13-Year-Old Physicist Has A Mindblowing Theory On God [Must Watch]


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This young man’s theories on the universe are sure to inspire deep contemplation…

Remember the name Max Loughan, for you’ll likely hear it again and again in the years to come. The 13-year-old physicist is known for his eloquent theories on God, the universe, and the bible, and his lessons  are sure to inspire some deep contemplation on life’s big questions.

Not only did Loughan invent a free Tesla-inspired energy device using a coffee tin, spoon and wire (all of which cost him $15), he has developed some intriguing ideas on the universe.

In the video below, he shares his latest theory on God, and it’s sure to touch your heart.

Loughan says,

“As cheesy as this sounds, from day one on this planet, I knew I was put here for a reason. And that reason is to invent and to bring the future.

My true goal is to help. It is to invent a future where people can be happy, where they can be safe and sound.”

Quantum physicists already theorize that everything is energy and, in effect, all life is connected. Perhaps this kid is onto something!

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  1. 13 Year Old Kid: “God is a person sitting on a Cloud”… Kid is smart when it comes to Quantum Physics. But when it comes to the real God the Bible mentions he is clearly ignorant. Be smart kid and study both the Bible the same way you study quantum physics kid. Then you will see the whole picture. But dont take my word for it check it for yourself

    • The Atheists are always running like headless chickens.
      They never listen through to what anyone has to say because they have all the answers.
      Bet you this clown was commenting before viewing the video in it’s entirety.

      Looney town is the new capital of Everywhere.

    • Whomever has,this please keep this because he has answers to this world and it is deep. Please keep this video…. he will have answers.

    • he does not think god is sitting in a cloud.. like when people reach up to the sky and ask for help.. god is not in the clouds.. god is a energy form

    • wow, so tired of so-called religious people deciding that their understanding is the TRUTH and disrespecting any who don’t see it their way. This young man’s understanding is just as holy and maybe more TRUE and holy (WHOLE) and aware of God’s real nature. Amazing young man!

  2. 13 Year Old Kid: “God is a person sitting on a Cloud”… Kid is smart when it comes to Quantum Physics. But when it comes to the real God the Bible mentions he is clearly ignorant. Be smart and study both the Bible the same way you study quantum physics kid. Then you will see the whole picture. But don’t take my word for it check it for yourself.



    • Did you really listen to his words? He said exactly the opposite.
      You also look smart but took assumptions without listening to it properly.

    • The bible says Noah is more than 600 years, thats damn impressive. People are made from a rib and a snake talks? (among countless other unbelievable stuff, maybe, maybe this is just a history and waste of time to study). Its 2016 how can you stupid Americans still swear on the bible.

    • I agree. In my believe, God is even there, where humans never will come to. God’s somehow “border of humans possible achievable + 1”. and so, God must be more than even this smart boy could possibly overview.
      … the main point i wanted to tell, is that when it comes to christian believing, humans must be less than God and also they cannot get “the whole point”.
      for myself, one of Gods attributes is that God is “unbelievable” in a impressive and undefinably way.

      though, i have to agree with the critics: i also do not believe, that god is only human – like. … God’s just more… thats the point for me.


  3. “God” is whatever and whoever anybody wants it to be. Nothing more nothing less. As for me, thereally is no hole in my being that has any need for any kinda of make believe nonsense

  4. I’ve had a similar theory about god. I do believe… but i am ABSOLUTELY ANTI “SPECIFIC RELIGIONS” which only divide us. I also find it very disconcerting that AnonHQ4U could think the kid said the opposite of what he actually said. AnonHQ4U’s comment is a great example of why we face so many difficulties in this world.

  5. Buddhism offers a sort of metaphoric parallel to His conceptualization and interpretation of a God. We are one in the same is what I can take from this, so remember be kind to a Light bulb near you, because your only hurting yourself 🙂

    Just maybe reincarnation is Energy transference and that there is a collective consciousness which is our metaphorical Heaven, I dunno the thing is endless, just like the proposed universes and Dimensions AAAAAAAAAAAahhhhhhhhh!


    Peace and Love!

    • I’m not sure if they are trying to market this boy’s conception of God as energy three years before Richard Green as some sort of break through. The earliest forms of Hinduism (Early Vedic religions and Upanishads, which Buddha drew from) in fact used the word “Shakti” or “force” to name God. These scriptures drew heavy parallels between this force and principles of physics thousands of years ago. The evolution of meditation, too, had much to do with aligning a human’s “Natural Frequency” (just like a Tuning fork has its own Natural frequency) with that of the earth’s magnetic field. Somewhere along the line we started to take the idols/imagery used to represent this abstract “force” to the everyday man… way too literally.

  6. what is the first thing you say when your shocked…..oh MY god` hhhmmm seems to me that if you believe there is a god, well there is a god… and if not the same applies… each person has a brain…. each persons god is within that brain…. its a personal thing…personaly I dont believe, doesnt mean Im right or wrong… too much hate in this world to argue whether there s or isnt.. do you believe in aliens… now theres a question…

  7. God is an energy. We call it the spirit/soul. Jesus did say, Forgive them father for they do not know what they do!. I’ve always thought if we had the use of our full brain and not only 5-10% of it, we would be powerful energies.

