Autism to Astrophysics: Jacob Barnett.


A boy labelled as severely autistic, and never to learn how to tie his own shoe laces, was placed into a special needs school after his diagnoses aged two. His mother, following her instinct, pulled her son out of the state-run special education facility to homeschool him, and by the age of 11, he entered college to study for his degree: condensed matter physics at Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis.



Said to have a higher IQ than Einstein, Jacob Barnett is working on a theory that would see him in line for a Nobel Prize. According to an email sent by Professor Scott Tremaine, “The theory that he’s working on involves several of the toughest problems in astrophysics and theoretical physics…Anyone who solves these will be in line for a Nobel Prize.” [1]

His IQ of 170 propels Barnett into a career as an astrophysics researcher, already giving lectures to his peers. He has also appeared in several news interviews, including 60 minutes, CBS, and the TIME magazine website. [2]

DIGITAL IMAGE Waterloo, Ontario - 13-09-18 - News - Jacob Barnett, 15, is a student at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. Mathew McCarthy, Record staff - see story by Greg Mercer.  Waterloo Region Record- shot 1:07:15 PM-13-09-18-Waterloo
DIGITAL IMAGE Waterloo, Ontario – 13-09-18 – News – Jacob Barnett, 15, is a student at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. Mathew McCarthy, Record staff – see story by Greg Mercer. Waterloo Region Record- shot 1:07:15 PM-13-09-18-Waterloo

Now aged 17, his love for physics has him now researching Loop Quantum Gravity and Quantum Foundations at Perimeter Institute for Advanced Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Canada, according to his mother’s website, listed as a PhD student. [3] At 15, he was the youngest student to be accepted into the Institute.

“Relying on the insights she developed at the daycare center she runs out of the garage in her home, Kristine resolved to follow Jacob’s “spark”—his passionate interests. Why concentrate on what he couldn’t do? Why not focus on what he could? This basic philosophy, along with her belief in the power of ordinary childhood experiences (softball, picnics, s’mores around the campfire) and the importance of play, helped Kristine overcome huge odds,” notes the blurb of his biographical accounts from his mother.[4]

Screenshot (54)

For someone who would never communicate with the world; that his mother was told he would never function in society, this young man can visualize complex problems by using what he calls the “fourth dimension.” It’s real. He says his mind is constantly buzzing, but mainly with numbers. As his parents discuss in their 60 Minutes interview, they watched their little boy withdraw from a world until they provided the stimulus for him that he loved: math and science.

He is proud of his autism: “It is the reason why I am in college and that I am so successful. It is the rise as to my love for math and science and astronomy. It’s the reason why I care. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have gotten this far.”


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  1. His is just theory, ask him to explain it and prove it, no one will be able to, he is only a mathematician, I’m a an engineer and mathematician, get Hawling involved on this one

  2. If he and his mom were truly great people they’d actually help people. Instead, they offer mentorship and then tell you to get lost all of a sudden. Sounds real great hmm? I’m twice the humanitarian Kristine is and I’m going to be twice the physicist Jake is. To hell with both.

    • All you are is jealous of this boy and his mom for what they’ve accomplished. You have nothing worthwhile to speak of for yourself so you talk trash about them. Ditch the bad attitude and grow the %#&@ up. Life isn’t a competition.

    • I hope you found some help for your identity disorder. Lets be real though, it’s three years later and you haven’t accomplished anything. The big problem with being an insightful person with zero motivation or ability to focus is that you never pump out the work that would invalidate your bullshit and lead you to new conclusions. This kid is doing that ten times a second all day every day, which is why he reached the apex of his field and you didn’t get out of bed.

  3. Genius has always been ridiculed throughout history. Einstein was ridiculed on relativity until it was proven. Even though I would be lost, I’d love to witness a conversation between hawking and barnett.

  4. Autistics are very smart I am autistic I have a masters degree in international human rights law from Queens University Belfast, I am the winner of the State of New Jersey in geography I speak 12 languages, Arabic Chinese English French Russian Spanish Dutch Afrikaans Xhosa Zulu Chichewa (working on Burmese, Hebrew and Ukrainian so yeah) and oh yeah I a published author of 13 books

    • Not even remotely the same thing. His will actually contribute to society. Yours is a completely useless skill, and no one cares. You probably are lying through your teeth.

      • Since when is writing books not a contribution of society?
        By the way, a 2 second google search of his name proves everything, because he really is all – that the internet made sure to notice. Lol.

  5. I’ve been watching this kid for a few years. He will be a game changer for all of us, worldwide, and humanity. Embrace it !

  6. its people like this that give me hope in humanity. and some of the people in the comment section who then take it away.


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