10 Societal Norms We Follow Blindly, Yet Nothing Can Match Their Absurdity


The Free World Charter has put together a list of 10 facts about society we oddly accept as normal

Money On Our Minds

Greed is now normal in our increasingly money-centric society, one in which money is at the center of virtually all thoughts, decisions and activities, and takes precedence over basics like air, water, food quality, energy and environment.

Economic Disparity

While we acknowledge that the gap between the rich and poor has widened, very few see it as a serious issue. In fact, we utilize an economic trading system that facilitates the death of millions of people each year.

The Regional Divide

We love to classify things. We love to draw boundaries and borders because they give us a sense of order. We have separated the world into countries, the Earth into continents. We have divided the world’s land into sections; and are now fighting over the ownership of these sections.

License To Kill

A soldier is the one who serves in an army – to protect a nation. These days our soldiers are fighting in other countries prompting deadly clashes and killing locals to bring world peace.

Cruelty To Animals

We torture and kill millions of animals every day needlessly for food, clothing, and experiments. Almost all of us grew up eating meat, wearing leather, using cosmetics, and going to circuses and zoos. Did any of us ever ask this pertinent question: Don’t animals have rights?

Schooling A Waste Of Time

Most of you would agree that there is a difference between education and school; and that you can be intelligent and prosper without going to school. Still, we send our children to school for their entire childhood to memorize facts and skills that they will rarely use.

Side Effects Of Parenting

Providing future financial security for your family robs you of time with your children forcing you to miss out on vital stages of your child’s development. If you were to ask your kids what they would like most – money or your time – time would be the answer. Still we all fall into the dreaded pit of thinking that our job is more important than spending time with our family.

Religious Diversity

The aim of all religion is the spiritual and moral upliftment of human beings. Belief in one God is the cornerstone of all religions. In theory, since there is one God, there can be only one religion. In practice, though, we have thousands of religions, each one believing that their God or god-story is the only true and unique version.

The War Over Peace

Love and compassion, which promote life, are mocked as facile. Whereas war, which harms life, is seen as honorable. When we want to resolve a conflict, we choose war, not love.

Inventions And Patents

Technology does not always get passed from one society to another. Instead, many nations are deliberately left out of developments to benefit the people who hold the power. In fact, some inventions are not created for the advancement of humanity but to serve a few. Scientists protect their inventions from being used by a wider audience as most are only concerned about making money out of their research. And we are perfectly okay with these practices.

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  1. Agree with most save the religion one…..

    Belief in one god is not the cornerstone of all religion.

    Polytheistic religions tend to be more tolerant for obvious reasons.

  2. First, they use our Money to that scientific research in the name of greater good for Humanity. Next, they Complete the research and then take More money from us to BUY the products of that research. #bullshit

  3. This article is pointless. Of course we value money, we must, in order to survive. To say that we value money more than food,water, etc… is asinine. We need to to purchase the things we value, like, food, water, etc. And to say we value money more than spending time with our children…well, I take great offense to that statement. Of course I would rather spend time with my daughter. So are you suggesting that I quit my job to spend time with my daughter in a cardboard box under a bridge? Because that’s exactly where we would be spending time together living, should I quit my job. Of course money is valuable …is essential rather…we need it to live!!!!

    • @Jeannette: “Of course money is valuable …is essential rather…we need it to live!!!!”
      And do you think Jeannette that this is kind of a natural order how society should be?

    • why does it always have to be an “all or nothing” situation…you could work less, spend less money on internet, TV, cellphone, new car, and all the other useless shit we are lead to believe we need…then have more quality time with your children…learn to grow a portion of your food instead of always buying – also teaching the value and importance of self sufficiency to your children…so yes money is important to a certain degree…the point is : it’s man made, it only has value until shit hits the fan, a new financial crash, war, natural calamity, etc, etc…

    • Well the fact that money is essential for our survival is the fallacy Einstein. Human beings should naturally have access to our basic human necessities no matter where we rest financially, however there are people whom die from starvation, thirst, and inhospitable environments every single minute because they dont have enough of something that really doesn’t even exist. The fact that you can’t spend more time with your daughter because your entire existence is based around how much paper you acquire that’s properly stamped by the government is absolutely outrageous and honestly a borderline psychotic rationale.

    • I understand your point and somewhat agreee. However, money was invented by us, it has value because we all agree that it does. Without it there wouldn’t be these complaints of the wealth divide. Look up ‘The Venus Project’ if you get the opportunity. A resource based society is attainable and benefits all people.

