Freedom And Democracy In A Series of Heart-rending Images



Below are a series of before/ after pictures collated from a number of sources. Though not all can be verified, they show how years of “democracy and freedom” (directly or indirectly) must look like to People living in the Middle East.



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Credit: Urban Liberty




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  1. This is the crap that truly makes america unsafe. our interventions in the name of “democracy”. most of those countries had no problems with us, until we our government decided to attack them even though they posed no threat to us, and it was a violation of the conventional rules of engagement set at the Geneva conventions. we carpet bombed this people. destroyed their homes, schools, places of work ship, crippled their infrastructure and left their cities as ruins overwhelmed with violence and not enough basic human resources. and then we ask ourselfs why the world hates us. why people take arms against us. this is why. we need to stay out of where we dont belong, may be then we will stop having to fight a new threat every fucking year. we need to accept we cant give the world freedom. those nations will only achive democracy and freedom if their people truly want it. if their people fight for it. but who is to say they want what we have? my point? the united states government needs to stop becoming involved in foreign affairs because of our domestic agenda. then we would see less war and less hate directed at us. may be then the world would look up to us again. but doing what people like trump and cruz want will lead to more of this. it will further hurt the people of the world, and endanger america. the path to peace is made by minding our own buissness. and the only candidate that understands that is rand paul.

  2. heartbreaking :'(
    can’t we learn that war brings nothing but devastation, misery and suffering to the innocent people caught in the cross fire? can we not see that that could happen anywhere and eventually affect us? we don’t need wars.. it only feeds the rich and buries the poor.

  3. I am truly astounded at the massive scale of devastation all wrought in the name of what?
    I’m really not sure anymore and I fear for our worlds future.

