11-Year-Old A Genius? “I Can Prove Stephen Hawking Was Wrong”


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11 year old William Maillis of Penn Township, Pennsylvania became one of the youngest people ever to attend college at the age of 9 a couple years ago.

In 2016, he made headlines after graduating from high school and attending college already. He appears to be a very smart kid who is either willingly or being pushed by his parents to excel in academics,

and also promote Christianity. However it could be entirely of his own volition because his parents claim they didn’t put him up to it, and he sounds very real.

In 2016 he attended community college classes, and then enrolled at the prestigious (and elite, which isn’t necessarily a good thing) Carnegie Mellon University last fall.

The father of this child said that “[William] was our 17-year-surprise,” because they are also parents to a 26 year old son and 29 year old daughter.

He claims that William started identifying numbers accurately at the extremely young age of 6 months old. At the age of 7 months, his parents claim he started speaking in complete sentences.

“William was just very sharp,” Maillis said“William remembers everything he sees.”

At 21 months old, the baby started doing addition, mathematics. At just 2 years old, the infant was capable of multiplying numbers, writing, and reading. By the age of 4, the boy was capable of reading Greek, algebra, and sign language. By the age 5 he was able to do geometry, and at age 7, trigonometry.

This is how the kid got through all of high school in one year: he attended fourth grade and high school at the same time, while also taking college classes at the same time as that.


To illustrate the inability for public school to accurately assess the intelligence of a person, the boy was turned down from attending merely kindergarten a year early at the age of 4, when he “couldn’t identify gray as a color.” The genius kid simply replied“gray is a shade, not a color.”

This story sounds more genuine than a few others circulating about genius kids. Whether or not his parents put him up to it, the boy is determined to prove that god actually exists, and specifically to prove Stephen Hawking wrong.

He is becoming an astrophysicist with the purpose of proving the existence of God. As a person that believes in God but not any religion in particular, this seems to be a genuine effort. If the child remains clear-headed enough throughout his life to avoid dogmas and focus more on the pure spiritual beliefs he gravitates toward, he just might change humanity.

He said:

“Well because there’s these atheists that try to say that there is no God, when in reality it takes more faith to believe that there’s no God than it does to believe that there is a God… Because it makes more sense that something created the universe than that the universe created itself. It takes more faith to say the universe created itself than to say something other created the universe because that is more logical.”

Some people may think that his parents put him up to saying this, and maybe they did. However if you listen to the way he’s saying things, it sounds like he’s really speaking what he thinks is the truth.

Hopefully this young genius will not fail to see the lies present in the world around him, and his intelligence will be guided by a sharp sense of discernment.





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