UK Government Deletes Essential Evidence for Pedophile Rings


London, UK – Testimonies vital to an independent inquiry into why pedophile rings appear to be exempt from capture, have been permanently deleted from servers. The Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse (IICSA) apologized in October for the incident caused by a change in web address, claiming that no security breach had occurred.

The independent inquiry was established in July 2014 by the British Home Security Theresa May, with New Zealand’s judge Lowell Goddard running the commission.


Victims of abuse had lodged their personal accounts through the Government’s inquiry website. Any submissions between September 14 and October 2 were erased after the technical blunder that rendered them impossible to retrieve. This followed other setbacks for the inquiry, including the resignation of two previous Chairwomen before Justice Goddard was appointed under a half a million pound contract.

In November, Justice Goddard announced the inquiry’s first phase of 12 investigations was beginning, with further investigations to be announced in early 2016. The “unprecedented” public inquiry will focus on child protection under a range of institutional responsibilities.


New Zealand’s Justice Goddard

The 12 investigations announced are:

1.Children in the Care of Lambeth Council

2.Children in the Care of Nottinghamshire Councils

3.Cambridge House, Knowl View and Rochdale Council

4.Child Sexual Abuse in the Anglican Church

5.Child Sexual Abuse in the Roman Catholic Church

6.The Sexual Abuse of Children in Custodial Institutions

7.Child Sexual Abuse in Residential Schools

8.The Internet and Child Sexual Abuse

9.Child Exploitation by Organised Networks

10.The Protection of Children Outside the United Kingdom

11.Accountability and Reparations for Victims and Survivors

12.Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse Linked to Westminster

The investigations according to the website will fall into two categories; institutional-specific and thematic, and will be ongoing over several years. The aim to have closure in five years has been announced.

“Too many victims and survivors of sexual abuse have suffered in silence. These investigations will give public voice to that suffering and bring greater understanding of why so many horrific crimes went unrepeated and undetected for so long.”

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  1. Surely unless the servers’ hard drives have been sanitised then the information is recoverable. The question is whether there is the will to recover the information.

    • It’s another case of either gross incompetence or govt conspiracy.

      1. Anyone in IT with half a brain knows that just deleting a database isn’t going to get rid of the data, if it did, the FBI wouldn’t be looking at Hillary’s email server.

      You’d have to not only delete the database, but also intentionally write zeroes over all the free space.

      2. Database administrators are typically a cautious group and keep daily snapshots of their databases to allow for quick restoration of the data in the event that some Nimrod does accidentally delete the database.

      Not taking snapshots of an important database isn’t something a DBA would ever do under any circumstance.

      3. It’s standard operating procedure to have a disaster recovery plan in place so that daily database snapshots are converted to tape at regular intervals and stored at a separate physical location, say after each week/month so that in the event of a catastrophic simultaneous failure of all your database servers (from terrorism or natural disaster etc), you could still recreate the database from the physical tape storage that’s in a secure vault somewhere far away from your servers.

      4. The database that is in production (the one actually accessed by users of the system) will typically be replicated in a dev and test environment so that changes can be tested offline before they’re migrated to the live environment (and these databases are at times backed up daily, but usually don’t make it to tape backup).

      So, they want you to believe that someone “accidentally” deleted the live database, then “accidentally” deleted the test database, then “accidentally” deleted the development database, then “accidentally” deleted ALL the daily backups for each environment (DEV/TEST/PRODUCTION), then “accidentally” gained physical access to a secure facility located miles away, then “accidentally” found the tape backup and “accidentally” destroyed them.

      Yea, sounds plausible.

  2. Absolutely nothing will be done about this. The people involved run the world. Any information passed on is going to someone who these people control. If the average person who has looked into this shared his or her findings, most people would turn on the person making the claims. This is how unbelievable the atrocities committed are. We are talking literally hunting young children on estate properties and killing them like wild animals. Before you criticize me, why were all the records deleted, and how could this possibly be done?

  3. Nothing unusual. ..we often hear of paedophile rings being caught but seldom any decent sentences or many just vaporized..
    Loke in Belgium about 10 years ago where the victims were vilified and 19 out of 20 witnesses got mysteriously killed.. and honest Police got sacked

  4. At the higher levels of our autocracies, to engage in acts of paedophilia is to knowingly put your life and career in the hands of your superiors on the understanding that you will be favoured by them in return. At an official level such behaviour is vilified of course in order to maintain the power and influence of our self-styled leaders. The abuse of children is of course universally believed to be a very serious offence hence its value in this respect

  5. When children go to bed, And ask are their monsters, say yes and put a loaded gun under the pillow. MP’s and officials. JOB CENTRE advert. Officials and MP’s needed asap, we only have half a dozen left…………..

  6. There needs to be a culling of perpetrators. A type of shadow society that gathers Intel then acts accordingly. An “armed forces” sector of anons could be a rational solution?

  7. As someone well acquainted with “problem” children within the British education system – they are the ones that the school’s can’t handle, and special teachers are called in to assess the causes- there is some information ALL people in ALL lands need to understand.

    1) 90% of such children are subject to abuse at home. There are three major sorts of abuse:- Physical, Sexual and emotional.

    2) Of the above named causes 90% are of a sexual nature.

    3) Of that percentage 90% is incestuous in nature (be it mother, father, brother sister, uncle, aunt, grnadfather or grandmother) and there are degrees of incest from petting to actual penetration.

    The statistics indicate that 1 in 3 people have suffered some incestuous experience of one degree or another.

    The statistics also show that 90% of all people who experience incest in childhood are likely to become instigators when they become adults.

    The unpleasant fact is that those who commit child abuse – of any sort, but particularly of a sexual nature – have themselves been so abused.

    This begs the question of why.

    The truth is that when a child is abused it is reduced to a position of absolute powerlessness. Such abuse removes any chance of a normal childhood ( the worst case I heard of was a 6 year old who had been fully penetrated by her grandfather from the age of 3 years old).

    So from early on, someone who has been placed in the position of powerlessness by the only people they can trust – their family – desperately tries to adjust that imbalance, and that leads to a desire to be powerful and they centre their whole outlook on life on that.

    There are many paths to power, but the majority of these abused souls end up abusing children later on. Others rise to power within society or their job. And those that take that path often find the only power that makes them feel poerful is that which was used upon them as children.

    Now if we look at the majority of child abuse rings, we see their members are politicians, lawyers, judges, military, police, members of the clergy, high power businessmen,teachers and even doctors.

    Makes a sordid, unsavoury, sick sort of sense, doesn’t it?

    So the very people who seek to attain power are those who have been reduced to powerlessness themselves.

    This is not a new phenomenon. This is endemic to the human race. And it is tragic that this information is not taught in schools, not shouted from pulpits, not acted upon by those in power.

    Finally, I would like to say that I find the formation, implementation and funding of the British inquiry a huge step in the right direction, an example to all other countries and one to be emulated as soon as possible. No wonder the world is so messed up.

    Just remember, power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Short of having your life taken from you, there can be no worse state of powerlessness than that of a child being abused by adult loved ones.


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