Two Nigerians And An Israeli Smuggled $9.3million Into South Africa In A Private Jet To Buy Arms For The Nigerian Government


Written by: Poirot

Picture: Challenger 600 private jet with registration number N808HG


On September 5, three citizens, two Nigerians and an Israeli, tried to smuggle almost $10 million in cash into South Africa illegally.

The smugglers landed at Lanseria Airport in a private jet from Abuja. The passenger’s luggage was searched after the customs officers detected irregularities. The officers then investigated and found three suitcases full of cash.

The passengers apparently told officials they were acting on behalf of the Nigerian intelligence service to buy arms for the Nigerian security services.

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) seized the funds and are being held at the central bank as police investigate.

Solomon Makgale,South African airport security spokesman, confirmed a police investigation was underway but declined to give details.






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    • Well, my first take is that they need to initially find out where the money came from? Then it was brought to Nigeria to pass to certain people (we need to find) I.D. Then my guess is that they money will be used to deal with a Arms producing country such as Israel. However this is mere conjecture on my part. But a thought !

  1. Yes Frank….. There’s a very good chance the guy from Israel who is with them is a Mossad agent, although it is speculation on my behalf!

  2. I am a Nigerian but I don’t like the way things are run in my Precious Nation coz the Locusts and Termites of corruption have eaten up our so call leaders and even many our youths. The God that Delivered the children of Israel will also deliver me and my pple from the Evil men.

  3. The worst part is that the plane they used in this shady transaction is the private jet of the president of the Christian Association of Nigeria. CAN. Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor.

  4. Obviously the NIS and the NSS are planning something big, this is more then likely not going to be their only attempt and more are to come. All around the world you see signs of something bigger then any of us have come to grasp. I wish to say that it is almost time for the NWO to make their faces known and when that happens then all plans will be executed and it will be too late. Though no matter how I wish to say that, I have yet to put the pieces together that this is really the case. Though many may not believe that something big is coming I urge you to watch the signs because they’re there.


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