5 Most Powerful Families That ‘Secretly’ Control The World


From Rothschild to Bush, meet the 5 most powerful families that control America and the world in 2015.

Conspiracy theorists say they are the puppet masters that control the highest echelons of society from finance to music. Rumored to have occult satanic connections, secret ties to the gold trade, a dark mysterious hidden agenda and a plan for a new world order, these real families are some of the richest families in the world.

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  1. This empire of darkness that is upon us, is nothing but greedy old men and women, humans. Humans die, so will they, i only hope that karma will be hunting their ass endlessly. While these people rule, we must do our part in the fight for a better world. I feel like i can feel the tears of all these men, women and children, that has been a victim for this madness. Just spread the word of this corruption, it’s time for us to enter the golden age.

  2. Something has me saying they know their special connections, yse them when they want them, and are above others not mere humans. They get whatever they want, they are in total control even when they appear to not be in office.


  3. I feel like you guys were credible once. . . .but now anonymous is going off the deap end, and posts like this make the organization look bad.

  4. How is it posible that 4 of the 5 are americans. They cant rule the world. America is not the biggest country and not everybody is following there ash. Glad we stil have asia and rusia who can deffiet them.
    so i believe and i dont believe. To many questions are coming up.
    But thanks all for placing this.

    • your knowledge on the world is like a fish in a fish tank. Fish havnt seen the ocean but lives in the fish tank and dies in the fish tank. this fish(you) will never know / believe when told that there are bigger fish than you and they live in waters which is millions of time bigger than the water u live in. the problem lie not with you but with the system. they train you to believe in what they want you to believe. they take your freedom with money. explore and you will find this comment true.


      • Correct If People Have Been Controlled For Soooo Long,They donnot Know They’re being Controlled,Moreover the way that Their ancestors Were Controlled & So forth! Now in Present day They’re Fighting For Rules/Amendments That Have Been ingrained into their brains By their teachers for Soo-Soo Many Centries That They ‘Believe’ They’re Doing Right,So That The Puppet Masters Can ‘Rest’ because those who were Controlled Are Now Controlling Other’s & Only Get Involved When Something Come’s off track & Needs to Be Set Right,For Example An ‘Obstacle’ Gets In Their Way Like a Member Of Parliament/Polition Needs to be “Whacked!” Bcos it’ll upset the Gameplan! But I’d imagine that this is rarer & rarer as the Centuries pass because the Controlling is Soo far ingrained into Society & the elite That they’ll See the upsets & have the obstacles removed themselves without any phone Calls,As Remember being Controlled They Know Not anymore!

  5. its an open secret not a bomb shell. its only we did not have a chance or we missed because of good ethics as to attain such positions one has to rape the ethics.

  6. Good stuff, but WHY is your site now configured to open up unsolicited windows on my pc running videos that are trying to sell me capitalist crap??? Are even Anonymous about to sell out??

  7. The most powerful family is actually Medici and the Ceicil no American family could even compare to the type of powder these dark nobles of Europe control

  8. The most powerful family is the medici and Cecil clan they are the dark nobles of Europe and have immense prowess over any American dynasty they are just very low-key about it

  9. Who ever said reptilians,,.. You are right, according to history the annuaki alond with other forces have control over the people…. However it’s up to us to remove the spell of leviathan… People are sleep,, I’d the awake…, We as a people will have full control


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