World’s Strongest Teenage Girl Tells Arnold Schwarzenegger: Become America’s President And Reconcile With Russia


Russia’s 15-year-old power-lifting champion, Maryana Naumova, stumped former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, when she recently met him during the Arnold Sports Festival (where she set a new world record in the bench-press, having pressed a 150 kilo (330 pounds) weight) in Ohio and asked him to become President of the United States and make peace between America and Russia.


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“Arnold Schwarzenegger himself congratulated me with the record and we got to talk for a while. I told him that I’m dreaming of him becoming a US president, so he can definitely mend relations with Russia… He listened to me carefully and promised to work on it,” the schoolgirl, who has set more than 15 world records in the women’s bench-press, said after handing over letters and photos from Donbas children to Arnold Schwarzenegger.


In the Cold War era, American schoolgirl Samantha Smith became famous for her efforts at bringing peace between the two countries. In the early 1980s, Samantha wrote a letter to the then Soviet Union leader Yury Andropov, who personally invited her to visit the USSR; Samantha later wrote a book about her experiences. Perhaps it is again time for girls of great strength to negotiate a peace that men of great egos would never consider.

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  1. Arne isn’t eligible to run for US President, not having been born in the country…though you’d have to wonder if Germany is/was any less a US protectorate than Panama.

  2. it,s unfortunate that politics dictates the lives of many good people on all sides of political rifts. when you remove politics from the equation Russian people are as warm hearted as any people I know ,maybe more .

  3. He promised her he would work on it? He knows as the law stands now, because he was not born in the US he can’t become president. Also, who would want a man who lied many years to his then wife? A lie by omission is still a lie! He hid his affair with the housekeeper who had his son. Oh wait! Being a liar would make him a perfect candidate for president!

      • Hahaha that’s so funny! And truth. Dc3gal, I don’t know in what world you’re living, but you better think before you speak lol

    • He knows he can’t be president not being born here. He said that to appease her. She wasn’t even educated enough to know that she was talking to the wrong person to waste time making negotiations with a country who hates us. Who cares what Russia thinks? We can’t make them approve us, and we Shouldn’t Have To. It’s our life. After the deal about Ukraine, Fuck what Russia thinks about us. We have many more important internal matters. Her being a kid with big ideas doesn’t make her ideas good. Let’s ask her about Ukraine. Her response would speak volumes as to if her opinion about us pretending we can negotiate with a country who hates us is a good idea. I’m not bowing down to her or Russia. It’s a lost cause, we can’t change their mind. Why run up, just to be slapped in the face? Our economy and healthcare problems are a lot more important than what a country who wants to kill off Ukraine for no reason thinks about us. Seriously

    • they might consider making chenges to the US constitution so he can become president.

      inb4 thats not possible

      the NSA fucked your privacy in th ass too dindt they? wheres your constitution now?

  4. Just for your info: Arnold Schwarzenegger was never a German. He is Austrian. And even if it is hard to find on a map (just look at the south-east end of Germany, between Italy and Germany), they have their own passports.

  5. You don’t have to be President to make changes.
    More often our leaders are garbage because of our society
    And culture is becoming that way and we are letting that to happen.

  6. You can try to negotiate with Russia all you want. But you are wasting your breath. They don’t care and it’s not gonna change. See what they’re doing to Ukraine? Are their actions towards Ukraine logical? Do you actually believe they care about US negotiations? Of course somebody from Russia would suggest that. Maybe she should be asked what she thinks about the logic in killing off Ukrainians. Just because she’s a kid with big ideas, doesn’t mean her ideas are helpful. Russia hates us, we can’t change that. There are many more important things to focus on for the US surviving. She sounds brainwashed by the ideas of her country that we Can’t please. Let’s not waste time trying to appease Russia. They hope we fail. We can’t change that. I care a lot more about my own county’s problems, than what a country who bombs Ukraine for no reason thinks about me. Case


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