5 Lies Your School Taught You About Native Americans

  1. The Native Americans Weren’t Defeated by White Settlers


Add in some war, throw in some smallpox… Not much is said about how the Indian Americans were wiped out.

Native American civilization’s fall is usually explained away with its inability to compete with the White Man’s technological prowess.


In the decades between Columbus’ discovery of America and the Mayflower landing at Plymouth Rock, the most devastating plague in human history raced up the East Coast of America. Just two years before the pilgrims arrived, the plague wiped out about 96 percent of the Native Americansin Massachusetts.

In the years before the plague, a sailor named Giovanni da Verrazzano sailed up the East Coast and described it as “densely populated” and so “smoky with Indian bonfires” that you could smell them burning hundreds of miles out at sea.

Historians estimate that before the plague, America’s population was anywhere between 20 and 100 million (Europe’s at the time was 70 million). The plague would kill at least 90 percent of the native population. The Black Plague was far more merciful, having only killed off between 30 and 60 percent of Europe’s population. It wasn’t that White people overwhelmed the Native Americans; rather, it was their first unknowing use of biological terrorism that destroyed most of their rivals.

  1. Native Culture Wasn’t Backwards


American Indians lived in balance with mother earth, and were were leaving behind a small carbon footprint because they were hippies who smoke weed everyday.


The Indian Americans were so good at destroying forests that a team of Stanford environmental scientists think they caused a mini ice age in Europe. When most of the Indian Americans died in the plague, so many trees grew back that it had a reverse global warming effect. More carbon dioxide was sucked from the air, the Earth’s atmosphere held on to less heat.

Cahokia is a massive Native American city located in modern day East St. Louis. While the city was abandoned by the time White people got to it, the evidence they left behind suggests a complex economy with trade routes from the Great Lakes all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico. In 1250, it was bigger than London, and featured a sophisticated society with an urban center, satellite villages and thatched-roof houses lining the central plazas.

And that’s not even mentioning America’s version of the Great Pyramid: Monk’s Mound. Cahokia’s pyramid dwarfs any of Egypt’s, both in size and in degree of difficulty. The mound contains more than 2.16 billion pounds of soil, some of which had to be carried from hundreds of miles away, to make sure the city’s giant monument was vividly colored. No trucks, just human labor moved a literal mountain of earth.

  1. Columbus Didn’t Discover America….. The Vikings did.


America was discovered in 1492 because Europeans were starting to get curious about the outside world thanks to the Renaissance and Enlightenment and Europeans of the time just generally being the first smart people ever.


Here’s what we know. It was Vikings who set up a successful colony in Greenland that lasted for 518 years (982-1500). To put that into perspective, the white European settlement currently known as the United States will need to wait until the year 2125 to match that longevity. The Vikings sent several expeditions down south to try to settle what they called Vineland — which historians now believe was the East Coast of North America.

After spending a couple decades sneaking ashore to raid “Vineland” of its wood pulp, the Vikings tried to settle North America in 1005. They set up the first successful European American colony, for the grand total of two years. They were soon expelled, their leader struck in the heart by a Native American arrow.

If the Native Americans had been able to resist their diseases, there was no way in heck White people could settle the land without being repeatedly beaten by large sticks and stabbed with larger pointier sticks.

  1. The Columbus Lie


Columbus discovered America, his crew was about to throw him overboard, when land was spotted in the nick of time. Until the pilgrims showed up and successfully settled the country for the first time, there was never any reason for Europeans to head over there….. with nearly 150 years in between these two events where absolutely nothing happened.


First of all, Columbus wasn’t the first to discover America. Nor were the Vikings, since technically the Native Americans had come from decendents who had crossed over to that land when they had left Africa for the rest of the world several millennia ago. His voyage wasn’t even particularly difficult; they enjoyed smooth sailing and his life was never in real danger. Columbus died wealthy, and knew exactly what he had found; he wrote in his journal, “I have come to believe that this is a mighty continent which was hitherto unknown.”

When he couldn’t find enough gold to make his voyage profitable enough, he focused on enslaving Native Americans. Columbus discovered America and invented American slavery in the same 15-year period.

There were plenty of unsuccessful (mostly horrible descents into cannibalism) attempts to settle America between Columbus’ discovery and the pilgrims’ arrival. It wasn’t coincidence that the pilgrims settled America two years after New England was emptied of 96 percent of the Indian Americans who lived there. According to James W. Loewen’s Lies My Teacher Told Me, the plague would clear the path for the pilgrims to settle on the corpses of Native Americans.

