The White Elephant: Donald Trump and the KKK

Republican 2016 U.S. presidential candidate businessman Donald Trump listens to a question at the first official Republican presidential candidates debate of the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign in Cleveland, Ohio, August 6, 2015. REUTERS/Brian Snyder - RTX1NEFT

It’s on everybody’s lips. Is Donald Trump a Klansman? It’s probable that his father Fred Trump was a member of a New York KKK chapter, in his younger years – however, something that is still currently debated.

Yet, only a few days ago Trump stated that he “disavowed” the Ku Klux Klan, in Detroit. It’s a dangerous game he’s playing, and that he feels the need to discuss the KKK so dismissively, as opposed to terrorism, is concerning.  The doth protest too much over the last two weeks, disenchanting.


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Placing Fred Trump in the area of arrest at the time. Records show Fred Trump in the Index.

Trump’s many policy reforms and introductions include building a wall on the Mexico-U.S. border, and placing a blanket ban on Muslims travelling to the United States, until he can “figure out what’s going on.” Further to that, albeit he doesn’t determine Donald Trump Junior’s actions, his son was being boasted about on a pro-white radio station after landing an interview with him.

David Duke, the former KKK Grand Wizard has admiringly displayed his support, and Trump has provided his platform. It isn’t until Trump met with recent criticism that he denounced the former KKK leader, and when he did, he stated “I totally disavow David Duke, I’ve been doing it for two weeks.” Previous, the question of support for the Klan and Duke was met with faulty-earpieces-unable-to-answer type scenarios.

That he didn’t use the KKK as an opportunity to land points against domestic thuggery, is beyond most who can read between the lines. The truth is, the white supremacist groups are supporting Trump, not Clinton and Sanders.

Playing coy about denouncing the KKK doesn’t go in Trump’s favor, but what is truly worrying is the fringe voters and the disenchanted vote that is carrying him along to his ‘throne,’ with these actions. Seen as strong-minded against the media and his opponents, the disillusioned people looking for an answer to fix the Land of the Brave, perhaps sees Trump as one to deliver – the man is not a pushover.

Denouncing the Klan should be easy. It’s a no-brainer if you’re politically motivated in the 21st century – this isn’t about being politically correct, as National Review suggests. Be it Trump is a member, supporter or just plain stupid, as Jonah Goldberg so aptly put it, Trump’s only reason for not disavowing Duke and the KKK more quickly may be for the reason “Trump thinks many of his conservative supporters are.”

That in itself is a dangerous quality in a ‘leader.’

And for some light-hearted Russell Brand ‘Trumpsting,’ see below:

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    • The term was “cancer” but yeah, this fixed point on the web is completely not “anonymous”. This isn’t the first time that the “reporters” on this site have given their own agenda rather than the sound of a hive. I agrre Trump is a cock but ffs Anonymous would find FACTS not this shit. AnonHQ just sound like shit Trump himself would say.

  1. “It’s a probable fact”? Come on, is it a fact or not? If you can show that Fred Trump was in the KKK then you have a fact, and a worthwhile story. If you’re wasting our time with a “probable fact” then Anonymous is no better than the trashy mainstream media.

    • It is a fact that FRED TRUMP (Donald’s Father) was one of 7 people arrested in a Brawl between the KKK and the Queens, NY police back in 1927. A fact that is documented in the archives of the NEW YORK TIMES of that year. According to the report, there were close to 1000 KKK members marching, but only 7 people (Including Fred Trump) were arrested. You can even find this info in the Wikipedia Bio of Fred Trump. Donald who by his own admission would sue anyone, has never sued Wikipedia. Why? Because even Donald knows you can’t sue for libel if the story is TRUE. So if Fred trump was one of 7 out of 1000 picked out for arrest, do the Math? If he wasn’t KKK himself, he was there in Support of them. Thus is why the article says “PROBABLE” that his father was a member of the KKK.

      • First off don’t be so harsh. Secondly slander absolutely fits there. Thirdly, can’t we all just go one day without attacking other people on Internet posts?

        • Amanda is correct. Libel references defamatory statements mad in print. Slander refers to actually speaking (with your mouth) in a defamatory manner.

