39 Year-Old Christian Murders Pregnant Woman For Not Believing In God


Police decided to visit the apartment of Anitra Braxton, a 39 year-old Christian woman from U.S, Arizona after receiving a tip that a dead African-American woman was covered up in towels and left presumably dead on Braxton’s sofa.

In case you did not already know, Arizona is one of the easiest states to obtain a handgun, with the only requirement being that you are over 21 years of age.

When police knocked on Braxton’s apartment door the accused claimed that nobody else was indoors and that she lived alone. However, the officers noticed through the open door that there was in fact something covered up and laid on the couch and decided to arrest Braxton, later obtaining a search warrant to take a look in her apartment.

Police searched her home and “found the body of a towel-covered woman on the couch. The victim had sustained a gunshot wound to the head.” Further research shows that the victim was most likely pregnant at the time of being killed.

This is where things get a little weird… During questioning by the police, Braxton claimed that the covered woman was “a shrine from god” and first alleged that the body was actually her own. The woman also stated her own name when asked that of the victim’s identity. Later on throughout questioning the detained admitted that “she had shot the victim in the eye for not believing in God.” Braxton also stated that the body had been in her apartment for two to three days prior to being discovered. The relationship between the detained and the victim remains unknown.

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    • How does having a gun enable you to protect yourself from being shot in the head?
      The religious zealot having a gun caused this to happen, and the stupidly lax laws enabled that.
      Two things at fault here: religious indoctrination, and access to deadly firearms.

      Way to go, America.

      • I feel it is necessary to point out how easy it would have been for the woman to use a knife or simply a damn rock to kill the other woman. Access to guns dosent suddenly make people mentally messed up to the point of choosing to use a gun on someone else.

        • The knots you gun nuts twist yourselves into to justify your obsession are hilarious–or would be, if they weren’t so terrifying to normal people. “I feel it is necessary to point out how easy it would have been for the woman to use a knife or simply a damn rock to kill the other woman”–I’ve seen this idiotic argument used before. It never occurs to you people that even a person with limited mobility can get away from someone wielding a rock or a knife. Even at a run, a human armed with a knife cannot reach her victim at the same speed a bullet does. But by all means, keep your guns. Just do the rest of us a favor: Keep them loaded, and keep them lying around your house in plain view. Let evolution do its work.

          • Yet another idiotic anti-gun nut trying to twist the truth to justify your anti-gun stance. Then you hope gun owners end up killing themselves. That’s not being a normal person. That’s being a hypocrite and a perfect example of the mentally ill.

          • Fair argument, but I think the really important thing is the emotional detachment that so easily comes with ‘pulling a trigger’, just how easy it makes it to end a life. In fact, most deaths that would be prevented by stricter gun laws would be suicides! Do you (Getit) really, really think it is so easy to keep hitting someone with a rock until they die? Or to stab someone and leave them/continue stabbing when they start screaming for help and mercy? It is intensely psychologically traumatic. Most people who DO commit murder wouldn’t do it if they didn’t have access to an instant killing machine – there is plenty of empirical evidence to back this, i.e. analysis of countries pre/post stricter enforcement.

          • A person with limited mobility being physically able to evade a knife or rock wielder? Does the knife or rock wielder have limited mobility? You know that most people can use their legs right? Do you know the average distance in feet that an assailant has to run in order to stab someone with a holstered pistol?

        • There is a HUGE difference in using a knife/rock or using a gun to kill a person. It is much easier simply pulling a trigger as opposed to having to stab or hit a person several times…!

          It is completely mentally deranged allowing anyone to own a gun, because you can only use them for two things: Threaten people or shoot them. And all this “it’s in the Constitution”-bull…? Come on – get serious… In all countries where guns AREN’T allowed, the death toll of people killed by guns is ridiculously low compared to the USA…

          • You say in all countries were guns aren’t allowed the death by gun toll is lower. But you then make the statement death by guns making sure to add the “by guns” can’t forget that part right but what about death or assault by other weapons. If you don’t have a pencil use a pen simple as that. Everyone wants to bring up other countries and their gun laws. If we are talking about guns that’s fine but when you are comparing gun deaths make sure to add death by all weapons as well. Criminals will be criminals no matter what tool is available to them.

