We Are Anonymous


As we are exposing the lies, corruption and injustices all around the world, especially the big ones that involve governments, secret agencies, corporations and banks, our enemies are growing day by day.

We do not have any sponsors, but many enemies. We are only using ads to pay our team.

But since Google has deleted our YouTube account and Facebook has capped our reach, we are not able to pay our team members anymore. Our team members are also people like you and some of them work full time to deliver our unbiased content about topics that the mainstream media won’t even touch, and they spend countless hours on research, writing and editing in order to expose injustice, corruption and lies. We are in need of some help from you to continue our work.

Every donation, no matter how small, is kindly appreciated. Thank you very much.

If you want to support us anonymous, you can also donate us cryptocurrencies.

Here are our wallet addresses you can donate to (we are checking them daily):

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Thank you.