  4. Looks like a deceitful way to bring in contractors to rebuild. What a hell of a way to redevelop a country. It is the insane in the brain who does a lot of shaking hands, brands, and the corporations you know who make a hell of living off all this killing. They just need boys who like to do a lot of demolishing and murdering. Some of the top salaries go for implosions like this. I imagine when the G8 are meeting the rest of the countries in the United Nations are wondering or they can pretty much guess who is gonna get the next smash down. Seems like it’s been a long time ago an international tribunal held open court. It could be there is no residing judges as the Western allied countries can not afford to pay for any. Ali Ali all come free, all that oil golden bubble up between their knees. That will be their legal fee. The court is opened, the court is adjourned, they have no standing. Quickly move – get out of their way, here comes the new master of religiosity, the dogmatic ideology of simplistic misery, try everything in reverse and hopefully we will be, momentarily, back to the past, Rome or antiquity? Depends on your entertainment, indoors or out? Profitability has her own thrown and whose court all final decisions are made by the royalist seated for the last 5,000 years. Come back at their inquest, they have been carted off to bed, overexposure and fatigue (its hard labor working under the gun). Breaking news suggest steep declines for the overextended breakfasted all day senior assemblies are not making their dividends count. They have caused a popular uprising, chanting ‘smash the state, remove the snores’. Our throats are dry and soar from Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, inlets, pipe fitters union soldering up the brotherhood in the cosmopolitan blues. Blue lead, enough of that poison and it is legally possible to change your birth certificate blood type to color royal blue. A lot of flushing going on in the royal houses today, they are in deep resign. The royals are kept dignified until papers are delivered – the magistrates makes demand of a sample of lineage, make, years and model. The blue blooded Flint residents make claim on the crown; they have been lead bound truth to poison sick, what excuse have you? GM got the bail out and Chase Manhattan too, they ain’t staying behind – if they get caught by the people they’re screwed. As things get hotter and every burnt out black brown, red yellow poverty ass beaten down like egg white glue for bunt cake Sunday’s in the Penitentiary zoo’s privatized by guess who? The internal revenue board of corporation say’s the people ain’t cooperating. Say what you want is what you need, gave the goods, emptied the guns – flushed iridium, titanium, iron ore tailing with a swoosh. Flint is the only city that when the main is turned on looks like farming and crop irrigation. Its no warning of crisis disaster, just another war zone: red yellow plastic tape waving parts per million exceed the rubber on your soul. Sold at public auction to the conglomeration of federated chemical waste dumps a larger square area for leaking pipes. Lead uranium white phosphorous shit burns C.I.A. center for international agricultural spraying way past eyes burning and lips bleeding. The state was in distress and the Feds said states rights go to hell. Sold all the assets to the last leaking drum same as Puerto Rico. Indiana, Iowa, California or Nebraska – whose next? Chase ran off with credit looking for any more Titanic’s to collect insurance due. All the big names; Coke, Bush, Getty, Rockefeller, gumshoes detect a G8 or 12 all headed for the tarmac. My guess is they’ll blackmail the Saudi king out of a castle with a nice big white lie. Hard choices at the top once their munitions run dry. Once they throw down everything – harem and bed sheets, it will occupy the guys for awhile, but the women and kids will have clear buck shot, how much for a royal ass? The prize a fortune – liberation. Every buck and steed will realize their chair, princely thrown, have all four or maybe three the other in repair. Beware if two legs hold its crown, those belong to human being able to decipher weight, position, or burdened aching no more. A king for a cur sneaking about on the prowl for something to eat, as it is cursed and hurled insults like stones, get away fiend! It’ll go to some trash heap and snarl at rats for the competition. History like histrionics going round the about, it can happen fast or it can go crippling on for decades into, centuries, none could last. Look at all the devastation, economy of ruin. They say old wives tales are superstition but I say their education-politics-religion is no confectionery. If they say 80,000 to 110,000 is sweet, then stay out of the garden, fisheries, forests and mountain ranges with your engineering. You say your hungry and I say throw on some more zero’s, make it into a robe and eat your sleeve when your tired-bored-hungry or frustrated. Help yourself to any zero’s lying about to repair your appetite – I am pressed to go to the grand table of the global population to taste the great dishes of the many divined cultures and the plethora of multiple complex and stimulating conversations. People come and go, plates full then empty, heated debates that go on for quite some while like water pouring down time. No one is in a hurry, there is no place to drive. People pack the streets instead of cars. A fool walks by looking for a can of gas or a taxi. Whoever thought life could be this interesting, people curious at each other? Instead of assuming and hating, they look you in the eye, twinkle shine, and almost always guess you wrong by either offering a hand shake or bow or speaking what they know in a tongue they guessed was yours, hoping to impress you with what they have learned. It is a phenomenal sensation living together, rural and suburb, there is much we are sharing together, our best, gone is burden of misery and all its companions. We have each other, no masters or bosses – down you go. Everyone has given what they can so we can say bravely: poverty has been cured, no more pissing poisons in the pipes and stories for you to swallow. The stench of greedy wealth has finally been defeated, pure blue skies with no measurable parts per million of any rich disease. No more soils filled with kingdoms oils, but gardens grand of delicious fruits, vegetables, grains, rice, nuts and herbs; life’s protection for human health. People no longer pump and toil, they prepare and dance. People are no longer bound by money and chained to authority, people freely give themselves in loyalty to love and life well lived in responsibility to care for everything. No nation, no peopled land have lack of energy but report daily increases; all measurable health increases = energy available renewable multiplied; water, air, soil, animals, and people. Children finally have a world called home and are always safe where ever they roam, sleep, wander and play. If they lose their way we can only smile at the innocence they have and be grateful the adults