Australia posts on Twitter to avoid Shark Attacks


The Australian cliché is to never visit Down Under unless you are prepared for a bombardment of dangerous species, from the several most deadly snakes in the world, to the Funnel Web Spider, Wasp, Jumping Jack, down to the marine life of stingers, eels, more snakes, crocodiles – both fresh water and salt – to the shark.

Those who frequent the pristine waters of the east through to west coasts of Australia are in for a nasty surprise. The several species of shark haunt the waters during summer ventures, never fearing to swim into shallow waters where a large population generally swim. It isn’t uncommon to hear of several shark attacks each year, predominantly between the months November to February. But, let’s face it, the shark doesn’t have an agenda. They don’t set out to attack, and at the end of the day, we’re invading their homes without invitation.

GIF from “Jaws.”

But Australia seems to have come up with a possible means to circumvent the frequent attacks occurring against the two legged swimmers of the ocean.

According to Alan Yu at NPR, the government of Australia has decided to give the sharks a Twitter account.

“Government researchers have tagged 338 sharks with acoustic transmitters that monitor where the animals are. When a tagged shark is about half a mile away from a beach, it triggers a computer alert, which tweets out a message on the Surf Life Saving Western Australia Twitter feed. The tweet notes the shark’s size, breed and approximate location.”

The Twitter account is designed to alert the potential areas where shark attacks may occur on the day, suggesting that the beach goes should go elsewhere for the day, or the boat goer takes another ramp. The Twitter feed is an ingenuous way to warn people without consideration to harm the innocent shark.

After all, it’s their home we swim in.

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  1. I saw a documentary that showed sharks have an aversion to rare earth metals. If you swim in the ocean where sharks could be it would be a good idea to get bracelets and anklets with a piece in each to ward off attacks.

  2. It’s best not to wear any jewelry at all when in the water as the reflection of the sun off the jewelry creates a shine that resembles that of fish scales reflections off the sun; which may in turn attract sharks instead of warding them off.

  3. It’s very simple really : “When you enter the ocean you enter the food chain, and not necessarily at the top” Jacques Cousteau Humans kill more than 11000 sharks EVERY DAY!!!!!


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