America Supplying ISIS, according to Iraqi MP


According to Iraqi News, an Iraqi MP has come out accusing the US of supplying ISIS militants in the region south-east of Tikrit.

Iran-based PressTV has also released a video that claims to show a US Chinook dropping boxes filled with arms and ammunition around the Al-Abbar region. Whether this allegation is accurate or not is debatable, however, as neither the exact location where the filming had taken place nor the recipients of the ammunition can be verified.

These are not the only times America had allegedly, inadvertently, supplied ISIS.  In February 2015, CNN released a video showing ISIS capturing and looting an Iraqi cache of weapons, American-made of course.

Unknown aircrafts drop weapons to ISIS southeast of Tikrit

In October 2014, a Guardian piece reads:

The Pentagon admitted on Wednesday that one of the airdrops of weapons intended for Kurds in the besieged Syrian town of Kobani almost certainly ended up in the hands of the Islamic State (Isis) fighters.

The Pentagon blamed the wind for possibly blowing the supplies off course and argued that one cache was not enough to make a significant difference to Isis.

Video footage released by Isis shows what appears to be one of its fighters in desert scrubland with a stack of boxes attached to a parachute. The boxes are opened to show an array of weapons, some rusty, some new. A canister is broken out to reveal a hand grenade. Other equipment appeared to be parts for rocket-propelled grenades.

As explained in the FOX video below, ISIS has also obtained MRAPs, Humvees and even nuclear materials from American-supplied ally, Iraq:

The Guardian goes on to report that ISIS had even seized American-made weapons that had been supplied by America and Saudi Arabia to other militant groups:

The jihadi group surging through Iraq and Syria is using large captured US-made weapons and has access to anti-tank rockets supplied by Saudi Arabia to a moderate rebel group, according to a report published on Monday.

The study by the London-based Conflict Armament Research consultancy found that Islamic State (Isis) militants had access to large numbers of US weapons, which they were shifting to key battlefields.

The report drew no conclusions about how the weapons were sourced. However, the capitulation of the Iraqi army in northern Iraq on 10 June gave the jihadis access to military arsenals in the north of the country, which were full of US-supplied assault rifles and ammunition, as well as heavy weapons.

It seems the British may also be involved, with two British planes having been shot down by the Iraqis, who claimed that they were ferrying ammunition to ISIS. This issue is not reported by the Mainstream media, and cannot be independently verified outside of the statements made by the Iraqi officials themselves.

Whether by design or by folly, it would seem that America is extraordinarily good at creating its own foes, and strengthening them to the caliphate-creating, christian-crucifying, baby-burning, human-heart-eating-yet-photographed-with-McCain worthy-adversaries that they are today. <Cough>AlQaeda<clears throat>.


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      • Are those pictures of the crates to be the crates the “americans” dropped? Some guys just managed to go there and photograph it, with ISIS being all around waiting for the delivery. Made up?

      • I am married to a muslim and it is a well known fact that ISIS is funded by Saudi Arabia . The US a not doing very much to stop the group because they know who is funding them and don’t want to lose our place in the evil world of oil. The US is being controlled by Saudi Arabia who in turn has lost control of ISIS. Its a fact !!!!

    • Is that so? where is the Chemical weapons and so called deadly weapons for which america started Raiding Middle East Countries?

      Wana know why america raid there? for Black Gold aka OIL, Americans are nothing but greedy pigs.

      • Don’t be so stupid. America gets 90% of it’s oil from Alaska and the rest comes from the East. A good deal of the Oil in the Iraq was lost or pumps damaged during the American invasion that they are still repairing while the rest of it is still in the hands of the Iraq government, NOT AMERICAN HANDS. If you don’t spend time researching your facts instead of listening to the media and more stupid ignorant people like this Roney kid then you won’t know what truth you are really missing. People like Roney put a useless idiot in our presidential office that no one is willing to call him out on Treason and keep him from screwing everyone in the world over not just Americans.

      • Its just America trying to feed us bullshit Like they did in 9/11..there main focus is just power and money they don’t care how many people die as long they get paid in black gold (oil)

    • Why does this turn you off so bad? Is it because this story, like so many other published by many other sources than Anonymous, doesn’t reconcile with your flag waving, American Sniper America can do no wrong fantasy view of the world????

  1. If this is a mistake then they need to be stopped. If this is happening with our governments knowledge and approval then we the people need to stop our government. This would be a betrayal of the American people.

