North Korea Tests Hydrogen Bomb, Causing 5.1 Magnitude Earthquake



A 5.1 magnitude earthquake felt in the Korean peninsula has just been confirmed to have been caused by the explosion of a particularly devastating nuclear weapon: the hydrogen bomb (according to North Korea anyway).

The earthquake was felt miles away from the North Korean test site. South Korea and Japan have long speculated that North Korea was developing the weapon, and this explosion should confirm their worst fears.

A Hydrogen bomb is far more powerful than a conventional nuclear fission bomb, despite being smaller and lighter. This inforgraphic by Popular Mechanics might give you some idea of just how much more powerful H bombs are.

The Tzar Bomba is the largest H bomb ever tested. That isn’t an ant in the background of the pic by the way; it’s the Hiroshima bomb.

Mike, or Ivy Mike, was the very first Hydrogen bomb ever tested– it vaporized the island it was tested on, leaving a hole 2 km wide in the ocean floor. The hole was deep enough to fit a 17 story building into. 

A Hydrogen bomb isn’t completely fusion-based though; instead the fusion chain reaction is triggered by the explosion of a small nuclear bomb in the core of the weapon.

The NK announcement:


‘The republic’s first hydrogen bomb test has been successfully performed at 10am on January 6, 2016, based on the strategic determination of the Workers’ Party,’ said the state television news reader a few hours after the blast.

In a signed letter broadcast over  North Korean media, Kim wrote that he wanted to ring in the new year with a literal bang.

For the victorious and glorious year of 2016 when the 7th convention of the Workers’ Party will be held, make the world look up to our strong nuclear country and labor party by opening the year with exciting noise of the first hydrogen bomb!” the letter read.

North Koreans watch a news broadcast on a video screen outside Pyongyang Railway Station as the state confirmed that their detonation of a thermonuclear weapon had been a 'perfect success'
North Koreans watch a news broadcast on a video screen outside Pyongyang Railway Station. Some appear to be celebrating.

The test has sent the leaders of Japan and South Korea scrambling; South Korean president Park Geun-Hye, and her counterpart in Japan both convened their own emergency meetings as soon as North Korea announced the test.

Japan's Defense Minister Gen Nakatani (middle) arrives at the Prime Minister's official residence in Tokyo following reports of the detonation
Japan’s Defense Minister Gen Nakatani (who is pictured in the middle) running off to his meeting with Abe.

‘We will take all necessary measures including additional sanctions by the U.N Security Council so that the North will pay the price for the nuclear test,’ said the South Korean leadership in a statement.

Abe said to reporters that, ‘we absolutely cannot allow this, and condemn it strongly.’

The Chinese and the South Koreans had previously (correctly) guessed that the earthquake was man-made.

The 'perfect' test - which took place at the Punggye-ri test site (pictured) - marks a major step in North Korea's nuclear development and is bound to cause considerable anxiety to neighbouring countries
From the Daily Mail, this is the picture of the North Korean test site

North Korea is one of only eight countries which have admitted to possession of a nuclear weapon. Even fewer nations posses the far more devastating fusion bomb.

Some believe that North Korea does not yet posses a H bomb, but instead only had access to “boosted” nuclear bombs.

Even so, these nuclear bombs are exceedingly deadly: senior defense analyst at the Rand Corp Bruce Bennett wrote last month that “if North Korea really has a boosted nuclear weapon of perhaps 50 kilotons, it could do significant damage in a city as densely populated as Seoul, South Korea: About 250,000 people could be killed in such a strike, or about 2.5% of the population,”

And if North Korea one day produces a true hydrogen bomb of, say, one megaton yield, then it would be deadlier still.

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    • Hard to do that without eradicating South Korea with it, or how about all the innocent people trapped in North Korea? I suppose you have a way of evacuating them first? I’m just going to assume you haven’t thought of any of this.

      • Well seeing on how stupid actions by Obama gets every american placed as a pos in north Koreas eyes then why should we act differently then them. War isn’t about being human or reasonable you fight for a reason and if we destroy all of north Korea a few casualties will be lost but its better than some military soldiers make it through and kill innocent american lives.

        • That’s the thing about you “Americans” , so selfish and self absorbed, i mean why are Korean innocents lesser than American?
          America is the most troubled country of all, you guys are scared of your guns getting taken off you, where i am in New Zealand, guns are illegal and we have no school shootings, little to none gun violence anywhere here. But in America, you guys are blind to facts.

          • Gun crime has been reduced by something like 65% since the early 90s in the U.S., even though more people than ever own guns. Talk about being blind to the facts. Generally speaking, the places with the strictest gun laws in the U.S. usually also have the highest crime rates.

            Also, you generalized all Americans based on one persons comment and your own bigoted assumptions about our country.

      • Not really. If detonated high enough there would be very little nuclear fallout. Tsar was detonated a couple miles above the ground and was still able to deliver quite the punch. With the use of GPS and a carpet bombing technique, it wouldn’t be hard to eradicate NK while leaving SK untouched.

      • Where’s America or Russia’s justice for testing? Or Americas justice for murdering thousands apon thousands of innocent familys in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

    • if you only had a clue…. youd see why this is so crucial going into 2016. War isnt us just going and sending a bomb anymore man. In this way we only start a war that we lose by stalemate….. thats why this is so deadly…. you think if they could invent a boosted nuclear weapon that they don’t have a way to keep it in a bunker that could house a rocket…. that could have a protected guidance and launch site…. sure. We may be able to win if it is JUST north Korea…. but the sad truth is the other countries that would be quick to fill the void, making yet again another overseas battle…… war……. so we don’t fear what can happen from their ONE weapon, it is the chain reaction, it is having missed one loose end or one enemy perched to strike that we havn’t prepared for. War isn’t what it used to look like, and a threat like this is more important than anything else before because it only CONFIRMS what we know has been UNKNOWN. (as had been so elegantly said before) What we know is that there are unknowns that we do not know about. The others that we do, happens to include PyongYang havin a very deadly superweapon. I believe it is a show of strength and not a threat. I believe they are still ever struggling for world respect…. and we should be weary of their capabilities in truth, not talking bout ” bombin’ em baaak….. Ezekiel”

  1. Mostly problems occur when u insert your finger on a sitting buffalo ass…

    they have tested,it doesn’t means they are going to attack on earth lol..

    Its a country and it has it rules,America is not going to decide who will do what?

    Remember one thing,every power that has risen has lost….

    America should stay in his limits or god dont likes people who think they are supreme.

      • It’s true, god doesn’t like idiots who think they are above everyone else. America is falling, and falling hard. As soon as they realize they are not on top anymore, they will rain destruction on whoever opposes them, it’s the american way, and it will be their downfall.

  2. Back when all of this was first beginning Russia did not have the same GPS capability of the United States at the time. The U.S. could pin point a bomb to a more specific location where as Russia could not. The solution? Make the bombs bigger to cover a bigger area. This is why Russia nuclear bombs at least in the early days were significantly larger then U.S. bombs. Such as the Tsar bomb illustrates

  3. Why do they talk in USA and Japanese to be the ones against North Korea and why Russia and China didn’t tell nothing against it in the news? NWO threat to entire humanity… can they request atomic explosions in North Korea? Nuclear Test Site of NWO?

  4. This article has various misleading elements.

    A hydrogen bomb is not smaller than an atomic bomb. An H bomb is triggered by an A bomb. Therefore it is at least as big as an A bomb.

    The graphic comparing mushroom clouds is bogus.

    Tsar was exploded far up in the atmosphere, not on the ground.

    The video below that is a low quality computer animation and had no relation to any real explosion.


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