          • Rune you are wrong. Check the crime rates. where there are strict gun laws in every case. More guns equals less crime

          • Only 2 reasons really? What about hunting? What about self defense? And It is in the constitution literally! Would you please read it. Yes there are some morons with guns.Also I can kill just as easily with just my hands without a rock or knife.

        • You think it would have been easy for a woman to kill another woman with a rock? Is this woman some sort of secretly trained professional? Because if she had had a rock, instead of a gun, Im pretty sure the victim would have had a decent chance at surviving.

      • Not any Christian group that I know of endorses killing. Read the 10 Commandments. Thou Shall not Kill is one of them.

      • May I point out that it is all too easy for someone to obtain a gun anyways, so Arizona’s lax laws are actually a way for”regular people to defend themselves. At international borders they don’t have a way to look for guns, unless the trafficker is a complete moron. So the lady could easily have gotten a gun either way.

      • You fools trying to mock people who suggest it might be a good idea if you couldn’t just go out and buy a gun. Americans obsessed with guns and killing things. You have to laugh. How to solve the gun problem – more guns. If you’re not killing each other, you’re killing some other nations people. And if not that then you have to go hunt some defenceless animals. Morons.

    • You 3 are idiots. stricter laws don’t inhibit availability nearly as much as people want to think, it just makes more opportunity for the black market. Just look at the idiotic drug war. Do you have any idea how easy it is to Fina almost any drug? You barely have to look. This is what will happen with the gun trade, except that instead of the money going to legal businesses, it will go to illegal arms dealers, and you bet your assistance arms dealers aren’t doing a background check. And before any of you mouth breathers bring up australia, try to keep a few things in mind.
      1. America is bigger than australia, and more people = less control over said people.
      2. Australia is a FUCKING ISLAND, it kinda limits smuggling options.
      3. Nearly all statistics on gun violence (on both sides of the argument) are inaccurate, you can barely even find two sources that give the same numbers.

      • Mate, I won’t say Australia, I’ll say England. No black market and higher population density than america. Also, most places don’t give background checks anyway.

    • If you can’t handle “could have”, “would have”, “should have”, you really aren’t smart enough to own a weapon of any sort.

    • Could HAVE! COULD’VE! What the fuck is could of?! If firing a gun promoted literacy, I’d be all for it, but my first language is NOT English and I’m sitting here lecturing potential future murderers on the value of using words rather than bullets…

      I respect USA for a lot of things…not this, though…in no way this…

  1. the fuck u trying to do annonymous? :)))) start something betwin christians and muslims or wtf is this shit ? cause it might just work….like srsly..comparing religions and making christians and bible look bad for what?the fuck is ur goal?

      • The Bible has worse than the Qur’an. The Bible talks about striking the heads of infants against rocks in order to commit genocide against an enemy. The Qur’an says you’re not allowed to kill noncombatants.

    • What do you mean start a war? It started 9/11/2001. And some Christians (not all) are as bad as any other religious extremist.That is what this article is pointing out.

  2. Any person like that who murders someone like that is no Christian. She is a fanatic and nuts but not a Christian. A true Christian would never do anything like that.

    • No true scottsman fallacy. she is just as christian as you, follows the same religious book as you.

      “A true Christian would never do anything like that.” – is a defensive statement issued by uneducated christians, who have never read the bible in its entirety. By your statement, you claim to be a “true” christian, using the no true scottsman fallacy to cherry pick actions and people you believe to be christian, from those that are “not.”

  3. Why does it have to be a competition?? I think the reason people worry more about Islamic terror is because they are, according to polls, responsible for around 97% (approx) of terror attacks across the world, this past year alone. When you look at that number it’s kind of hard to focus on this christian woman. How about we stop deflecting the problem of religion as a whole whenever a problem get’s brought up, e.g. “I’m worried about Islamic terror” “oh but did you see what the christians did this week? Tut tut” It’s unproductive.

  4. Automatically the murderer is a Christian, but I bet two to one if she had been a Muslim, the report would have described her as some fanatic corrupting the “religion of peace”.

