WikiLeaks Founder Just Revealed Why Sanders Really Dropped Out


Wikileaks founder and editor Julian Assange has clear disdain for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and the system that got her the nomination. Last month he released emails, just prior to the Democratic National Convention, that showed that the Democratic National Committee had worked against Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in favor of a Clinton nomination.

The revelation caused outcry among Sanders’ supporters with accusations that the system had been rigged and that Bernie never had a chance. Although the emails show evidence of bias on the part of the DNC, Sanders nonetheless endorsed Clinton, citing party unity and the importance of preventing a Trump presidency.

However, Assange says that he knows the real reason Sanders dropped out: He was threatened.

During an interview with John Pilger, an Australian journalist based in the United Kingdom who plans to create a documentary about the Wikileaks founder, Assange was asked:

“Julian, we cut you off earlier when you were talking about what you felt were the most significant emails that you have released. Is there any last one that you’d like to mention? And also, do you have any thoughts on Bernie Sanders? I mean what is your opinion why Bernie Sanders drop out of the race?”

Here is Assange’s response:

Look, I think—you know, we know how politics works in the United States. Whoever—whatever political party gets into government is going to merge with the bureaucracy pretty damn fast. It will be in a position where it has some levers in its hand. And Bernie Sanders was independent candidate trying to get the nomination trough the Democratic Party and if you ask me he did get the nomination, but he was threatened to drop out.”

Assange says he plans on releasing more emails in the near future that show Clinton making deals with an alleged Islamic State sponsor that will lead to an FBI indictment. He also says he has damning emails about the Clinton Foundation, as well as more information about Sanders:

 “Of course we’re very interested in revealing the truth about any candidate and yes we have some material about Bernie Sanders that will be published.”

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  1. No wonder this guy is a target, the only transparency we get now days is from hackers, and as soon as their identities are known their days are numbered. This man is as courageous a patriot as they come.

    • This guy is a liar, a rapist and on the run from every country in the world except for Russia and the embassy he is holed up in. The day that I take the word of a national enemy and Russia an enemy of the USA is the day that pigs will fly. Clinton has been in public service her whole life and sure does not need the money. If you cannot stand with your fellow American in the face of an enemy threat without hard fact (which has been missing) then you do belong on the draft dodgers team. He would not stand up for his fellow Americans either.

      • Is it hard to get the sand out of your hair after so many years in it? Killary Clinton is a career criminal as is her husband and it looks as if they have gotten their daughter into the family business…Her service although public was never service to anyone but herself enrichment…and the clinton crime family is comfortable enough to not even try to hide it anymore…

      • Clinton has been in ‘public service’ her entire life? You mean she’s never had an honest job, and has parlayed political power into personal fortune, don’t you? Look at the overwhelming evidence of ‘pay to play’ during her time at State.

        Nobody with an honest bone in their body doesn’t have dry heaves when they look at Hillary Clinton.

      • We ALL owe much to Mr. Assange for the info he provides. It is a shameful thing that we, the American people, have to get news this way. Hillary is such an evil person, completely void of integrity. I don’t CARE what his reason was for leaking the news,….just glad he did.

      • Hillary could burn the flag using a bible as fuel while accepting a bribe to blow up one of our own bases and you would STILL vote for her. Hildabeast supporters are either the most patheticly stupid creatures on earth, the most American hating losers on the planet or both.

      • He did not write the emails, he only released them. He is the messenger not the sender. If you want to be upset, be upset at the people who wrote them. Only a coward attacks the messenger because he does not like a messages contents.

      • No one can be so stupid, so what motivates you to make such an inane argument? You must really enjoy wasting people’s time and fighting. I’m embarrassed I even took the time to answer you. I Won’t do it again.

      • Diane Calvert,Your kidding right? The reason she has money is because they stole it off the backs of poor and selling our country out to the highest bidder you fool. You just can’t fix stupid Diane Calvert.

      • Google search “Diane Calvert”. This bitch is a paid troll who goes on various websites multiple times per day supporting anything and every Hillary. Just pathetic.

      • Where do you get your facts? Julian Assange is not a liar or a rapist. Hillary Clinton is corrupt and would follow Obama’s agenda of open borders and plans to bring in a million more muslims. I’m thankful that Assange is bringing Hillary’s corruption into the spotlight. Nobody has said the emails he has released was a lie, Not even James Comey (director of the FBI).

        • Not even Hillary.. in the 3rd debate she didn’t deny they caught her globalist email… she said that Email was about a Global electric grid… proof right there the emails aren’t fake! Dumbass democrats can’t understand it even when they hear it out of her mouth!

