Babies, Mothers and Innocent Civilians Killed in an Airstrike in Afghanistan


A number of innocent Afghan nationals, along with two American soldiers, passed away on the third of this month, in an aerial attack that was conducted by American soldiers when they came under heavy fire while fighting in the northern parts of Afghanistan.

Image Source: Google Image – The local villagers gather their belongings a day after the conflict between Taliban and NATO and Afghan forces.

According to the officials of the country, they said the event took place in a small village called Buz Kandahari, located five kilometres from the city Kunduz, which is a Taliban territory.

Mehmood Danish, an Afghani provincial speaker, said that the airstrike took the innocent lives of more than twenty people, in which a high number of woman, children and babies were included. Furthermore, the airstrike also left many injured and heavily wounded.

Image Source: Al-Jazeera – A map of the Afghanistan showing the location of Kunduz.

Angry locals marched with the dead bodies into the neighbouring Kunduz, where they protested and shouted that their dead were normal and peace loving people, and they were not a part of the Taliban.

“Most of these casualties are women and children, and they are as young as three months old,” reported Abdullah Shahood of Al-Jazeera. “They were chanting Death to America and Death to President Ghani.”

Image Source: An image showing bodies of two children who were killed in the airstrike.

However, according to the United States, those troops were only there to help the Afghan partners, aiding them to clear that area of Taliban, and weaken their positions around the outskirts and neighbouring areas of the city.

According to Charles Cleveland, a Brigadier General. he said that this airstrike was a result of defence from the threats they were under. Brigadier General Charles further went on to say that their men were performing their duty, and helping their fellow Afghan officers in helping them win back their country.

Image Source: Google Image – A picture showing several afghan villagers gather around their dead family members who were killed during the airstrike.

In a recent report published by the Pentagon, more than a thousand American service members have been killed in the war in Afghanistan, and more than twenty thousand servicemen have been brutally injured, all in the name of finishing terrorism.

Source: Al-Jazeera

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