3 Books That Have Been Suppressed in America


Hundreds of “indispensable books…. Full of truths that Americans should really know” have been “undone” by various means, according to NY University media studies professor Mark Crispin Miller who appeared as a guest on Abby Martin’s “Breaking The Set” on RT. Although five books are currently in the series, only three were discussed in the interview.

Although the first amendment prohibits the government from outright banning books, it has found ways of circumventing this restriction. The threat of legal litigation, reviewers who “freeze out” certain titles or write-off factual accounts as “conspiracy theory” are just some of the means that the federal government can keep books away from the public eye. The three books that had been discussed in the interview are just a few examples that Miller had mentioned and are part of a new series by Miller called “Forbidden Bookshelf” that aims to have works that are out of print “republished”. Available on Amazon, these are books that have mostly been “done in by powerful interests, by the CIA, by corporate”  powers so that they remain unknown to the majority of Americans.


The Phoenix Program

The first book is written by Douglas Valentine first published in the early nineties. A crucial study of an enormous CIA covert program that had taken place in South Vietnam, the book details a terror program that had aimed to combine the forces of the police, military and intelligence to pacify the South Vietnamese population while supporting the American-backed regime. All in the name of fighting terror (Now where have we heard THAT one before?).


Miller goes on to say, “The government uses the danger of terrorism to justify all kind of horrible infringements on our constitutional rights, so that it’s now okay to assassinate Americans with drones, it now okay to subject Americans to indefinite detention by the military. All of this was first put in place by the CIA in the Phoenix program, which accounts for the deaths of tens of thousands of civilians in South Vietnam who had been tortured and assassinated”. If there was any belief that the government’s intention had ever been noble in Vietnam, this book should be laid to rest….. Together with the phony belief that our freedoms have to be protected by sacrificing them. It has all been done before, and this is why nobody remembers it.


The phoenix program could even be regarded as a template for the current War on Terror, according to the book’s author in a new author’s note, “Take heed reader: Phoenix has come to define modern American warfare as well as its internal “homeland security” apparatus. Indeed, it is the phoenix program that we find the genesis of the para-militarization of American police forces, in their role as adjuncts to the military and political security forces engaged in population control and suppression of dissent.” So THAT’s why they go around shooting and killing kids with toy guns, the disabled and homeless people. Gotta keep that population suppressed.


Valentine’s book was originally given the go-ahead by the head of the CIA at the time, William Colby (who was also the most prominent defender of the program at the time before congress), and Valentine was allowed to interview CIA officers who had been involved with the program. The CIA later decided that this information would prove too damaging to the reputation of the agency, and they immediately rescinded access to his sources, and he had to fight them in court. When the book had actually been published, a CBS reviewer had come out condemning the book in a New York Times piece. This meant that Douglas Valentine’s career as a writer would be informally black-listed, his work unpublished.


The Lords of Creation

Written by Federick Lewis Allen in 1935, this book had predicted the capitalist expansion in the last 100 years. The rise of the Robber Barons and the consolidation of wealth into the hands of a few such as the Rothschild family are just some of the predictions he had made. It details the early history of the financiers like JP Morgan, and how they had profited from every boom and bust they had engineered for the country.



Christopher Simpson is well-known for writing about Operation Paperclip, and in Blowback he writes about the attempts of US agencies to recruit Nazis in the Cold War. Notably, he includes a new critique of the difficulties he had encountered in the government’s procedures in the declassification of documents. An attorney who was notorious for attempting to justify Bush’s torture program had nearly been placed in charge of the National Archives at the time. Ironically, this critique had originally been meant to be published by the National Archives in their report, but it was censored and so found its way to Blowback. Yup, America also works with fascists.
From the War on Terror to the so-called GFC recovery that has only been a wealth redistribution from the middle to the rich, and even to government hypocrisy in working with heinous mass murderers in order to maintain hegemony, these books explain the history that has led to our most pressing current affairs.


A man who does not learn from the past is doomed to repeat it, and we see clearly why these books have been swept under a rug, their authors maligned.

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  1. The Phoenix Program is on Amazon, and free for Kindle. Actually, all three books are on Amazon, and are free for Kindle.

    So much for suppression.

    • Suppression doesn’t mean unavailable. It means that it could be hard to find. I had GTA when it was “suppressed” in the US. Shit I remember watching Gracy whoop up on some ass on VHS before MMA got big and that was “suppressed” in the US.

      Please for the love of your country, think a little you ox.

      • If you were thinking then you would conclude that if you got your plebian hands on it then it can’t actually be all that suppressed and “zomg you won’t believe what was censored” is a marketing strategy that duped you.

  2. This article misinformed at best and intentionally misleading at worst.
    None of these books are banned whatsoever, a bad review simplymeant the critic did not recommend it, saying that the govt insisted upon this critic panning that book is like saying the government made roger ebert give “north” a bad review, it is ridiculous

    The second entry is simply an old out of print book….nothing particularly strange about that, tons of books have gone out of print.

    The third entry is very easily available, is an award winning book, and is available on every major booksellers website as well as being available to download on Google play.
    Whoever the author is…incredibly bad form dude , maybe do three seconds of googling before you write your next one.

  3. For all you part time patriots and easily distracted by simple misleading or false or inaccurate information schemes to suppress the awakening of the masses….., some of the issues on this site are in fact real anon topics and reports but over 75% of the articles posted are a means for distraction and or means to cover your eyes again. Anon has no official website or social media pages! Anyone can be anonymous!As for this particular article they never stated any of these books were banned and if you have any intelligence you’d see and hear him say in fact that the books are easily accessible but if you don’t know the first thing about the existence of the object in question in this case being the said books than the odds of you purchasing and/or reading it is such a low percentage there’s no reason to push the issue and drawing suspension or attention to the object in which you’re trying to hide. STAY FOCUSED ON waking up the rest of the masses and staying in the loop with issues and operations that in fact do matter and isn’t being manipulated to lullaby the dummies back to sleep until they reach the metaphorical gas chambers.

  4. I guess my only wonder is what was the address to where they are doing this I don’t see it in the article unless I missed it because the bone head who is doing this web site has messed it up with this auto run adds that lock it up half the time.

  5. Abby is doing a fine job mastering her region-less american accent, you’ve almost got people convinced you’re american and not a russian plant stara kurva baba roga. Certain sounds and vowel combos always give her away. RT is funded by Kremlin. RT takes the position of the devils advocate against america no matter who is running the country. I always wanted to side with Russia but i know their history of treachery and deceit. None of these books are actually banned. Want to read a banned book; try Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: 200 years together

  6. I am a human rights author (two books), activist, outsider (26yrs) from Auckland, New Zealand. My book (see Anthony Ravlich Google+) while selling on Google Books and Amazon is being suppressed. Libraries will not take it and because of the high price, as with my previous book, bookshops will not sell it. There are two possible reasons why the book has been suppressed. the book describes major decisions made by the United Nations which the global mainstream media did not report. I describe a major rebalance of ideological and economic power from the West to the Rest (I consider the real cause of the global financial crisis 2008) and how the UN has determined western civilization for a decline by omitting what I see as the creative rights, the magic which led to the dominance of Western civilization. My work is not a conspiracy theory as it is based on fact not opinion and is verifiable. There are other reasons why it may have been suppressed. I hope some may have suggestions as to what I can do about it because I consider the information is vitally important for humanity.


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