  5. This has nothing to do with religion. A crazy person says God told them to kill someone. The difference is Jesus told Christians not to kill people and love they neighbor. Mohammad said to kill none believers many, many times in the Qaran. So a crazy woman kills some because God said to and Mohammed started a religion based on the same concept. It does prove religion is to blame, it just proves anyone can say “God told me to.”

    • “I came not to bring peace, but a sword.”

      “If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple. ”

      These quotes are attributed to Jesus – also, discounting all the stuff his daddy said in that book (genocide is ok, slavery is ok, killing your son is ok if he tells you to, etc) is cherry picking to the highest degree.

      • Jesus says these things in metaphor to describe the conflict between a disciple’s family, Matthew 10:35-36. Jesus scolds Peter for cutting off an ear from Christ’s captors. “Those who live by the sword will die by the sword. It is very clear what Jesus and the New Testament says about murder. Of the reasons Jesus came, one of them was that Jewish law had become so corrupt that they would look for petty excuses to kill a fellow believer rather than try to love that person and help them fix their way of life.

      they do violences everyday in home against his kids/parents/friends!!!!
      they are all sick….USA is sick too….bcz of the shit of religion!!!

  6. Imagine if that poor women’s family happened upon you people’s nonsense. It seems none of you care about the baby or women that died. You all seem to think arguing with strangers is better use of your time then caring about anyone but anyone but yourselves.

  7. Reading the comments above, I could discern the lack of understanding of the true nature of our BEING as one species. True lack of interest in educating ourselves to the fact of EVOLUTION and the basic instincts that we came with 4.5 billion years ago. I grew up with the phrase (KNOWLEDGE IS LIGHT) and I simply abide by it.

  8. “Proof Any Religion Can Be Violent”!? how come? Idiots who are violent, Islam isn’t violent, terrorist are. Jewish Can live in peace and cohabit in every spot of this world with other people and religions, Zionist of course aren’t, there’s no peace in the extremists minds, Idiots are killing innocent people for no reasons just to entertain some sick people,in this world governments and extremists believe in one GOD, Gold Oil and Drugs,statism is their religion, and they can do whatever they want in this world since there is always some idiots and some poors to hire if they want to get rid of the others and that’s really sad

  9. Its hard to believe people still believe in such a silly thing like religion. It really is the biggest thing that causes division in the world.

  10. Christians should be applauding this crazy lady. The Bible tells us to kill non believers. She was just doing what God told her to do:

    “They entered into a covenant to seek the Lord, the God of their fathers, with all their heart and soul; and everyone who would not seek the Lord, the God of Israel, was to be put to death, whether small or great, whether man or woman. (2 Chronicles 15:12-13 NAB)”

  11. Believing that a magic man in the sky will punish you if you are bad is a paranoid delusion. If you have a mental illness you shouldn’t have a gun. America should do the right thing and disarm all the Christians.

  12. the fact remains that the USA has the worst gun crime of any developed country. It is the worst gun crime by far, way ahead of Britain, Canada, France, Germany etc. The USA also happens to have the easiest access to guns. Now it doesn’t take a Sherlock to see a clear pattern here.

  13. OK, I have taken little bits and pieces from all the comments here and I would like to end all of this insanity with a couple statements so that if a person needs reassurance of fact.

    1.The woman was a Christian who believed in a fanatical concept of casting out none believers.
    2.Guns are just a weapon. What counts is the person using the weapon.
    3.Religion has nothing to do with what you do in life. A person can believe in a religion, but not necessarily follow it.
    4.Islam is against terrorism. If you have read the Qur’an/Koran you would know this.
    4.A person with a gun is not more likely to commit a crime, just more likely to use that gun for that crime.
    5.The word murder and kill are two completely different words in the Bible. The Torah translates the two words differently. They are not synonyms, so please stop using them as such.
    6.The connection between trauma and normality is based on bias. A person can be completely sane and not be traumatized.
    7.The ban on firearms won’t change the crime rate. Sure, gun violence may go down, but other types of will rise as result.

    We need to stop arguing over what we believe and why the other person is wrong and start acting like reasonable adults. From this point on, can we stop being asshats and actually have a polite, unbiased discussion based on what facts are provided?


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