  1. White Settlers Did Not Struggle To Create America From Jungle


The pilgrims were the first in a parade of brave settlers who pushed civilization westward along the frontier, enduring harshest of conditions, to tame the land as it stands today.


In written records from early colonial times, you constantly come across “settlers” being shocked at how convenient the American wilderness made things for them. The eastern forests, generally portrayed by great American writers as a “thick, unbroken snarl of trees” no longer existed by the time the white European settlers actually showed up. The pilgrims couldn’t believe their luck when they found that American forests just naturally contained “garden plots, blackberry rambles, pine barrens and spacious groves of chestnut, hickory and oak.”

Frontiersmen who settled what is today Ohio discovered that the forest there naturally grew in a way that “resembled English parks.” The pilgrims specifically chose Plymouth specifically because it was a recently abandoned town. They chose Plymouth Rock because of “its beautiful cleared fields, recently planted in corn, and its useful harbor.”

We’re told that the pilgrims were helped by an Indian American named Squanto who spoke English. How did that happen? Squanto was from the town that would become Plymouth, but between being born there and the pilgrims’ arrival, he’d undergone slavery, was shipped to Europe and had to escape his masters before boarding a ship back home. And what he discovered was truly tragic.

Squanto had been kidnapped from Cape Cod by White settlers as a child and sold into slavery in Spain. He escaped and learned enough English to convince someone to bring him to “the New World.” When he finally got back home, he found his town deserted. The plague had swept through two years before, killing everyone.

He decided that since nobody else was using the land he would share his knowledge with the pilgrims, who had taken so much from him, and teach them how to survive on the graves of his family and friends.

Compare that to Jamestown, the first settlement, its inhabitants were starving to death because they did not know how to grow their own food. The first Virginians were so desperate that they went from taking Native American slaves to offering themselves up as slaves to the Indian Americans in exchange for food. Jamestown is the oldest successful colonial settlement in America, but it makes for a less heroic tale than that of the pilgrims.

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    • Every person is insane. Never learning from their mistakes. we have proven incompetent to govern ourselves. Let’s hope and pray we realize this quickly

      • What’s an alatic? It’s spelled dumb. Also, ANONYMOUS probably didn’t even send this for us to read. Anonymous did, learn the difference.

      • The Native Americans migrated from Asia on a land bridge that once existed between Russia (Asia) and Alaska (North America). They did NOT come from Africa…

        • Native peoples did NOT migrate from Asia. If you look into both cultures you will see they are very different from their beliefs and practices. Native people were here in the Americas before any other race which means who ever “discovered America” obviously didn’t discover shit but just took over the land and called it theirs. The English conquered Africa before they even came to America and when they did they brought slaves (Africans) which mainly settled in the Carribian because of the cotton fields. Also Spain settled in the Americans which is why Mexico and most of Southern America speaks Spanish but places like Brazil was conquered by the Portuguese. Read a History book its actually quite interesting.

          • Actually yes they did, hundreds of thousands of years ago. That’s why their skull structures and genetics are similar. For them not to would indicate that humans would have had to evolved in two different places. Take anthropology classes, they’re actually quite interesting.

          • Most of this article is total bunk. And since when do the greatest hacktivists on Earth allow pop-ups on their website? One answer — they would NOT!

            Native Americans have very specific genetic markers Asians do not have. I can’t believe that lie’s been cycling the internet for years and people are still believing it. You also can’t rely on genetic “science” whatsoever as humans have 12 strands of DNA material but “modern” medicine only understands 2 of them. If a doctor only understood 1/10th of your brain would you let him operate on it? Of course not. Stop buying into everything simply because it’s on the net.

            The best part about the DNA lie: the other 10 strands science just don’t understand…they chalk up as “junk.” Which it is not, but they don’t know what it does so it must be, right?

            Just because some group of science ‘peers’ makes a shit statement doesn’t mean all the sheep have to eat it up. Like the Cahokia story about some “monk mound” they’re calling a pyramid. First, if you research it they peddle some story about Native Americans sacrificing humans to a “sun god.” WTF….from an alleged 1909 (containing fonts that didn’t exist in 1909 — lolololol) an article stating an extinct race of ancient natives (Cahokia) built some mound in Illinois experts decided to call a Pyramid. Yet no real pictures or evidence have surfaced proving their statements, and I haven’t found a native to admit to worshiping anything other than The Creator. One god, that’s it. Not a ‘sun god,’ moon god, star god, “devil” or any other….just The Creator. That story is bunk too. Unless I hear it from a Native American, and their tribe takes ownership of that “mound,” then no way I’m falling for that BS. Natives did NOT destroy forests. They were here for thousands of years. If that was in their nature the country would look like shit after 300 years, like what the rich white people have done to it.

