Brzezinski: ‘It’s Easier to Kill than Control a Million People’



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  1. I want you guys to know that I think you are doing something truly remarkable and unprecedented even. And in all honesty if I had to say (and it’s definitely at that point), I’d be willing to bet civil war is at hand. Now I want you to know 2 things. I am a Christian. A TRUE Christian and not apart of the diluted westernized ‘Christian’ church. With that being said I want you to also know that even though I disagree (seriously disagree) with you using some of Christ’s words for your campaign, I do believe that the cause you are rallying is from sincerity and I would have to admit that I would be willing to fight for this cause. Christ is my master and I will spread his gospel as far as I can but next to Christ you guys have my support. I am no hacker, nor a vigilante, but I am no coward either and even though I believe the NWO will succeed (for it is prophesied), I will support you to my fullest extent at least for this country’s revolution’s sake, to the extent of charity and sacrifice. Please email me with any and all updates and events in my area.

  2. Right, so control is not what the government is supposed to be doing in a constitutional democracy in the first place, so his analysis belies his sociopathic mentality.

    Brzezinski was the individual responsible for sabotaging Carter’s foreign policy, which paved the way for Regan to get elected.

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