The Associated Press Is Attempting To Smear Assange & It Is Transparent


This is a story you will not hear on corporate media, but is related to a story in corporate media today. You may have heard that Wikileaks is being publicly shamed, with news coming from many popular new organizations, including the Associated Press for leaking the private data of everyday, or ordinary and innocent citizen – including such people as rape victims. You can read the AP’s article here:

The innocent people being cited today were indicated in a leak last year known as The Saudi Cables, a data dump meant to expose the corruption and hidden ties/agendas of the Saudi government – including the fact that the government literally owns the corporate media in that country.

It is breaking news today August23rd in leading news sources such as PBS, The Daily Beast, the IB Times, Russia Today, and the Associated Press online. Do a quick google search, you will find them. Better yet, here you go:

Then, when you start reading some more of the news over the last two days, there have been two “Assange assassination attempts” in back to back days at the Ecuadorian Embassy. One person tried to scale the exterior wall yesterday and some else tried breaking in today. Some of that is satire, some of it is click bait but perhaps there is some small truth to that, but it has been cycling none the less.

In response to the reports being broken today, Wikileaks called the Associated Press’s article a “ridiculous re-run“.

It is curious why this story is being broken today in correlation with recent news within the last month or so. Wikileaks has specifically targeted the Democrats and many top officials have had to resigning their highly respected positions over this as a result.

The phenomenon of Assange himself is also very interesting when you break it down. He is a wanted man for multiple felonies, for all different things, in several different countries. Yet this man is at the head of journalism in his field, operating one of the most popular and talked about news organizations on the internet. It is completely unprecedented what he is doing with Wikileaks and who else can you think of – a wanted international felon – has ever done something like he has? – it is unprecedented; it is unheard of.

The reason I am writing this article is to defend Wikileaks, despite the massive public shaming technique we are viewing today. I believe this was done as a coordinated effort by the main stream media to make Wikileaks look like a monster, turn the public tide of opinion against Assanage and Wikileaks – especially in light of their damage the American Democrat Party. Here is my reasoning for saying this.

It is not for no reason I mention the American Democrats specifically. A previous investigation, having nothing to do with Wikileaks, has already exposed the deep ties between the Democrat Party and Communications Workers of America. Before we move on, I suspect you may be asking yourself, who is Communications Workers of America?

The Communications Workers of America is a union “representing 700,000 telecommunication workers” across the country, it the largest union of journalists and television workers/producers in the world. One of the members of this union is the Associated Press. The Associated Press on its own is already the largest organization of journalists in the world.

Moving on, last April an investigative report exposed how the Communications Workers of America uses and spends their union fees – collected from organizations such as the Associated Press. The report revealed that the Communications Workers of America dedicated 97% of their collected union fees to fund Democratic candidates. This number is approximately +48 million dollars to Democrat political candidates since 1990.

When you consider the political nature of these reports and the person they are speaking about, with the fact that these things happened 16 months ago, I don’t think the AP article is about real outrage. I think the article and the outrage they are seeking from society because of it is completely fake and transparent. It is a blatant Public Relations campaign to sway public and popular opinion away from and against Wikileaks.

I will go a step further and say this liberal union, which owns the largest news network in the world and donates 97% of fees to Democrat candidates, is unleashing this story today – nearly 16 months after the fact – as a form of payback against Wikileaks for the damage it has done to the image and reputation of Democrats lately.

I wont tell you what to think, you can decide for yourself if you are ethically or morally in favor of Assange or not. I honestly do not care if you are a Democrat or Republican or even an American. This is the digital age, everything and everyone is connect. Do not be ignorant enough to believe that in light of all around the corruption all over the globe, that the corporate media has no corruption. Television and media is the biggest weapon in the world, information wars are very real.

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  1. “The cruelty of life and all existing pains are less horrible than being ignorant and distant from the Truth “. – A Reminder Said by a Muslims poet.


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