            I’m Native American Mohawk, and all tribes I know of were Matriarchal before settlers arrived. That does not mean that women enslaved men, we had egalitarian societies where all had an equal role in insuring a balanced tribe. And Matriarchal groups are always peaceful, spiritual healers. Not warring patriarchs who sacrificed their own children to some pagan demons/gods. This is not up for debate it is fact, just ask any native.

            Whatever — the frauds that run this site won’t allow this to be published anyway.

          • Are you retarded? NATIVE DNA PROVES A MIGRATION FROM MONGOLIA AND SIBERIA… Before you go telling anyone to “read a history history book”… Why don’t you just plain learn how to read… Good grief some of you idiotic f@&ks…

        • humans originated in africa and spread out from there into europe and asia, groups in northen asia (mongolia, siberia ect) moved across the land bridge during the last ice age into canada and down into what is now the US.

          native groups in south america however are a mix of descendants from those that migrated via the asia-america land bridge and polynesians that sailed across in dug out canoes (the theory was proven several years ago when someone actually sailed a polynesian boat across the pacific to test if it was possible)

        • They did NOT migrate from ASIA! The Diop Society DNA proves this! They also proved that most of the recent so called discoveries were fakes! : Including the so called Mongo , or Mungo skull!

      • No, humans haven’t been around that long. Pangea broke up around 200 million years ago, humans are about 200,000 years old.

        • You are correct! This is White revisionism! This myth surfaced in texts coined by the John Birch Society! I was lucky enough to read African and African American Archaeologists at the time! The vickings never discovered anything! They wrote of a Vineland! However, if you look at the Pyramids, you find there were Navigators: They were of African origin! JA Rogers eventually dismissed European Archaeology as mere propaganda!

    • From aftica across asia north to russia and over to alaska when a ice sheet conected asia and north america, not across the alatic you dum ass

  1. Columbus Didn’t Discover America….. The Vikings did.

    really anonymous? really? the are chinese world which included america a thousand years older than when the vikings discovered america.

    also im VERY sceptical about this artlicle and i dont believe a world of it


      • For yr info we were not sick or gad head lice or any of that and we were here before any others came here so go to the first ppl first and ask about really wat happend so where are u from

        • You were first humans wherever you went.. Others who were there before u were not human they were slaves who use to take instruction…

  2. America has one plague and it kills some indians and its supposed to be more hardcore than the worst plague ever, u cant say the black plague is mercyful, because it wasnt on that time the black plague removed almost 1/3 of the planet!!

    • Spanish flu was worst than the black plague… And why wouldn’t it be worse than the black plague. They had 0% immunity while some Europeans had a bit of immunity.

    • I am under the impression that “the plague” which the article cites was not the Bubonic or Pneumonic Plague, so not the “Black Plague” which devastated Europe. “Plague” can mean any epidemic illness, and I thought this was likely to have been the Measles.

      I have a degree in Biology, and I am not aware that DNA has more than 2 strands. There are sections which have no known function, and which are called “junk DNA” because of it. I don’t think you will find anyone who believes we are finished learning about DNA.

      My oldest son is an archaeologist who has dug at Cahokia (under the Professors listed in the cited article on Cahokia, Drs Pauketet and Kelly) almost every summer for years. From what I have heard, I believe that the information above is substantially correct, although I remembered that the population of the Cahokia polity was about the same as London, in approximately the year 1200.

      I too believe that there is substantial evidence to show that some groups of Native Americans did practice profligate use of resources. There are stories of hunting methods for the American Bison which killed many more that the hunters could use, for the sake of convenience and safety. Of course, it took white men with rifles to finish off the “nearly inexhaustible”animals. (I wish I could remember the source for this. I’m sorry to not be able to. It is possible to find written works to attest to the sheer number of the Bison, as well as the hunting methods of the Indians.) Regrettably, I am not knowledgeable enough to comment about the forest question.

      The Norsemen developed a settlement in Newfoundland, at L’Anse aux Meadows, which is much closer to most of us than Greenland. For whatever reason, it was later abandoned, I believe.

