Animated Video Perfectly Illustrates the Essential Normality of a little Madness


Do you feel pressured to remain rational, calm, attractive, thoughtful, and sensible 24X7? Are video clips, advertisements, or even the stories meant to inspire and motivate you on social media, coercing you into believing you must look, act, and feel a certain way, or else you are not worthy of anything? Have you ever wondered what’s wrong with you when you feel broken, disheartened, and disillusioned, even though everything around you feels perfectly alright?

While you know that life doesn’t give you highs all the time; when the lows come roaring when you least expect it, why do you fall apart? Because you are always trying to fit into ‘the system.’ It’s a system that doesn’t give you the space to fail; experience mandatory incidents of complete breakdown, or those periods of healthy madness, that in essence serve as a corrective. A system that must be seen as signs of normality and health, a system ignored.

The School of Life has released an animated video that brings new light to breakdowns: we allow our bodies to have moments of breakdown and rest. We should allow similar moments for our minds. The Sanity of ‘Madness’ is not a feel-good animation. It’s not preachy either. It simply suggests you are normal and that sometimes you have to disconnect to reconnect with yourself.

“The idea is that we should return from the land of madness and plant in the fields of apparent sanity a lot of pretty valuable seeds that can bear fruit and sustain us. We are not automatons, but highly complicated, volatile collections of proteins that needs careful and sympathetic administration. We should expect that periods of madness just do belong to every wise and good life.”

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  1. Yeah I like it. From now on, i will more often take care of how i treat others in my job and on the streets. And especially how i rate them for myself. We are all humans, god damn! So we should treat ourselfes the way we are, and not how the “unspecified global society” wants us to.


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