The Mask

You don’t need a Guy Fawkes mask (or more common “Anonymous mask”) to be Anonymous.
Anonymous is an idea.
Everyone can be Anonymous by spreading the truth, the message, any post, video or tweet of Anonymous.
Most importantly, you have to stay anonymous.

Below are some video tutorials on “How to make an Anonymous / Guy Fawkes mask”:

CLICK HERE To Download Anonymous Paper Mask Model (After that, right click on the image and then click on “save as” to download it on your hard drive)

For those who still want to get the “ORIGINAL” Anonymous mask – You can buy them here:

Get Your Anonymous Mask in US:
Get Your Anonymous Mask in UK:
Get Your Anonymous Mask in Canada:
Get Your Anonymous Mask in Germany:–maske

BUT, don’t forget that Anonymous Guy Fawkes masks are being made in a third world factory and the Time Warner company (Warner Brothers) earns from every sale of the masks.UBhrDWO