        • How are you going to attack and article saying it’s slander (incorrectly) and then expect people not to attack your post.. smh

      • Slander IS liable! Slander is verbal and liable is written. If you say stupid shit about someone that can’t be backed by fact its Slander. If you print stupid shit about someone that can’t be backed by fact, its Liable

        • Slander is a pathetic excuse to sue people. Like the guy above said, its just words. Those tho believe in ‘slander’ being an offence are extremely petty small minded individuals.

    • To slander would be to vocally say something damaging, to libel would be to write something of the equivalent.

  2. Seriously… These kinds of articles are the reasons that even people like myself who really started to look at Anonymous as a serious movement lose hope… You’ve been throwing around the same factless, sensationalized bull crap about the Donald that the mass media you claim to despise has spewed vuluptuously. It makes us fear that Anonymous is just another corrupted, politically motivated propaganda machine. Stay out of the politics & into the factual crimes, like the Clinton & Bush family debacles & Monsanto raising a GMO’d disease-prone human race & the Global money monopolies. Something that’s an obvious crime with a paper trail

    • It is a fact that FRED TRUMP (Donald’s Father) was one of 7 people arrested in a Brawl between the KKK and the Queens, NY police back in 1927. A fact that is documented in the archives of the NEW YORK TIMES of that year. According to the report, there were close to 1000 KKK members marching, but only 7 people (Including Fred Trump) were arrested. You can even find this info in the Wikipedia Bio of Fred Trump. Donald who by his own admission would sue anyone, has never sued Wikipedia. Why? Because even Donald knows you can’t sue for libel if the story is TRUE. So if Fred trump was one of 7 out of 1000 picked out for arrest, do the Math? If he wasn’t KKK himself, he was there in Support of them. Thus is why the article says “PROBABLE” that his father was a member of the KKK.

  3. Is this the National Enquirer now? The headline feed from facebook reads DONALD TRUMP EXPOSED AS MEMBER OF KKK BY ANONYMOUS. Back up your allegations with facts not suppositions. This is journalism?

  4. So… I might sound like a Trump supporter here (which is as far from the truth add you can get), but can you at least get basic facts straight?

    1. It’s “Ku” Klux Klan, not “Klu” Klux Klan. I’m sorry, but even if they’re a vile, wretched, hateful organization you could still get the name right. It’s not that hard.

    2. A “probable fact” that is “still being debated” is not a fact at all. You can’t even use the word “fact” in that context and still have any credibility.

    Good journalism is about getting things right. This was a total waste of my time.

  5. This is good but the planet is dying. Please focus on and prove that the worlds’ weather is manmade and being used to hurt and harm all of us with the ultimate goal of total control.

    OK anonymous? We need the dirt on these planet pirates now. The earth has already started to die and will continue to die without help.

    • That is one bogus thesis to make another one sounds more credible. (I’m sure there’s a proper term for this type of trick, but I don’t know it.)
      Also, what you ask for with your comment is basically the same that the IPCC does: political advocacy. Not finding out the truth, but trying to support your preferred belief.

  6. People are doing more damage to the Republican party by buying in to this propaganda. The GOP needs to honor their agreement, back Trump like they said they’d do if he’d swear allegiance to them and not go Independent.

  7. Great article guys. All the people who are racist on the DL… come on.. you know anonymous isn’t for you. Get the hell out.

  8. How many of you motherfuckers live in AZ? Most of the voilence is from Mexicans, one of my best friends is mexican. But you have some fucking piece of shit who lives in fucking new york and says oh there no problem down there we have some mexicans up here and none of them are voilent. Not saying all mexicans are voilent or most are voilent but a lot of them are. People forget about the drug cartels down here. The gangs the most violent people at my school are mexican, but a few white boy thugs. The fact is that down here its actually not that off. He was also talking about illegal immigrants. You can’t read a sentence of something and expect that entire page to be exactly what that sentence says. You need to put the whole thing together. There are to many violent ones that are doing these things to not just go ahead and push it off the plate. With all that said. I actually have more mexican friends than white friends or asian or black. Some of them have parents who are illegal but their parents have also worked hard to get to where they are. Some are pieces of shit who sell drugs and get suspended all the time. So not all are bad but actually a lot are in my experience and I don’t even live in Yuma. The few kids that actually did beat their girl friends and got suspended for drugs violence etc. were hispanic. It bothers me that hispanics get this name but, it’s true. I am hispanic my neise who we all love is 50% mexican. When you see the news if there is a crime almost all the time is someone hispanic. People who don’t deal with this need to fucking wake up.

