Snowden Teaches Vice How to Make Your Phone “Go Black”


We will discuss how to make your personal cell phone go black by removing some of the components from inside your phone. This will help keep unwanted spies out of your personal life.

We all know that the famous whistleblower, Edward Snowden, had informed the world on how easily the government is able to compromise users technology and use it to spy on them. It  raised variation on the most popular phrases when the information was revealed, “Oh, crap! My Laptop? My Cell phone? People can see that?!”

Edward Snowden

Maybe not in those exact words, but I am sure you catch the drift. As soon the information reached public eyes, everyone started diving into a world that they didn’t fully understand, seeking ways to secure their data. Users wanted to have their gadgets fully protected from any of the prying eyes. And now, Snowden is back, and willing to offer help on our anonymity and security. On an episode from Vice, the legend himself showed a correspondent, Shane Smith, how to remove the camera and the microphone, to prevent them from being utilized against the user. You can find out just exactly how to perform this task yourself in the clip below from Vice.

Sources: Wired.

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  1. You’re not missing much, its a minute and thirty-eight seconds. Snowden just detaches the cameras and mics and tells you to use a bluetooth or wired headset instead.

    • Or put a piece of black electrical tape over both camera lenses and use a hands free mic. And not risk bricking the phone????

      • you truly think it is possible to brick a phone by disconnecting the mic and camera… well yes if your using a hammer to work with otherwise it is simple remove screws undo connector and reassemble job !

  2. the video is showing you how to unplug the cameras and mics from the phone 🙂
    sounded a little dumb at first coz anyone can use a screwdriver but the link also is a commercial to a future VICEonHBO show.

  3. you dont need proxy guys, thats slow and etc just download it with a youtube downloader its gonna work fine. but i guess this is not a full video.


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