  2. We always believed and knew America was the source of war, supplies weapons and making money and then using its own caches of weapons before they go useless,

    Thank you ANONYMOUS now the whole world can see the real picture of America they are nothing but war hungry nation, who hides behind the sheets of being humanitarian and safeguarding the worlds interests when the face it, they do it for their own interest.

    • Roney just shut up… you are truly ignorant if you think America is the one to blame.

      Everyone is willing to point fingers at an entire country when most of the people in DO NOT agree with the choices they make. Germany starts a war and kills most of France and British colonies, yet we all know it was Hitler that lead the country to the choices it made NOT THE PEOPLE. Yes, the people should stand up against the country, but only in rare cases after many years of terrible torture and suffering do they finally do anything. It’s been proven time and time again.

      As for the supplying terrorist with arms MANY countries have and still do this, it’s called the Arms Exchange. Countries aka Governments make money off conflict and war. Russia, China, and America are the largest contributors to this, but they are not the only ones. If you really want to do something about it then take it out on the Media and the Government because the people suffering from this crap in every Country don’t deserve to be targeted for the stupid choices their leadership made without most of their acknowledgment.

      • Total B.S.,

        Hitler was a product of W.W. I, which was an Anglo-Zionist organized event. Germany definitely not to be blamed alone. Then the US came meddling in 1917 to make matters worse and extend that war again a bit more. Then there was the armistice (not even real peace!) and Germany got screwed over so badly that another future war became almost inevitable. Great for business and changing the power balance over from Europe to the USA.

        After Hitler came into power around 50% of all the necessary funds to build up a powerful army came from the USA (the Union Bank with Prescott Bush was an important player). Then England and the USA played a cunning game, especially with Germany’s eastern neighbors, so that there were many territory related problems that would finally lead to war.

        There’s no doubt that the Anglo-Zionists were to blame for most of the war-mongering of the last 150 years.


      Think about what you are saying! First I am American, the problem is NOT my Country! The problems are CORPORATIONS. In the 1980’s the Corpratist (If that’s even a word?), came through my Hometown, told everyone that the cost to run the Government, “is out of control”, talking about “PRIVATIZATION”.
      Essentially they wanted to sell off the contracts for the operation of the local government and now over 25 years later. It is needless to say the criminals have overtaken our county and city government, our police performed a “GANGLAND STYLE OF EXECUTION OF A BLACK COUPLE ” and then turned around just a couple of months ago “shot and killed TAMIR RICE in my neighborhood.
      Oh, and my family and I have never killed anyone for any reason. So don’t blame everyone, most Americans will go out of their way to help anybody. Doesn’t matter what your race, creed or color is fact is if you never lived her you wouldn’t understand.

  3. this is true, ive come across a few of these articles. With america turning a blind eye when turkey is clearly supporting ISIS it doesnt come as a surprise.
    America have once again proven that getting rid of ISIS is not their top priority refusing to cooperate with iran who are currently basically the commanders of the force beseiging Tikrit.

  4. Gentlemen..Let me clear this up for you. W Americans are not supplying Isis. Yes its true that they are a product of America but not intentionally. When ciil war broke out in Syria we supplied the militias and anti government forces with weapons money and supplies. But we did not know that all this would fall into the wrong hands. They (Isis) then went into Iraq and took weapons that we left behind for the Iraqi military. The propoganda that you are believing s misleading you. Isis must be stopped. And the reason that our govrnment wont come to help defeat them is because of this propaganda. There would be more finger pointing and conspiracies…So yes…Isis is a product of America. But not purpously. We hate Isis as much as you do. These animals will meet there maker and burn in hell.

  5. How am I supposed to read this sh*t with this crazy background you have now and all this other nonsense going in??????????

  6. I see a lot of bad news but not much is being done about it. Sure OpISIS is going on but that does not seem to be doing much. Don’t get me wrong i’m glad some people are at least making an effort, but I think we could be doing more as a collective. What if people joined ISIS and destroyed the state from the inside? you would need more than one person of course and no doubt it would be risky but if we really want this to stop this is one of many things people should consider doing. Why the military hasn’t tried to infiltrate ISIS is beyond me but if you say got 100 people on the inside ready to dismantle the groups foundation that would do some real damage to them, simply bombing them and hoping you hit the right target isn’t going to cut it. You kill civilians in the process and destroy property. Then again im just some guy on the internet, this post makes me a hypocrite cause I havn’t contributed myself but one person alone can’t accomplish much. I’m sure there are plenty of ways we could help the situation even if we are just civilians. sorry for ranting but I really would like to see a change in our times where the people stand up to corruption and injustice and actually win. you have every right to disagree with me but this is how I feel about the situation, and I don’t voice my opinion very often, im just kinda fed up with all the bullshit. If there is something I can be doing that will help let me know, as I see it im just one person here, I have ideas but no way of making them happen.