      I cannot agree that “nothing happened” in the 150 years after Columbus. In fact, some offshore islands of North America had their populations wiped out during that time. Columbus never landed on mainland North America. In addition, the Spanish killed and ruled over the Incas in the 16th century, around 1530 or so. Perhaps this article does not recognize South America as containing Native Americans. I assure you that it did, and that they were considered “Americans” as well as the many tribes in North America.

  3. Well aside from the natives that were already here there is an old chinese map that dates back to before christ of the whole world which means people were exploring long before columbus epic rampage

    • Christ, does everybody have to walk on eggshells to satisfy you? The article already writes about the plight of Native Americans…. But I guess using a term thatts long been used to describe a particular race by the entirity of the US is condemnable innit?

      • Yeah coming from someone who calles themselves “Jebus” is obviously an expert on social interactions. I am a Native American and I would prefer not be called a name that was thrown out because not only is America not India but Columbus was also wrong.

    • Yea really, after all the term Indian” was used because colombus got lost and didn“t know where he was….astonishing that the term even survived that long , so so stupid

  4. You went to the dumbest school ever, if this is what they actually taught you. If nothing else, wouldn’t St. Augustine in Florida be the oldest successful colony in continental America, not Plymouth?

  5. Native Americans or any original settler in North and South America did NOT come from Africa like the article proclaims.
    They migrated from east Asia via the natural land bridge formation connecting east Russia to Alaska from which they continued south and settled in Canada, America and further to South America where they constructed civilizations. Its estimated that they arrived the Americas at a maximum of 20,000 years ago.
    It was only 8000 years ago that the agricultural revolution occurred in the middle east and this article seems to imply that the technology existed that before 8000 years ago, a huge number of people all sailed west to discover the Americas? lmao, what? There is NO logic in arguing they came from africa over 8000 years ago. Before known civilizations were even born
    I don’t know how much of this article is bullshit but seeing as they fail to have correct information for something extremely basic make me doubt the credibility of this article which is a shame because its interesting. HOPEFULLY, the writer was just being an idiot and accidentally wrote africa and not asia which means the chance of his other words being bullshit is lowered as a result.

    • I think what they were trying to say was that, if humans came from Africa originally and spread out throughout Eurasia/Africa, then they would have come from there at some point in time. At least that’s what I thought was implied.

    • Humans came from Africa originally and the Asian Civilization was new when they got here. So because they didnt really stay in Asia long it is technically correct to say they came form Africa.

    • Humans did not originate from Africa. Africa is just the location for which us humans have discovered the oldest carbon dateable human skeleton thus far. As the land layers over in time, there are probably skeletal tissue far deeper underground which has eroded into granular form just like rocks. Also, nobody ever considers the length of time it takes for the bone of humans of the time to naturally degrade. Therefore, if skeletal tissue, for example, degrades after 20k years, we will never find the very first one. All knowledge is theory until proven otherwise

  6. There has been proof that both Asians and Vikings came to American long before Columbus. Vikings came on the East Coast and the Asians came over the land bridge between Russia and Alaska.

  7. Most of this is true, but the tone is so uneven and condescending. Might as well say whitey the devil.. whitey the devil. Relax, the my people were far from perfect, quit idolizing us as such.

  8. No, the first people came from one of the seven underground alien (Kachina) cities in the collapsed lava dome beneath Valles Caldera (Los Alamos, NM). They traveled through tunnels from the Nepal area and emerged here after a great flood. LANL and DOE patented a nuclear tunneling machine, Subterrene, and have connected the cities and their own installations after defeating the Kachinas (aliens)
    Now, crawl back in your box and close the flaps, reality is bad for your psyche.

  9. Correcting LIES with More LIES???

    on 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue
    The big problem is that it is not true

    Columbus NEVER EVER Existed

    As for destruction etc, the indians were doing plenty of that on their own without any help. Not to mention the smoke pollution you speak of that was out to see, many indian tribes were annihilated by other tribes were before any European stepped food on Americas.

    BTW the first Pilgrims, were The Portuguese Pilgrims of the Corte Real family expeditions that settled on New England over 100 yrs prior to the Mayflower Pilgrims, 1511 instead of 1620.
    See Dighton Rock http://www.dightonrock.com/dightonrockitsmusuemanditspark.htm instead of Plymouth Rock. These Portuguese Pilgrims got along fine with the natives and married native woman, etc with any diseases or killing them.