    • Actually I live in Arizona and this is a crock of horse shit!! I’ve seen bad in all races here, not just Mexicans. I’ve seen blacks, whites and Mexicans do dumb shit. I’ve actually had friends who have been sexually assaulted by white guys, but I’m not going to group all white guys as pigs. You can’t group a whole race together as being “these horrible people” just because you’ve seen a few or more then a few. Every race has their bad apples. I think you need to wake up, and stop being a racist prick, Arizona was once Mexico and honestly Mexicans aren’t going anywhere! Funny how you don’t mention all the good Mexicans do, idk like build your fucking house and all the other great things they work their asses off for! it’s pretty common for a racist moron to just focus on the all the bad of one race lmao fucking idiot!

    • You’re Hispanic? You better start packing then. Are you even American? I heard if you can’t trace your ancestry back 2 generations as a citizen, you may be interned and/or deported if trump becomes POTUS. Read the fine print folks.

    • Ethnicity doesn’t determine a propensity toward violence, but poverty does. It makes people desperate and cuts them off from resources like education that could offer alternatives to violent behavior. You just happen to live in an area where the poor are primarily Mexican (allegedly), probably due to your proximity to the country of Mexico. Should we then exile all poor people to protect our ‘non-violent’ citizens? Trump would love that, except then he’d have no one to do his shit work for shit wages. I hope this solution sounds as stupid to you as it does to me…

  9. Have you actually been following the campaign? He has denounced and disavowed the KKK and Duke on countless occasions these last 2 weeks. It is like a 5 year old wrote this fucking piece.

  10. Is somebody trying to discredit Anonymous with articles like this? Because if not, they are doing a damn good job of discrediting themselves. Which would be a shame – the world needs Anonymous to be more credible than the fools, hypocrites and criminals they expose..

  11. Catholics were never on the KKK Christmas card list. Fred was a devout Catholic. The skinny on Fred is he was one of the organizers for the KKK Welcome Wagon in Queens.
    It’s libel, These journalists are documented morons.

  12. Again, I’m waiting for the sketch showing trump businesses hiring “cheap” mexican labour in detriment of american nationals…. Just because…

  13. It’s interesting that House of Cards new season came out two days ago and this EXACT same thing happened on the show. Makes it seem a bit like a hoax, but that’s the media so who ever knows…

  14. For all y’all idiots thinking that this site actually belongs to Anonymous – It doesn’t. This website is basicly making money on Anonymous. Y’ all check your facts before saying stupid shit like that anonymous is a corrupted machine, no this website is corrupted as shit. Yes that is true 🙂

  15. Yeah, I’m sure a man that married a JEWISH woman and had TWO JEWISH CHILDREN with her is all about the KKK. Yeah, maybe you can connect his dad with the KKK. After all he was a DEMOCRAT which was the home party of hate and discrimination. The KKK was the Democrats “muscle” back in the day. So all you gullible liberals need to check out facts. But that would be so out of character for you I suppose that is too much to ask of simple minds.

  16. Do you want more evidence to support that Donald Trump is a BIGOT? What two things do President Barach Obama, Senator Marco Rubio, and Senator Ted Cruz have in common? Their POLITICS? Nope I don’t think so. What they have in Common is One; that Donald Trump has used the “Birther” argument to try and disqualify all 3 of them. Two; All 3 of them are Minorities. Donald Trump was also a Democrat supporting Hilary Clinton in 2008. Around 2009 he switched parties to become a Republican. Why would that be? Could it be because in January 2009 his Beloved Democrats had the gaul to elect the first BLACK PRESIDENT? Any of you people ever THINK about that added to all the other evidence?

    • No, you’re just drunk. Ted’s mom was a registered Canadian voter when he was born. It was against Canadian law for duel citizens to vote in Canada at the time.

      She also had to file all sorts of paper work to make him a citizen, 12 years after they moved back to the US.

      So, it isn’t a matter of opinion, it’s a documented event. You’re just stupid. That simple.

  17. People will post anything on the net. If any one believes this go ahead and shoot yourself in the head.


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