A Gun That Can Be Folded Into A Smartphone


Many of us from that slice of pie that likes to conceal and pack our weapon in the crowd are constantly looking for methods to discretely take care of our arms so as never to disclose it and cause problems to people. Holsters that stick on the back and the shoulder area can always create a bulge, and there is also a possibility of them being flashed at the most unwanted times. Then again ‘Ideal Conceal’ – the name of the company that created a gun and has disguised the deadly power of a .380 caliber weapon inside the handheld and a commonly used smartphone, is a great way to hide your weapon in the public.

PROPOGANDA Posted by IDEAL Conceal – patent pending on Monday, 11 April 2016.

Furthermore, this firearm is going to be manufactured in The United States and built in a one piece framework. The number one priority of this gun would be the maximum safety. The gun will only be able to function if the safety is removed. In this case, using the spring hinge at the bottom that will automatically create a grip and make the trigger available, thus making the firearm functional.

Sadly, the Ideal Conceal still is in their patent pending state. However, the firm intends to make it available to the public in this years summer with the starting price of $395.

Source: Facebook, Tech Worm

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  1. Please proof read your articles…you contribute to the dumbing down of the World. Spelling and grammar, simple. “in the summers of this year ..” you are a writer, right ? Then do your job with some care.

    • Is that all you noticed was a simple grammar error? and disgruntled? unhappy, annoyed, disapointed, discontent, displeased? are you really disgruntled brother? because wow…. It’s quite sad in your case that from this short article all you were able to point out was one tiny grammar error and couldn’t find any good, or at least point it out and give credit where its due. We are Anonymous bro, not your bitch.

      Have respect.

      • “Disgruntled…” may be an underemployed writer who thinks it’s not their fault that they’re underemployed… hence the anger. Writing is more about what you say (communication) than it is about grammar.

        For me the take away of this article was… “great, more guns, cuz THAT’s what we need!”

        In ANY event… cudo’s to Anonymous and the writer. You’re doing good things, (apart from that whole gun (violence) promotion thing).

        I was inspired a few days back when I heard of Anonymous over-riding Police inadequacy in NS , Canada, wherein they took up the cause for a rape victim and effectively re-opened the (cold) case. COOL and inspiring…. so we’ll forgive the f__cking spelling errors Guys!! 🙂 Rock on Anonymous!!

  2. no i kinda agree, as helpful as any information can be. i have found some articles on here almost unbearable at times, and so poorly written, it made it hard to trust any of the infomation portrayed in the writing. maybe have someone else proof read before posting ? or proof read yourself? and that is for all the articles on on here no singling you out or anything. keep up the good work friends.

  3. The good ole days of protecting yourself without a gun are gone. I mean sure myself i grew up learning to defend myself with my body. However gun violence is or even just knife attacks/robberies are a huge thing these days. Im more on the side that thinks restricting average citizens from owning a gun is pointless. I also got in trouble when i was young. Went to jail and did alot of stupid things. Every person i met who used firearms had gotten them illegally. They are quite easy to buy on most streets across North America. I’ve changed my life completely so i can look at this argument from two points the ex con and the father who wants nothing more than his family to live safe, happy, and productive lives. I think its practical for people who want to live peacefully or if not completely peaceful at least keep their family safe to be prepared to keep said violence from hurting themselves or their loved ones. With all the drugs and now terrorist activities popping up be it home grown or from abroad it could happen to you. Better to have a gun and not need it then to need a gun and not have it. Whats that famous adage again… “si vis pacem, para bellum”-if you want peace prepare for war.

  4. haters gonna hate guys xD
    yeah so we all know by now this is not official Anon HQ posts but whatever these guys are trying to bring some fresh infos and news and even if its not all posted 100 percent perfect (god damn perfectionists) then maybe we can all take a chill pill and relax 🙂
    yeah but i agree with adam..why do we need a gun to protect ourselves now a days
    i got god and my words and my brain to protect me so peace out to all yal gun freaks in the usa.


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