    • Yes The NATIVE AMERICAN’s had wars and some tribes engulfed others to become larger, however this didn’t have enough of an impact on our population to make a difference. Wars were going on worldwide, saying the wars in pre-colonial America helped wipe Native Americans out is like saying the crusades reduced the number of deaths during the plauge.

  10. Neither that person nor vikings discovered america.america was discovered by turkic people centuries ago!!.the evidence is in turks and caicos and land was named by turkic people and that pyramids also belongs to turks.there are many white pyramids in chine whose turkish have many simiarities with this one.and when u go in that pyramid you will see many writings which was written in old turkish language.

  11. America was discovered by turkic people and first evidence ia in turks nd caicos islands and second one is inside that pyramid.if u really examine and u will see old written turkic paintinga,figures especial u gonna find gray wolf figure inside pyramids!!!!

  12. Amerikayı türkler keşfetti inanmayan inanmasın yarrağım.iş tarih yazmaya gedi mi dur orda hele!!.o piramitte bizim içindeki yazılar da viking de bir türk toplulugu ama amerikayı göktürk yani türük bil konfederasyonu topluluğu keşfetti tüztıllar önce!!!

  13. “first unknowing use of biological terrorism” is an outrageously false claim. In fact, they would send blankets, clothes and other items taken from those who died from smallpox and would send it to Native Americans as gifts. At the time, it was standard practice to burn these items. Why then would they take something they should burn and send it to them if not to purposely infect them. Appalling inaccuracy of history.

  14. Jonathan, you are oversimplyifying the narrative. It is indeed not mutually exclusive that events unfolded as the author describes and that the knowledge of the native vulnerability due to their lack of immunity to ‘western’ diseases, was eventually agregiously exploited. You shouldn’t rush to conclusions.

  15. Growing up in Puerto Rico, we were taught in history class that his name was Cristobal Colon, not Christopher Columbus…. He was from Spain so he had a Spanish name of course, I wonder who came up with Christopher Columbus… I guess to make it easier to pronounce in English??

  16. While this article is much more accurate than most you still get one very important FACT wrong: The Vikings did not discover anything either. Why don’t you check out the overwhelming proof that the so called “New world” has major archeological proof that Europe had been mining copper in the great lakes region for 12,000 years providing the raw material for the bronze age. This has been extremely well documented in spite of our governments week attempts at keeping that out of the history books. It is also a well known fact that Europe had very limited supplies of copper and that scientists have documented the “American” origin of many, many, artifacts found in Europe from this Era. There is even a really great documentary on the History Channel for anyone interested. Come on Anonymous… you people should know better!

  17. yes the native aericain’s are north africains ” they have “imazighine ADN” and the imazighine Tiviniag was found in america …. you can check this out 🙂

  18. For you white Americans this pathetic article might turn you on. Believe what you want but you guys are arrogant/know it all English settlers causing KOs around the planet.

  19. Considering there were several ‘ice ages’ in the lats 100,000 years…
    And during each ice age the ocean levels were lower, exposing more land along/ on the continental shelf. Travel was likely, by land and sea (even if crude dugout/ raft)…
    Some migrations likely traveled the perimeter of the continents. Others may have traveled inland via ‘land bridges’…
    It is conceivable that NO individual group/ tribe alive today is “Pure” enough to point to a specific geographical origin.
    Nor is it possible to ascertain “WHO/ WHOM” were the “First” People(s) of this continent.

  20. Actually we first nation people’s were brought here by the star people (aliens) long before. The real first English colony was on Roanoke island in what came to be called north carolina. Explore John White returned to England for supplies. When he returned the settlement was abandoned. Hence the name ” lost colony”. The missing settlers were absorbed onto the local native community according to our oral history. That colony predated the other early English colonies of Jamestown and Plymouth.

  21. Point of history: Nothing is truly as it has been written or forwarded mouth by mouth and does only represent the limited knowledge of the one writing or talking. Therefrom arising the question “why does humanity not learn from history” is meaningless because humanity well does learn if facing the truth and nothing but the truth, which is basically living in nature and not in the speculative human mind. Native historians are that much limited like spanish or british historians because they did consider the world from their little mind spot and still we are dump selective beings and do not need to go fishing 400 years ago. Look around you and you find truth reflected in presence because we are all still with the very same attitude. We are ALL originally nomads, walking tribes and we are ALL invaders at some point but the fact is that we are natural beings of a natural planet and what is not natural at all are countries, borders, differences, governments, religions, laws and the wheel of slavery. Humanity will be free again becasue we have to let go or self destroy ourselves.

