Dad Shoots and Kills Son’s Rapist and It’s Caught On Tape


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  1. Lived outside Baton Rouge and they aired this live on TV. Thing is……I Felt Bad For the Dad!!! I can’t say as I blame him at all! Someone does something to your child, you snap, will do anything to protect them! He still can’t own a gun.

  2. Perfect sentence. Probation. Couldn’t just let him off the hook. Vigilantes would be everywhere. Probation for murder was perfect.

  3. Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord. Romans 12:19 – King James Version

  4. Few things here.
    Im a dad and hell yes that p.o.s. is not going to walk away with nothing from me after touching MY SON.
    This was the 80s when it happened. Different time and culture. You wouldnt get 5 year probation in the state i live in now a days for avenging your family…..

  5. Why does the dad look like a pedophile?, He has classic Narcissistic Features. I think the father was mad that someone else was touching his property. This is more of a lovers battle psychologically the dad makes my skin crawl what a great smoke screen he created, and the molester kidnapper never tells the secrets he knows about the boy. A normal parent would want to know what happened every detail then kill him not kill him before. The dad made his son the target, when children go thru this kind of Narcissistic abuse they develop in a certain way and pedophiles are drawn to this kind of development in a child. This whole thing makes me disgusted even the mom in the video displays empath affection, you can tell a narcissist by the people around them.

    • Hmmm a judgement of narcissism upon another by a woman who actually goes by the title ”Prettygirl” .Have actually read and understood the characteristics of a narcissist ?Perhaps you might take a better look in the mirror ,not at your looks but at your soul.You are typically projecting your own disdain for what you cannot confront within yourself.


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