6 Things That Could’ve Been Bought With The $1.5 Trillion The Government Spent Developing The F-35 Fighter Jet


With huge design flaws, the enormously expensive F-35 fighter jet is completely unsuitable for combat. Uncle Sam’s expenditure on this jet is just the latest astonishing example of out-of-control government spending. Here are some other things that could’ve been purchased with the $1.5 trillion that the F-35 cost to develop.

1. 1.7 billion M27 tactical assault rifles


1.7 billion rifles would mean each man, woman and child in the country would receive five of this firearm! It really puts things into perspective right? But no. The government had to buy one stupid jet.

2. Refurbishing 75,000 B61 nuclear bombs


While the US Government is hell bent on continuing to fund the F-35, the country’s nuclear bombs are slowly dwindling and falling into disrepair. At a refurbishment cost of just $20 million per bomb, the $1.5 trillion bumper money could have been used to resuscitate their crumbling nuclear weapons program and put the country back on top!

3. 241,935 M1 Abrams battle tanks


Who doesn’t like a macho looking tank? They would never face a shortage again!

4. 943,396 Tomahawk land attack missiles
The missiles would be of great use to prevent and control large humanitarian crises all around the world.
5. 10,000 F-22 Raptor fighter jets
Having 10,000 F-22s, would meet the country’s aerial combat needs for decades to come; however, the Congress would much rather waste  tax dollars on fancy-pants killing machines that don’t even work.
6. A cell at Guantanamo Bay for every homeless person in America
While staying at Guantanamo Bay doesn’t come cheap (It costs the US government $2.7 million per prisoner), they could have still managed to put a roof over the heads of more than 500,000 Americans currently living on the streets. But why do that when you can have a pathetic little jet which does nothing?
This article is political satire and is inspired by ClickHole’s article, which can be found here.

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  1. Or you know? You could help people with that instead of inventing new ways of killing them.
    Can anyone explain to me this?
    UN encourages international peace.
    Its parent country, USA, keeps invading countries, killing people, has internal problems, and still doesn’t stop. See the irony?

  2. Why the fuck are you posting shit like this? Since when has Anonymous EVER condoned war in any way? And now you’re saying “crumbling nuclear weapons program and put the country back on top!” SERIOUSLY? All the other shit you post about making the world better and now you’re saying “YEA! NUCLEAR WEAPONS! WOOHOO!”.

    Whoever it was that posted this you are not Anonymous and I’ll never read an article here again because of it.

  3. SERIOUSLY, can anybody actually read the whole thing and understand he’s not condoning, but harshly criticizing? He is using sarcasm and ironic-remarks. I found it quite refreshing.

    One of the last lines: This article is political satire.

  4. This is really bizarre because this whole article falls within the personal remit of ‘americunt-death-culture’ (not a good thing!) that i have shone alight on from time too time around the web. How about not having 4,600 nuclear missiles & reducing that stock-pile of massive possible earth destroying total human annihilation down to 100 missiles? America could still wipe out any foe & blast many of the 196 U.N nations to smithereens if it chose too. Instead how about fostering growth in holistic methods, helping deprived nations with medical training becoming an ambassador of good instead a purveyor of evil actions & equipment around the world?!?


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