5 Darkest Facebook Secrets


By anonews.co


Presenting the 5 darkest Facebook secrets including the stolen idea Mark Zuckerberg used to create thefacebook.com, a secret scientific test to hack the feelings of users and cause emotional contagion, the mysterious all access pass that Facebook Messenger has to spy on your phone, the ability for moderators to stalk users, and the tricks and marketing strategies used to sell your info on the black market.


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  2. I’ve been reading a lot of your articles and I follow Anonymous on my own will. I want to know something about the adverts of getting rich quick under your articles. Are they legit? For a person in a 3rd world country such things can be very tempting and I’m not sure how to separate scams from the real thing. Could you please clarify this?

  3. My facebook app always run itself when i start my phone. so i stopped my fb app for reduces memory usage.

    i also delete fb app data. but in few minute, fb app start itself and mysteriously had app data (3mb) . i told i has delete facebook app data


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