Alert: Meat Industry Abuses Animals For Profit [Video]


The actions of farmers in the meat industry are increasingly becoming unacceptable. In as much as the industry wants to make profit, it should not go to the point where animals are treated with the highest form of cruelty.


Apart from the animals suffering these abuses, human consumption of meat can also lead to some serious health consequences.

With the help of genetic engineering, the meat industry is churning out fake meat, with serious health implications for its consumers. Genetic engineering is the modification of an organism’s genetic composition by artificial means, often involving the transfer of specific traits, or genes, from one organism into a plant or animal of an entirely different species.

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Recently, the Alternative World News Network released a video showing how farmers in the meat industry have capitalized on mutated genes to grow cattle of a huge size, in order to increase their profit.

The animals are massive in size. Even looking at them critically, one can see that the animals are artificially created.

One such breed of cattle is the Belgian Blue bull, which farmers – especially in Belgium – have been selectively breeding for many years now.

It has been reported that mutated genes are isolated in order to cause the animals to grow to such size. The mutation is called “double muscling,” and occurs when a gene is missing that regulates muscle growth.  The farmers and the meat industry have therefore exploited this mutation to increase profits, growing their cows larger and slaying them for more meat.

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However, as the meat industry is profiting from this act, the animals lives are in a mess. Their lives are always in danger before they are killed for human consumption; some of the diseases they suffer are directly transferred to humans who consume the meat.


Firstly, the lives of these animals are very difficult because of their size.  Beginning with pregnancies, which are usually very difficult, caesarean sections are often required to deliver the calves. Once born, the calves are often not without birth defects.

Calves born can have enlarged tongues, making it difficult or even impossible for them to nurse. Others may have cardio-respiratory, bone and joint problems, amongst other ailments. With all these defects and diseases, the animals are finally killed for human consumption.

Some activists are beginning to ask questions regarding the treatment of the animals. Why should our governments allow this to happen to animals? Why are we not taking action against this cruel practice collectively?

The best we can do now is to boycott buying their meat products. We should not support farms that abuse their animals with selective breeding and antibiotic treatment.

In the United States for example, animals are injected with growth hormones in order to increase their meat. Traces of these growth hormones have been found in the animals’ meat on the market. It has adverse effects on our health – producing a resistance to treatment against bacterial infections with our own antibiotics.

This shows that the concern is not only about the animals. We too, are at risk. We can act collectively by forcing ourselves to become vegetarians. In that way, we can stop the practice. Certainly, the day we would stop buying their meat products would be the day they will stop these heinous crimes against the animals and us.

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  1. The BBB Belgian Blue Bull is an old old breed in Europa, hte meat is I think really good but for the price a piece of Charolais,Limousin ou Blonde d,aquitaine will be less expensive but the fat litterally spayed in between the fibers of muscles,hummm un regal

  2. The Darwinian ‘survival of the fittest’ applies very much to the captive animals that we farm, but unfortunately for them, their category of fittest in no way reflects the quality of their lives. The degree of exploitation they can tolerate and the profits they can secure for their tormentors are the only deciding factors in their continued survival.

  3. Darwins theory of survival was hi-jacked and has been propped up as a republican boot stap meme for 100 years. Darwin said that survival of the fittest was specifically regarding lizards. The species who survived and flourished were ones who worked in cooperative social groups ie dolphins. Im sure America would be in much better shape had we not slaugtered all the natives…..

  4. Ok, I can’t even read all this. It’s absolute bullshit!!! We raised these cattle, called Belgian blues as a kid. They have been NATURALLY bred by extensively selecting their bloodlines in order to create the best meat out there. This meat is naturally more lean and tender, has less cholestorol than skinless roasted chicken and has double the muscle fibers, which is why it’s so tender. This is not some science experiment that was created in a lab, but was done through selective breeding. These animals are well treated in 95% of farms and are extremely gentle animals.
    Whoever wrote this should be ashamed of themselves for the lies they are spreading. Pitiful.

    • Yeah, selective breeding to produce bigger animals with more muscle to harvest, yet with no concern of the animals’ well being. Generally speaking humans are a greedy bunch and don’t give a sh*t about the life of creatures unnecessarily killed for meat, that’s the problem.

      • By the way, selective breeding is a form of genetic engineering. I haven’t done the research on the growth hormone injections mentioned in this article, but you don’t need to wear a lab coat to genetically engineer a cow, you were genetically engineering cows as a kid.


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