2/3 Patients on Anti-depressants… Aren’t Depressed


Two out of three patients on antidepressants don’t meet the clinical criteria for depression according to a new study. The revelation, published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, has found what has long been suspected: that patients are being misdiagnosed with clinical conditions such as major depressive disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

“Many individuals prescribed antidepressants may not have met the criteria for mental disorders. We all experience periods of stress, periods of sadness, and periods of self-doubt. These don’t make us mentally ill, they define us as human…” with the study concluding that “…many individuals who are prescribed and use antidepressant medications may not have met criteria for mental disorders. Our data indicate that antidepressants are commonly used in the absence of clear evidence-based indications.”[1]

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The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V) is liberal in its views of clinical depression. “In the U.S., official guidelines say clinical depression should be diagnosed if a person has five or more depressive symptoms over a two week period, most of the day, nearly every day.”[2] Shyness, restlessness and other human traits and opposing authority (oppositional defiant disorder) are also disorders in the DSM-V.

It’s a reflection of the current obsession with FDA-sanctioned profit. The active lobbying from Big Pharma on doctors highlights the severity of the problem, and the poorly informed decisions being made on the behalf of otherwise healthy patients.

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[2] Depression (major depressive disorder). Retrieved from http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/depression/expert-answers/clinical-depression/faq-20057770


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  1. Its times like these that I wish Anonymous would stick to whatever the fuck its platform is, and leave mental health to the client, her instincts, and her doctor.

  2. I agree with miss forgiven up there. We shouldn’t be asking “is this something the patient absolutely needs?” You’re making it harder for people to get beneficial medications. We should instead be asking “will this medication improve the patients life?” If anything, drugs in this country are getting too hard to get. Maybe not antidepressants, but things like pain killers, antianxiety meds, and ADHD meds as well. Prescriptions should be taken with care and monitored by a doctor, but let’s stop putting so much emphasis on people staying off medications. Many people really do need these medications, and its not a bad thing to take medications you’re prescribed. And coming from anonymous, with as many pro-marijuana articles as you’ve done, I would expect to see a little more open-mindedness.

  3. For anyone suffering from depression, I recommend the Destroy Depression system. Written by James Gordon, a former depression & PTSD sufferer, it teaches 7 natural steps which help to eliminate depression from your life.

  4. FINALLY.. i’ve been telling my mother that for ages, she was doing fine till she went to a therapist while having a bad time, 15 years passed since he gave her the prescription, now she takes 7 pills daily to help her sleep and function, i never thought about killing someone but this “therapist” almost made me do it.

  5. guys I don’t think ur getin the point. there saying where ‘I don’t have control over my actions’ means they can stricten the norm even more filter what we are aloud to do and force us into situations where we have to be the same. and the psychiatrists are the ones prescribing these things. but what about the professionals here the flyin fuck r you to tell me im not moral or or that antisocial is a bad thing cuase these things are INCONVENIENT FOR YOU. get over themselves damn coca cola cunts.

  6. After four years of trying to manage ” life situations”, anxiety and compulsively counting and cleaning my doctor suggested a 5 month course of antidepressants. What a difference it has made to my mental well-being. I had and still do daily meditate, undergone several psychologist sessions and cognitive Behavioural Therapy and although they help me to manage stressful situations and anxious episodes , the combination of antidepressants and daily mediation have made a huge difference to my mental and physical well-being. Yes some people may be being unnecessarily prescribed medication but I know from my own experiences and trying to seek help for others experiencing ongoing mental stress and anxiety, how difficult it is firstly to seek help and secondly to be listened to. Each person is an individual. Genetically composed differently which makes us unique and as such each persons physical and mental journeys are different and each person requires a different solution. But! Each one of us needs to be listened to and supported.

  7. i read the first few comments and decided that these views are uneducated and as such unacceptable. a physician makes the hippocratic oath (thanks for yet another thing Greece) whichi basically is a person promising to uphold certain numerous ethical values. some do whats necessary to have a validation of the time money nd energy theyve put into their trade while others captain america that shit and mean it sincerly. ive been lucky enough to have met such a doctor that meant it and he told me to stop naming off the medications that have previously worked. he said that the goal isnt to medicate only. its to find something that works for right now then do whatever is necessary for us to become suitable in society and happy while taking the least amount of medication…..not productive members of society or so you fit in with the undefined masses or for you to use it as a crutch because you wont nut up. the goal is either no or the least amount of meds necessary to give us an acceptable quality of life. i doubt anybody would argue tyhat most things are money motivated (one could argue procreation but with no milloinaire has those worries) and this is no different. there is no money in the cure only in the treatment of any ailment. wake up people. you have the wealthof our races intelligence at your fingertips each and every day. stop dicking around on facebook and indulge in the incredible yet miniscule amount of real life current past and future problems/ideas/views/ you wish. if youd rather not there is over 95% of existence that we know literally nothing about so i feel pretty confident theres something for all of us besides bitching at my bros. matter of fact to prove it, im gonna stop bitching right now and watch a youtube video of Michiu Kaku going beast mode (swear to GOD thats what the search brought back) oh, and i forgot to say good morning 😉


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