Anti-Drug Senator In Soup: 90 Pounds of Cocaine Seized At Family Cargo Ship


The war on drugs is a farce in America just like the war on terror. The biggest importers of dangerous, addictive, mind-diminishing street drugs is the US government; and Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell recently gave the evidence himself when, before departing from Colombia, he was searched and Colombian Coast Guard agents found nearly 90 pounds of cocaine on Ping May, a vessel operated by the Foremost Maritime Corporation, a company owned by Mitch McConnell’s in-laws, the Chao family.



The Chao family has been funding McConnell, a ‘staunch prohibitionist’ (In 1996, McConnell sponsored The Enhanced Marijuana Penalties Act designed to increase the mandatory minimum sentencing for people caught with marijuana), since the late 1980s. In 1993, McConnell married Elaine Chao; the Chao family then became his primary source for investment. He became one of the richest senators in America in 2008 after his in-laws ‘gifted’ him somewhere between 5 and 25 million dollars.

Interestingly, the US drug laws do not apply to the government agencies that bring narcotics in the country. They are not designed to prevent or cure drug problems; they only encourage violence, inflation and criminal activities. They are designed with an impure purpose to oppress people. Alcohol prohibition creates mindboggling amount of money in the black market. When black markets are created the crime rate goes up, taxes go up, prices go up and the police become more corrupt. But the US government is not interested to end prohibitions, cripple the black market and reduce violence.




    • I really don’t think Anonymous has the stones to go after this sack of Sh!# or any other corrupt government official for that matter.

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    • The man deserves execution due to the lives destructed. Look further to India another time, oppression in today’s time has gone over bounds. The rich get 8.5% p.a. interest from banks whereas the rest pay 10-12% taxes on loans.

    • Justices for mother and son plz like and share to free our children from injustices. After my son saw the news, showing your picture (California Supreme Court Chief Justices Tani Cantil-Sakauye )and saying that $30 million is missing, he said, “Mom, you do not want to go there. You are telling one fox that another fox raided the hen house. What are you thinking?” I told him, “I agree with you, but they are still researching there. Would you like to send them a message? You never know – maybe someone will hear you.” And he wrote, “. I am Saam, I am a child who put up with all of your abuses I have no vote, no say or voice, yet i think i matter. will you tell them that child abuse destroys our future? Now would you listen to me? i have more scars than friends.” the rage is on, tell your story too, mayday…/
      Please help me remove this corrupt, arrogant judge from our case – Terroristic
      Please help me remove this corrupt, arrogant judge from our case -…
      Please help me remove this corrupt, arrogant judge from our case – Terroristic Divorce
      Please help me remove this corrupt, arrogant judge from our case – Terroristic Divorce
      Please help me remove this corrupt, arrogant judge from our case – Terroristic Divorce

      • Cherie, stop spamming your unrelated cr*p. Nobody cares about your screwed up case. You did it all to yourself. Nobody can “remove a judge” from a case that was long ago finished, you dimwit. Everyone has been watching your rapid mental decline online. Your anger is bordering on a mental crisis.

    • I just hope we will get powerfull enough to surpress this shitty abuse of power all over the world.. every country makes propaganda about coruption but we do not realise that the persones that have the power are in fact the ones that are involved in illegal bussiness, and in the same time are the ones that make the small “arrows” go to jail for them. I am a person that agrees to low risk drugs legalized , and I trully believe that the stop of all these problems would be legalization … Why because that I feel is the only way tu surpress the politicians make allot of money from the back of small dealers that get penalties by getting them rich…….

  1. One might also wonder why the US State Dept. evacuated the entire Bin Laden extended family from the Northeast US, and sent them overseas (when these people could buy several airlines with their fortunes), and flew them overseas onUS State Dept. planes…

    Isn’t that at least a little bit curious?