      • First of all there is a thing called due process that you seem to have forgotten before you cast disparaging remarks on someone’s character. He’ll just wait for the statue of limitations to run out & then he’ll leave the Peruvian Embassy free and clear. As for a national enemy it’s amazing how gullible you fall for American Propaganda. You speak of speak of Clinton being in public service her adult life & doesnt need the money, (why)?
        Ever since her public life she has been mired in one scandal after another, apparently you forgot the whitewater land scheme, the suspicious death of their attorney Vince Foster, her husband’s multiple alduterous affairs while as Gov. of Arkansas & as POTUS. As for her foundation it’s suspicious where the money is coming from & in what amount. Her undisclosed fees for speeches to wall st. banks have yet to be released. Finally how hard a fact would you like it to be? Carved in stone(Moses)? Most of all criminal cases have been convicted on circumstantial edividence less than what has been found on her!
        As an American it is my right to stand or not stand with a QUOTE ENEMY threat that has yet to be investigated on its origin! Or have you forgotten the IRAN CONTRA Affair that nearly brought down the Reagan presidency if not Ollie north had not fallen on his sword like a good american who “stood by his fellow American in the face of an enemy threat”.
        This election year 2016 leaves no winners because the choices are not COMPATIBLE with the AMERICAN IDEALS & IDEAS that our forefathers had brought forth 197yrs ago in the face of tyranny. If you care to read on the subject I direct you to an eye witness to the events and wrote about them in his publication “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine

      • Then what do you call Bill Clinton when he was the Gov. of Arkansas & POTUS? He was a man who was in a position of power over these women to leverage anything he wants &a after it was brought to light Hillary still stood by him! Any woman who was PUBLICLY HUMILIATED in front of the nation would have TOSSED HIS ASS out of the White House! And You say Mr. Assange is on the run from everyone except for Russia & Peru but yet we all know where he is.
        Woman where is your head tied onto?!
        Obviously your a Hillary fan & your blinders are on tightly & you are still taking the blue pill from day 1, when they come around with the kool-aid make sure you bring a beer mug… for draft dodging I’ve already signed up for the draft when I turned 18 & at 22 signed up for the U.S.N. and I don’t stand up with my fellow citizens when I disagree with them which is my right as it is theirs.
        As for enemies of the U.S. even our allies are our enemies or did you fall asleep about Saudi Arabia? Maybe pigs you’ll see pigs fly there?

      • You dumbocrats accuse anyone against Hillary of rape etc… Y’all are fixated on it so bad a person might think it’s your fantasy! When the Clintons left the WH they were broke because of having to pay of Bills Victims! You dumbocrats would follow the anti-Christ to Hell if he was a democrat! Your ignorance will soon be proven! You sheep would follow Mrs Bo-Peep through the doors of the New World Order if us Trump supporters don’t stop you! If you don’t believe me google INTERVIEW with George Soros about the NWO and hear it for yourself. Google Hillary, Romney, Bushes and Obama… they are all for the NWO. You idiots need to learn some FACTS instead of trusting your Goddess! Ok if they are RICH they got it from the Bogus Clinton Foundation… How else do you think they got money? Still they are greedy and power hungry! YouTube link NWO PROOF

  2. The world watches on as Democracy in the US officially dies. Such sentiment was whispered post Bush 2s election but could have been written off as conspiracy. Now however the evidence screams in the face of everyone. There will be absolutely no reason to concede the legitimacy of any government that is a product of the up coming US election. Trump has made it clear that he has backed Hillary as well as himself. Both are criminals.

  3. this was my position from the day he dropped out. just like they made loretta lynch a deal she couldnt refuse. the DNC picked up all sanders campaign debts, which meant he got to keep all the campaign donation money in his “war chest ” take your pick.

  4. the illuminati were created in the 80’s and all the elite are illuminati… why? because of consciousness from other religions… while i thought i was freeing the world while i really was and am… these people tryed to pass every consciousness trick and value of everyone and every belief system and energy system robbing consciousness from me… now think… who in the world changes their whole energy… or they had preparation or only thing to play or started from new… i did find a way out of energy consciousness curses of belief energy systems… it hads up when all the elite and govs are playing the same consciousness cards… so dont trust the russians or the chinese elite either… the russians chinese and americans elite are going around consciousness… and even either no one no belief energy system noticed the change and difference of consciousness-purpose… so america is low frequency russia high and china is coherent consistent… i probably know why they are playing that… just look around people you all born and grow in an habitat that borns and grows so it means you are natural free and pure and sane by nature… protect animals, plants and water, earth, wind and rain… there are controversies related to greek and egypt mythology. why different gods… why pyramids contact aliens through consciousness then the secret of the ankh went through the imperalism system up… were ancient greeks and egiptians really evil… i think not, the only evil god they had in death god, no destruction or devastation god like was created in the years after those ages… era of silk road, chinese, muslims, egypts, greeks, romans… of course empire doesn’t count and energy counts… i believe egypts and greeks were protecting something because of aliens communication and various gods of forces of nature, who would anyone follow… that was the problem by then so the romans ended them… and the elite is playing the same bullshit because of international systems… was does consciousness has to be with technology and science… that seems already metaphysical science… so as i was the only one in the world with that ideology in the acid trip i had to adjust everything to metaphysical science where everything becomes connected… so you see… they tried to rob me and im defending beings and life and nature in a massive level… so then all freedom fighters became a possible concrete ideology of living scenario… they will fall… and their scientists dont know either… (*or else*)… so at present time they are hidding behind technological problemns to everyone… its like if you are not able to save the world and nature and heal everythinbg you cannot catch or kill the elite… throiugh this line of sight the elite is really against who? they are on same side because of commitment of consciousness and energy… no one would bet and prepare all that without the others elites to know like international mafia linked to the vatican… so that’s how they control the mafia and the world through the vatican… who is certain and not confused that the future would occur precisely like that… only a time machine… with consciousness energy nature and precious values, ideologies and thoughts… nature is your birth place you should save each others now and are able to…


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