  22. Let me add a bombshell! Before Columbus, it was the Vikings and before it was the Muslims from Spain!! And the Spanish Muslims (Moors) were the best navigators in the
    World that all European explores and merchants hired. Please hold your peace and don’t call Muslims bad but research and find out!

    • I guess the prize goes to the one who goes, comes back and lives to tell the tale. Islam had some astounding seafarers, the technology Columbus used was based on Islamic technology, but no Islamic seafarer can be reliably recorded making that crossing and coming safely back.

  23. If people showed up two years after a plague there would still be bodies everywhere. Why isn’t that brought up? Editing is shit as well. I’m bitching but not what I want to see from a group who is supposed to help us see through bulllshit.

  24. Rofl USA is way to under educated yet always claiming to be educated… I’m from Holland and I knew this shit before I was 10 years old… Anyone who reads this, just move out of there, your country is much much worse then you might think.

    • …and they keep reminding us that America is the greatest country on earth. It’s so sad that everyone else knows more about the real American history except Americans.

  25. Im a mix blood. Look up Russia there native there. Same line as the u.s. I dont live on reservation but my son still there. Every tribe is different in little ways. Some have lost there ways. There truth mix with lies. Most from government. Win B.I.A. take to white government they say it right wing or left wing. You no what it dont matter cuz its the same bird.

  26. From what I read it see lot stuff native history but remember not all had the same problems. West native slave to Mexican they cut off a foot so they can’t run. East had white man fighting civil war English and French. White man did show up west cost tell about 1750s. Unlike east 1600s. You got look at the tribes and see what one you are talking about. Lot of people cross history with other tribal nations.

  27. A lot of talk about the author saying Native Americans came from Africa. That’s not what he wrote.

    Here’s what the author did write —

    “… technically the Native Americans had come from decendents(sic) who had crossed over to that land when they had left Africa for the rest of the world several millennia ago.”

    Native Americans, like everyone else, are descended from those people who migrated from the African continent tens of thousands of years before arriving on the American continents. They didn’t come to the Americas directly from Africa.

  28. The only problem with the Great Plague theory is it gives the disease very little time to travel a very long way, makes it very selective in where it went, and leaves a surprising hole in the First Nations’ own histories. 3,000 miles is a long way on foot, and it doesn’t really explain how the natives were cleared out of Texas, say, without being decimated in Mexico. And it really doesn’t explain why the natives have no account of what would have been a world changing event.

  29. The Bering strait theory is that a Theory not fact,…..in fact there was more than one migration route and Easter Island is a clue,…. Polynesians were the Seafarers of the world,….DNA proved that,….plus many tribes have Ancient Knowledge that life started here for them and with their Unique DNA sequence that proves its true, that’s Amazing and counters the out of Africa theory,….. Amazing, and it’s time to give back to the Native Americans,….thank you,..!

  30. History is just “his story”
    Theory is just “the story”

    So, if you believe everyone story here – than consider it the Theory of History.

  31. Great info but you are also missing how the Spanish got to North America in 1510. The truth is that the Spanish had already well explored everything, well before the English. The Spanish were the ones that encounter that amazing tribe Chokia that you wrote about. Hernando de Soto did so in 1541.

  32. Wow! So much dialogue. Bickering what ultimate truth each one holds. I easily skipped down to here. And sharing we shall proove ” Peace and harmony. We’re in a position to do so. Dig?

  33. Donde están las pruebas de que esto es real… No me vengan con libros modernos porque hoy dia hasta la biblia esta modernizada a conveniencia… Fuck el gobierno

  34. Lots of half truths. Humans didn’t originate in Africa. “Columbus Didn’t Discover America….. The Vikings did.” No so. There were people living in North and South America for over 10,500 years. Those people discovered or moved here long before the Vikings. Columbus didn’t discover anything, he was sent to North America with already existing maps(I have read).
    Human civilization is much older than we are taught. Most of humanity was destroyed along with most of the mega fauna, in two cataclysms about 1300 years apart. All of humanity had to start over, all of us. Out of Africa theories are as foolish and limited as the religious big bang theory, or fossil fuel, or AGW theories, and many other subjects used to dumb down populations. 400,000 years ago it was like lord of the rings here; more types of hominid and in many respects more advanced. You all, not just “Natives”, would do well to realize that most of human history has been destroyed by nature and by nasty people.


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