventually the food industry, and/or all industries, could be controlled by one corporation.

    I wonder how long it will be until 2 of these 10 merge together.

  2. If these companies would merge, we would have a problem. A pretty huge one.
    If you sum up their annual renevue you can obtain about 400 or 500 BILLION dollars worth. That’s almost US’ GDP over a half year or so (not sure though, just a rapid calculation). If there would merge they would most likely have a good slice of the world’s agricultural wealth and production in their hands, which would begin a fully plutocratic market dictatorship.

    Yeah, it’s a pretty badass name.

    If it comes to the case, we would be fed with genetically-engineered, chemical-filled altered crops and drug-treated meats and animal products making health standards for advanced countries such UK, Germany, US and more drop drastically, even more of what McDonalds have done. Also the military-industrial complex would intensify even more.

    You want to break free from this economical slavery? My suggestion is to find one of those small markets, usually in some village in your nation’s countryside supplied by independent farmers and livestock raisers whose work is still “archaic” to say it improperly, without any sort of industrial s***.

    This surely will benefit your health and sometimes your wallet. And hopefully detach you from the global market.

  3. GunZenBomZ

    We have the ability to destroy all of these mega corporations. The key is too only spend your hard earned cash with companies that have good ethics & morality & holistic mind-set towards resources & animals. These CAFO’s style industries are a plague & diseased ideology of the same scumbags who brought the global economy too its knees in 2008.

    Buy local & if at all possible grow your own & create community based networks. Maybe check out forums.

    • Bullshit. Those companies are run by higher authorities with endless wealth. If something threatens their business, they simply buy their way clear. It matters not if they have to lobby down every local small businesses or start a war. It all ends only when we reject our system and start living life for ourselves and not for the authorities.

      I truly hope Alphabet (former Google) is really molding their A.I., robotics etc. to a new system ran by computers, so faulty, selfish, crooked people doesn’t need to turn the wheels of bureaucracy, as we clearly can’t do it.

  4. monsanto, archer-daniels-midland ; go upstream , these 10 corporations are owned by other corporate interests , its a few people running our failing earth. manipulating how we perceive ,think and act

  5. It’s frightening isn’t it? I try to avoid buying from all of these companies, as they are all unethical, but sometimes one buys from them without realising. There should be some law to stop corporations getting so big, they really are running the world 🙁

    • I disagree, as a law to restrict growth would defeat the whole purpose of a “free market”. Instead, these companies should be required to slap their logo on all these products. Oh, Kellog’s bought Juice Fruit? Stick your logo on it: Kellog’s Juicy Fruit. The fact that know one knows about it, is because it is hidden behind these “other” companies and brands.

    • While you are correct in that it is produced by SCA in the U.K., in the U.S. it is also produced by a company owned by P&G… do some digging and money tracing and I’m certain SCA UK is owned by or has ties with P&G

  6. Okay… I know I’m going to get a lot of backlash, but… instead of griping and complaining (which your attitude speaks volumes of your character, by the way) would anyone like to suggest real world ideas of how to stop the predation of the average consumer by these obese corporations? Perhaps the establishment of a website to match local grocers with consumers, a directory of some sort,funded privately using the same propaganda machine (tv campaigns, logo establishment, trade and commerce profiling on social media) that these corporate entities use to reach today’s consumer…

  7. Maybe I’m missing something, but my diet doesn’t include any products bearing the Tide, Dawn, Head & Shoulders, Tampax, Febreze, Neutrogena, Q Tips, VO 5, Cutex, Charmin, Duracell, Band Aid, Oral B, Maybelline, Lacoste, or Ralph Lauren trademarks. Nor Old Spice, although it sounds like it has something to do with food. Nor do I think of Listerine, Crest, Tylenol or Orbit as food, even if they go into one’s mouth. Fancy Feast may sound like a food, but not for humans. And most of the human food brands on the chart are the candies, soft drinks and similar foods that people can live without. Meanwhile, there are no famines in the countries where these companies operate; the famines occur in places where they don’t have the distribution networks these companies operate.

    • Absolutely spot on! Very few of the products represented on this list could be called food. Mostly they are consumer soft goods.

  8. This is why i brew my own beer tho its not related here with these companies but I thinkk in black market all these company has drug market in hand too! Its not cover but i am sure these all company invest largely on alcohol and drugs!

  9. I’m sorry but the image with the Corporations owning is very old, a lot of them have changed of owners, and the thing it’s worry me it’s that we never see the real owners, the banks who are behind these Corporations ? WHY ?
    YOU, Anonymous, know who they are, but never talk about them, WHY ?
    Why do you never attack the real cause of all this crap : The Banks ?
    I know that you need money as all we need to live, to pay charges, even electricity bill to do working our computers, phones, etc, but WHY did you never talk and show WHO are the real owners of this Shity World ?


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