Taliban Executed His Brother: Interpreter Fleeing Death Threats To Be Expelled From UK



“Happy”, whose real name is Khushal Talesh, was an interpreter for the British Army in Afghanistan. His assistance to the British army has gone largely unnoticed by the UK government however… and it has instead drawn the ire of the Taliban, which had sent him death threats… having already tortured and executed another interpreter (whose asylum request was ignored).

Happy’s brother was also executed by the Taliban, and his mother blamed him for the death.

He spent 9 months making his way to the UK because the British government had  ignored his applications for asylum; the fate of interpreters who could not leave Afghanistan was known to him.

His journey was hard, but with the assistance of the British Army commander whom he had worked with (Happy had even saved his life) in Afghanistan he finally crossed into the UK. “He was pepper sprayed by the police in his mouth, knocked from a lorry, and has had to have five stitches to his leg,” George Tyldesley, Happy’s former commander, said.

“We know David Cameron thinks the UK is accepting enough Afghans, which is to say virtually none. It is accepting virtually no refugees from anywhere, in comparison with other European nations,” he told RT.

“I think it comes largely out of the attitude of racism and xenophobia that has been part of the UK and NATO and the US occupation of Afghanistan from the beginning. If it were not for that attitude people who assisted that occupation wouldn’t have to be fleeing for their lives.”

Sadly, Happy has received a letter from the British Ministry of Defense saying that he would be deported and sent back to Greece- ignoring the wishes of 160,000 people who signed a petition demanding protection for the UK’s Afghan interpreters.

Happy states in an interview with RT that he went beyond his capacities as an interpreter:
“The British Special Forces used me as a soldier”.

At least 20 interpreters who served the British Army have been killed by the Taliban so far.

Happy has lost his brother, and even his family because he chose to help the British Army.  He saved his British commander’s life, and survived an arduous 9-month journey to reach the UK. That he has been cast aside now that he has literally… outlived… his usefulness to the British Army is most disconcerting.


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