finally remembered to find ours. Our smile reassures them we will help them find their close family. The children can never be lost and we pray the adults will not wish to be so again. Those who choose to be lost or unwell understand we will not tolerate their disease on us, they are free to find some other state that is in agreement with disease. We do not need punishment and prisons but we demand honesty or leave, it will never be more complex than that. We respect each others traditions, cultures, languages, spirituality and individual choices. The cost of lost in years, poverty, death and suffering – those precious lives all the bank vaults could not keep safe, only we the people could change the value from hate and fear to love and respect then we could realize not one more person need ever disappear from our eyes and embrace. This is the nuts and bolts to a true economy no educational institute dare breathe. Our newfound intelligence is what the discovery was for; the pure gold of mind united to heart and soul is the holy marriage of all one. An idiots worth of stolen yellow rocks murdered and emptied continents of humanity is the genocide basic that was done here and over there, repeated again and again. A tolerance of sin, fiend fowl, monsters affection for beast brings treacherous weather for the treacherous, is skating on thin ice. Warning storms are not Santa Claus – choosing between who is naughty and who is nice. All are swept up into the hurling winds and spit out over the land as thuds and sounds weeping at the destruction is the news real of what government lies do to others no camera lens dares to show. In that disastrous lens scope is an intended target – you in another who will be blown to pieces, pull the trigger. See how easy it is? Than you won’t mind when that moment comes to look for you, it needs its companion too. We are gifted with life by its coupling; violence insists on being coupled also, therein is the crisis of energy. The greater the violence = the greater the loss of energy multiplied. Some states of disgrace have energy insecurity but plenty of violence to try and steal more. It’s a clever fool game of complete destruction. It is better to implant some functioning nerves into individuals and then banging on them with brick or hammer, they are both the cause and cure of violence in the world. These people have no feeling so they let others feel pain for them. Pain they enjoy watching because of the internal rage of having no feeling, so they take their revenge out on the innocent others who are vulnerable and can not protect themselves. If we take our anger out on ourselves because of their abuses, we still love ourselves much more than they ever could hope. They are the weakest snake of deceit, treacherous traitor pawing on everyone and pimping lies for their self protection as they flip on death and destruction before life’s very eyes. They know however they are in constant danger which is part of the orgiastic high, the thrill of killing and lying has to be secured, because one never knows it could be lights out, birthday surprise, lets see the fucker light up, gotcha piece of filth demon toy. Could be quite a surprise, the solution to pollution is bag the shit don’t call it applesauce. This is the institutional prize; schools and penitentiary locked in without any definitive release date. Like zebras, no two have the same pattern yet they are all zebras. These monsters don’t all have the same pattern either but they are all monsters. The monsters are the ones who are steering this mother-ship earth of all the me’s and you’s into the biggest orgiastic pain death of their delight fright nights. If a person has a deadly contagious disease the public insists on quarantine, then why in the hell do they assist the most deadly diseased mind of a monster to take nations, nay, an entire planet to the end of its existence? Then in the right moment with microphone and deer eyes caught in headlights before the car hits them, they don’t understand. It might be their lying can not see the lying around them that’s all. The blame might be: there just was so little honesty and humanity, that was the cure for so many social diseases, not the medical doctor and pharmacy but reality of parenting who are trying to appear normal for the state’s security and military readiness to go kick ass and grab robbery. The couple don’t love each other, don’t like each others sex, don’t even know how to talk about or define what fulfills them personally or sexually, maybe it is sisterhood – fear and shame. Maybe its brotherhood, fear and shame. It’s quite a state apparatus. It is the appearance of a rat going after us. Those who came out of Europe know damn well often there was a rat out after us, especially little children and babies. To cross and ocean for no reality of liberty, oh liberty was here already, then they shot the place to bits and pieces. A savage way to embrace liberty; shoot the statue in New York harbor, the french will unquestionably realize the passion of your brutality. The french should have told Old Ben not to waste the time it took for that long trip, ‘you’re British you know how you are with each other, that is the enemy you know’. ‘You don’t need any help in tearing each other apart’. The problem bleeds down all over everyone, a nation of disgrace, dishonor for robbery, coward bullies from sea to sea burning death down on humanity and growing the disease, the infamy of tyranny, tyrants, and terrorists. Panels and experts of liars from (a in agriculture to brutality in psychology. I don’t pretend to change the world, people together do, but I do say in the end when I hang up my rag on the hook and asked how it was here I can honestly tell everyone there it was frighteningly unreal here, it’s a horror shop chopping up human parts for spare parts and rendered meat. I thank the Prophet Moses for his love of the people to try and help them to be real beautiful people, but after all these years, decades, century’s, millennium, they are far more horrible. I could plead and beg, please never send me into a world where these people are, they are alien if anything to do so much passionate killing. It appears to me they are about time in need of another planet, having destroyed all the planets in this solar system. If the Father loves creating he has a house full who are addicted to killing. It’s a blessing to have a heavenly father who will never rest on a seventh day of anything for all the killing his children do he must be busy creating more for them to destroy. The father is a blessing and so generous, but his children are so poor, naked and blind, a disease they refuse to be cured of. It may take a million years, a breakthrough will come in some ancient unborn time, one of them will naturally open their eyes and feel and that diseased death violence DNA can finally express nothing. What I really wonder is how many people held on to the bitter end throughout all the history’s praying that love would win this time before it didn’t?


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