  7. No matter this news is true or just a fake BS rumor, it is always a good thing for someone try to point those thing out and let us know what is really happening around the world.

    • You got the point, but remember we all the people need a strong belief to react and then act against this actual events happening that in some way may have an impact in the future

  8. This doesnt make sense.So the americans fund the isis to kill christians and jews in the middle east , actually we muslims have no problem what so ever with the americans funding the isis as the USA is doing us a favor by killing christians and jews which will decrease the rate of spread of the two rival religions

  9. It’s just funny how so many people can point fingers at other nations and not know what actually is going on. But if it weren’t for the countries which are being pointed on helping the countries doing the finger pointing, they would probably cease to exist.

  10. We should not blame the US or the British of arming ISIS until we start to think. The governments will do anything that benefits them. So think and post what will the British and the US gain if ISIS were to raise in power? What will happen with the British and US?

  11. Groups in the Middle East are overall nearly impossible to trust. It is truly hard to tell where moles can be in the various groups that are fighting ISIS. Heck, Americans and other people of various nationalities are joining ISIS. It wouldn’t be too hard for an ISIS informant to be within the Iraqi Military and leak where weapons drops will occur. Yes America is a big problem here because we will not put on our big boy pants and handle ISIS the way they need to be. So let’s just say because of our diplomats, ISIS is able to do everything it is doing now. Permanent NATO bases should be established and maintained to provide stability for these regions under fire by the Islamic State. This is the only way to ensure where American supplies go to aid in the fight against terror BUT it will never happen because to the rich politicians of America, there is no profit to be had.

  12. I’m sorry guys. I hope it is as it seems, that your hearts are in the right place, but articles like this do your credibility no good (unless of course you are a conspiracy theorist who will latch onto anything, however tenuous in order to support their pre-existing view of the world).
    Claims by unnamed Iraqi officials and unverified ‘evidence’ presented in the Iraqi parliament of “Shot down British planes”. Well they could at least tell us how they knew the planes were British and you would have thought that a credible news outlet like Fars News would have followed up on a scoop like this. No? How about an explanation of why the story was not followed up or corroborated. A brief overview of Fars News website shows the pattern of stories slanted unreservedly in support of Iran and against Saudi Arabia and America. You are using this as an example of an objective media source for an unverified accusation?
    I used to watch Press TV, to try to get another perspective, but eventually it became too frustrating to see the news as filtered and approved by a government/religious cleric in Tehran. When the Arab spring happened and people were calling for democracy, they never featured on Press TV, but rather a huge caption saying “Islamic Awakening” and a complete ignoring of the protests happening in Iran.
    How many pallets of weapons fell to ISIS in Kobani in Oct 2014?
    The answer given by the US was one pallet (out of twenty-eight), which would mean that the surrounded YPG force got 27 times the relief (weapons, medical supplies, rations and water) than ISIS got.
    This is old news now, so I can’t remember all of the sources I relied upon, but here is one of them:
    I remember that there were Kurdish sources (I think ARA News or BAS news, but I can’t conclusively remember) that confirmed this at the time and thanked the US for their support.
    The fact that this Anonymous contributor, was able to published such an article, without mentioning the ‘other side of the story’ and then used it to advance the argument that this is evidence of ‘US support for ISIS’ would be a travesty for an established media outlet (as much as you call them propaganda outlets). You have to have higher standards of integrity and verification/corroboration than them if you wish to be taken seriously. Otherwise go home, or admit yourselves as a rump outlet of rhetoric, for a subjective Anti-American world-view.
    News just in “Nouri al-Malaki (former Iraqi elected leader) and a cadre of top Iraqi officers accused in corruption and dereliction of duty in allowing ISIS’s takeover of Mosul and Tikrit (& the loss of several $100m & Iraqi held (US supplied) weapons. Now that is a story that I expect will be rather well covered and sourced: http://www


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