  8. read the thiaooba prophecies, it’ll answer a lot of questions, that and freedom of choice by Thomas J. Chalko, great read and connects a lot of dots.

  9. Isn’t the Sun the greatest form of energy in our universe? Didn’t ancient Egyptians worship Ra…the true God…the Sun God.

    • Our sun is an ordinary star of relatively small size. Arcturus make our sun look like a pea. The ancient Greek philosophers were masters of the mystery religions. I think they came closer to the nature of god than any other religious entity.

  10. It amazes me that this brilliant kid says he can produce FREE energy for the world and all the talk is about a 13 year old’s believe of God…

    • Some one with logic ,taken away from what he says shows listening is not what people do , they pick the bones of the person if they doubt what he says.I love that he is this advanced and a thinking brain not dummied down or not a critical thinker ,He amazes me and I do pray he stays safe.Nothing wrong with trying to fix the world with his ambition, Too many were stopped in their tracks ,,

  11. Interesting…relating to God as energy is fine but it’s just a portion of the equation, but to believe there is no mind, no intellectual design behind our creation/this planet is nonsensical. To put it in his terms, God would be the top of every dimensional scale. Just bc most of the Christian population isn’t into quantum physics, it doesn’t mean God, Christianity, and the Bible should be reduced to foolishness nor Christians to 5th grade mindsets. You know, Christians had a hand in the E=mc squared equation as well. Plus, many have actually argued that this equation is further proof of God’s existence. But what’s insulting is the interviewer and his godless agenda. If the bright young man wants to believe that God is a reactive, mindless, omnipresent energy based off of his own understanding of quantum mechanics, that’s fine. But to support and publicize it as this kid just crushed Christianity? Shame on the interviewer for using this kid as if he’s to be an authority on theology, God & faith, and using his personal opinion as propaganda for a godless regime. Kudos to the kid for his most recent achievement though.

  12. This boy is 13. Imagine him talking to an ISIS suicide child of the same age ready to blow himself up and others in the name of God!!!
    Wake up people!!! This child will change the world

  13. i loved reading all the brilliant crap coming from both ends. all you people pretend you are so bright and well educated and such.

    atheism is an illogical stance to take. fundamental religion could be just as illogical, but this is not based on pure logic. pure logic completely subdues any atheistic argument agaisnt any argument for God, least of all from some 13 year old theory of God. how many sheep are out there? form your own opinions, but for GODS sake make sure its logical. simply saying something is foolish or nonesense is not logical. and to think you guys carry the mantel of logic and reason. it is laughable.

  14. Two comments:

    First: as far his “energy device” goes – what he’s doing is placing an inductive load on the electricity supply – such as the AC in the wires close by. No free lunch there I’m afraid.

    Second: the poor kids been brainwashed by religion, but he is fighting back against it. He’s read some decent popular science books and so is starting to realise the whole god thing is complete bollocks – but he’s not yet been able to let go of the religious crap in his head and so clings to the term “god” when trying to describe things he doesn’t yet understand.

    It’s a start though!

  15. Nothing I haven’t thought of before without actually studying physics aside from whatever they taught me in h.s. God is energy. We are made of energy, our bodies are vessels. The first source of energy when the egg is fertilized by the supermarket, is the same energy that only gets bigger and bigger during the cells mitosis. This is what triggers your cells to be “alive and running.” The reason why we all feel we are going to heaven, is because once we die we release our energy or “spirit/soul” back into the universe. We go home, to God. We are all God’s children because our energy is part of God. We call this energy God because it is far intelligent that we can ever imagine or understand. Somehow I know all of this instinctively without ever reading the bible or studying science. I couldn’t help but notice this kid was at the United Nations. I understand our United Nations is working to get the world under one in a New World Order… I don’t disagree, but whenever this does happen, I hope they include someone like me. You know how to find me. Thank you.

  16. Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight. Isaiah 5:21

    Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. Romans 1:22

    For the foolishness of God is wiser than man’s wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than man’s strength. 1 Corinthians 1:25

    The natural man does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God. For they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned. 1 Corinthians 2:14

    For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. 19For it is written: “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate.”…1 Corinthians 1:18

  17. Hey Max if by chance you do get to read this please pay attention to what i am saying. You are Brilliant no question about it. Your idea for free energy for the world is an excellent idea, Im sure you can do it, lots of others have tried and failed only because the powers that be don’t want the world to have free energy, they can’t make any money off that, and you are correct, that most geniuses are killed, murdered, discredited, anything to keep their idea from getting out to the masses. So when you have a working photo type, please please please, seal a copy of all the plans, hewer by paper or on a disk or flash drive, whatever, give it to someone you TRUST, not your parents or kin. make sure they understand if anything happens to you that they are to put it out on the web to everyone a mass email and media, make sure they cover their tracks by using a public server so it can’t be tracked as to who sent it out, this will give you some protection, I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING I JUST SAID. Now the bible and God thing. Brilliant, please don’t listen to all the religious people condemning you, they are sheep and have 1/10 the grey mater you have, keep up the great work


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