Trump Interviewed By Alex Jones In Worldfamous Conspiracy Show “InfoWars”




Infowars uploaded an interview with Trump recently. The interview highlights the duality of Trump’s rhetoric, where he simultaneously advocates non-intervention… AND the strengthening of the military; the looting of a country’s oil and natural resources upon invasion, AND the blaming of China for said looting:

While Jones has had some relatively… unconventional views on subject matters, he at least seemed to be an alternative source of information that spoke against “tyranny”.

However, the entire interview had Jones backtracking on previously held convictions.

First up was Trump’s claim that thousands of Muslims celebrated as the World Trade Center buildings fell.

“I knew it happened and I held my line. People wanted me to apologize, and we can’t do that. People like you and me can’t do that so easily,” Trump said.

However, it should be noted that Alex Jones himself had referenced a group of men celebrating September 11th;  here’s an Infowars article that states that, not Muslims, but Israelis were celebrating the aftermath of Sept 11th.

Indeed, an ABC News piece details the Israeli connection. Jones’s story has evolved in order to back Trump’s. The report that Trump cites as evidence of thousands of Muslims celebrating Sept. 11th does not even imply that one Muslim was celebrating.

They then spoke of Trump’s desire for more mass surveillance against Muslims. Again Jones bends  over backwards to accommodate Trump. His own prior stance on mass surveillance was quite different.

Trump also believes that China has benefited from the American invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq:


“We go into Afghanistan. We’re fighting — you know, tremendous mountains and ridges — we’re fighting on one side. And you know who’s got their excavators on the other side? China, taking out all of the materials. Afghanistan — nobody knew this — Afghanistan is rich with minerals.”

“China is taking out the minerals,” he said. “They’re the buyers, the big buyers, at very, very low prices of — as you know — of the oil in Iraq and probably in Syria.”

“If we’re gonna leave, take the oil.”

“What do we get out of it Alex, we have nothing”.

If nothing else, the interview seems to explain Trump’s worldview.


Sources: Business Insider, ABC News

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    • Alex Jones is a Nationalist he lives and breathes “America” he does not care about what his government does as long as his “America” prospers more. He is a white American Nazi yeah Nazi he has convinced himself that “American” lives matter more than any other humanbeing on thia earth.

  1. This is somewhat disturbing to me that Alex seems to be backing Trump.
    I can’t stand Trump. He exists only as an impostor, an Illuminati appointed piece of shit, that is not at all a republican, but is really someone who will continue Obama’s socialist, marxist, and communist agendas regardless of what he pledges to do.
    This election will once again come down to the lesser of two evils as appointed by the higher elites who will still control the votes anyway in another farce of an election.
    Trump has all the makings of Hitler, and is a much better lair than Hillary.
    When the economy is falling in the toilet and all the big bankers are finally starting to admit that we’re approaching a huge financial collapse and a great depression, why would trust someone who is heavily involved in banking and investing, when its the federal government and the central banks that have put us in this position in the first place.
    Furthermore, the war is coming. Whether is in the middle east, or whether is becomes a civil war in our country. There will continue to horrific acts in all parts of the world because they want to enslave humanity and force one world government, one world religion, and depopulate the planet of anyone who they feel is not worthy or productive, enough to be alive. They will seek and remove anyone who presents a threat to achieving this.

  2. Trump smokes weed the whole world knows that !
    He cannot win elections, Mrs Clinton will win again for the democrats !!

    He is a son of a JEW…

  3. All people are made equal we can all advance the human race but it takes recognition of there own self worth, which takes an individual this society doesn’t breed that. This capitalist society with a mix of fascism leads people to think the wrong ideas and breeds ignorant and miss guided selfish individuals. If you ever watch the JFK movie with oliver stone you know that there is a shadow government working for self profit. There is no evil demonic group, when you grow older you realize humans have the capability to be bad or good, its just much harder to be better but its a choice everyone has to make. Therefor anyone who says there going to make a difference that isn’t for self profit ends up dead, both of the kennedy brothers dead. Trump is just an angry man like anyone else, the more you take opinions on a personal matter the more you will be wrong. logical and common sense is what leads you to the truth. The fact is politicians should stick to making laws and leaders like the president should be scientists or highly respected individuals. You can’t really change anything currently with america because shit is pilled to high the only two options is simply rise from the ashes or develop your own government of the people for the people because with out the people the government would not exist, We have the power but they don’t want you to realize that, they prefer to numb you out with the idiot box you watch everyday.

  4. Alex Jones pushes American hate propaganda that has always been his job. He doeabt care about anyone else except the “chosen” American ” race” as long as his government destroys the world and the “Americans” get richer he will support the government

  5. I am a top student in Economics, Finance and communication leadership at Texas A&M and here is my opinion of this video. Right off the bat this video begins with lies, “Self-made.” Trump is not self made, he may have expanded his wealth, but self-made means to start from nothing. Donald Trump explains in an interview with the today show that “he started off with a small loan of a million dollars from his father”- not self made. Donald Trump is a great speaker but that is it. There is a difference between “predicting” and agreeing with the other side. Alex Jones is just trying to create tension in order to create publicity.


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