    • Have wondered that recently again myself. It’s as if the royal family wanted to see its funded terrorist attack play out while inside the US! Obama racism is going to have greater impact on our country than 911 did. That is saying a lot! But Obama is the devil

  2. He looks like a turtle stuck prairie doggin. This country was doomed the moment Columbus set foot on the soil. We have the tech to build cars that don’t pollute the air anymore and how many do you see around your neighborhoods? Ever wonder how many people protest fracking and then go home to cook steaks on their propane grill? What should be going on today in our civilization and what is are polar opposites IMHO. The turtle should’ve been arrested, fired, incarcerated, sentenced, and locked away for 50 years. Did he? Hemp mills should be running everywhere in this country to help the economy. Are there any open? Nope. The government doesn’t wan’t to do what should be done because of 2 main reasons – 1 They have no idea what should be done and 2 They don’t give a flying fart about anything but those in their elite clique so ‘who cares’ wins. The only thing we can do is try to make sure the next generation of people in this country remain aware. Also help them avoid the continuation of the the way it is since that’s not doing anyone but the wealthiest a bit of good. Protests are great when the people your rallying against are willing to listen and act responsibly. This country is so screwed.

  3. I greatly appreciate the world perspective shared and modeled by Anonymous and I certainly agree with many of the points this article is making. However some fact checking and general sentence structure needed to be done for this story to be accurate and therefore effective.
    The introduction states that McConnell was in Colombia and while departing was searched for narcotics. The fact is he was no where near Colombia, it was only the ship owned by his in-laws company that was searched before leaving Colombia and that was where the cocaine was found.
    Also the article infers that the ship was headed for the US when in fact it was leaving for Europe.
    Finally, as other comments have noted, this took place in October 2014. Posting a story now only seems like muckraking. Let’s be merciless and relentless in revealing the true nature of those in power but let’s be current, relevant and accurate.
    Thank you.

    • Misleading facts combined with such poor writing makes me wonder if this is the “real” Anonymous. Not the first time I’ve noticed these discrepancies.

  4. Thank god the UK police aren’t quite as corrupt as their US cousins…although they make up for it by not caring in the first place.

    I swear, I’m having flashbacks to the incidents in the House of Commons to do with cannabis, and MP’s were saying ‘I smoked it but I did not inhale’, which is so badly veiled it made me cry. I reckon the same sort of excuse is going to be used here too, although I’m not as knowledgeable on US law than I hope, so I don’t know if there is anything he can ‘claim’.

  5. The professional families become rich and millionaires by causing poverty suffering and death, but do you not agree that they, superior people, by birth, religion and fraternity, have earned this right by sitting on their asses in schools, calling out “holy” names, availing themselves of family and fraternal connections and such, and do you not agree that a natural social economy and society with full employment, full pay and benefits, assured by the common treasury, that would end the growing trends of poverty, violence, crime and wars, and restore the peace, goodwill and universal economy, is evil communism and socialism that would reduce their windfall unearned resources and violate their superior rights?

  6. Nothing changes until something changes……all senators, all congressmen are in someone pocket in one way or another. it’s a world of greed and no one wants to think about it or think it could be true, hell or just think.

  7. This follows a long tradition. The entire Roosevelt fortune was base on the profits of Teddy Roosevelt’s grandfather investing in the Chinese Opium Trade.

  8. Step up. Are the people who call themselves Anonymous committed to making change, or are you just another bunch of arm chair activists sitting on your computers and bitching about things you have no intention of changing?

    Some of us are on the front lines looking cops, politicians, and bigots in the eye; with our faces on camera and our names in the press while you hide behind masks.

    We take all the risks and you just take credit for things after they happen. Anonymous has never actually set anything right or brought anyone to justice. We do that. You haven’t earned the symbol of Guy Fawkes.

  9. Rumour in the UK is that he’s a kiddie fiddler? In the UK we pretty much know who they are but knowing who the American monsters are is harder

  10. Find something to stick that RINO with and put him so far under the jail light will have to be pumped in under pressure.

  11. McConnell is a lying worthless POS. What’s funny is he’s an anti drug politician but he doesn’t say anything about the U.S. Department of HEALTH and HUMAN SERVICES for holding a patent on MSRIJUANA!!!!! don’t believe it? LOOK UP U.S. PATENT U.S. 6630507 which is owned by the dept of health and human services as an ANTIOXIDENT and has NEUROPROTECTIVE PROPERTIES!!!!!!!!


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