    • Money is not relevant, but THEY want you to believe it is. You have the choice to change that, truly. There are many examples for a change of lifestyle and a step towards some freedom and self-sustainability.
      I don’t say everyone should go away and live in a forest to hunt and make all his stuff himself (There is the case of a woman doing exactly that).
      There a slow steps to take to achieve that.
      I actually live on my own farm (3 cows, 4 goats and some hens). With the vegetables I grow, the milk the cows produce and trade with neighbors, I can live without money.
      You will not be rich. You will not have many free-time (It’s truly 24/7). But there is a reward. You know where the food comes from. I use only cow- and goat-fertilizer, I don’t need any Monsanto shit. Yes, sometimes your yield is bad, sometimes it fails, sometimes you have nothing for much work, but most important you realize that money is NOT an issue.
      Money is a big lie, that was told so money times over and over that we believe it, finally, and when that’s the case, we have lost.
      So, Jeannette, you took offense, where you should have taken a chance to really think about it.
      Can you quit your job now ? NO. Is it easy ? NO. Will people call you insane ? YES. Are you insane ? NO.
      Have a try and think about it. If I didn’t convince you, no problem. It is YOUR choice, not mine.
      I hope you’ll not take offense to my comment. And I wish you a nice day, to you and your daughter, where ever you live.

  4. For many years now i have just these thoughts. So good to see more of us see it the same way.
    The best technolygie is only made for the rich, the poor can”t afford it.

  5. If you think school is to learn facts and statistics YOU ARE MORBIDLY STUPID. School is the means to teach people how to learn new skills and how to better themselves. Not just to learn facts. This article is a waste!

  6. Getting things patented (which seems like being money-centric) has to be done due to
    1) Protecting tech. from falling into wrong hands (which unfortunately results in not falling into good, but poor hands)
    2) Capitalistic and money-centric nature of economy. When investing time into a new tech, we risk a lot of our time into something which is possibly nonsensical; and standard income isn’t enough to support this kind of work. So we HAVE to keep earning from previous work (though I agree not as much most of R&D MNCs do today) or have “other” sources of income.
    Give me enough money to have a decent living and support my work and I’ll give away all of my work for free

  7. As a practising Wiccan, I take offense to the religion section. One of our main beliefs is that there is no one true spiritual path, everyone creates their own way (or not) to spiritual enlightenment.

  8. Religious Diversity – Belief in one god is not the cornerstone to all religions. Norse, Greek and many other older beliefs are polytheistic. Pagan beliefs tend to rely on spirits rather than deities and Buddhism does not have a god.

    Also, in context of your posting, god should not be capitalized as that is reference to the proper name of God under Christian based beliefs.

  9. Nice article. The only issue I would take with it is the religion paragraph.

    Not all religions believe in just one god, and not all religions believe they are the only truth.

    Overall, nice!

  10. This article is 100% zionist.

    Points #1 and #2 propagate socialism.
    Point #3 promotes unifying of all nations (if the whole world is under one banner, there are no outside forces to overthrow a tyrannical government)
    Point #4 promotes disarmament of the civil, law abiding masses, passing blame to soldiers who simply follow orders or face being reprimanded and/or discharged. Don’t blame soldiers for being armed in foreign territory. Blame the politicians who armed and shipped them to that territory….
    Point #5 promotes veganism because the ruling elite would rather prefer the male populace to not enjoy proper sources of proteins.
    Point #6 attacks the education system, and suggests we should have no education at all, from how I interpreted it. Maybe this one is just me? As failing as our education system is, I think a ‘no education’ system would be worse
    Point #7.. As much as you want to argue that children would rather spend time with their parents over having money, I would argue that those children would rather have food, shelter, and clothing, over sleeping under a highway overpass, starving in filthy clothes.
    Point #8 Not going to touch this religion debate with a ten foot pole. The idea of a singular faith system is baffling to me. Does this mean people who worship Satan and people who worship deities of positive influence are worshipping the same thing? This is just ludacris. There are major, fundamental differences between religions as similar as most are, and to lump everything together is hogwash.

    Point #9 and #10 are the only valid points in this article and even so, #10 vaguely hints that a workforce comprised of technology should be a worldwide problem instead of a regional one.

    I love anonhq and have deep respect for you guys. But beware of those who would seek to shape and manipulate your opinions into that which would oppress you. Always question possible ulterior motives. Do not let spin doctors trick you into a life of servitude.


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