Barack Obama – Happy


Barack Obama dancing and singing to the song “Happy” of Pharell Williams. Pay attention to the background and the lyrics of the song. Enjoy watching!

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  1. I think it is creative to see obama dance like that haha.
    But I have to be hounest and say that I don’t really understand it, can anyone explain it to me? thank you 🙂 xxx ellen

  2. the only way to make this appropriate would be to instead have mr War Cheney’s face superimposed This President may not have fixed everything the GOP has broken but definitely kept us from advancing more wars and destruction. Has Anonymous been infiltrated by “Americans for Prosperity” or othe Koch PACs?

    • While Bush and Cheney has definitely bombed their share of countries, Obama has bombed more countries than Bush and Cheney.

  3. HI guys i wouldn’t be mean and no offence. That day Obama tried to give you amerikans health insurance and all others electors did not say yes to the suggestion. He said “I’ll use every president power that is in my name to give you free amerikans citizens a health insurance”

    It seems electors have power to control Obama that whats he do.

  4. And video got banned lolz. What a surprise? I hope someone will share this video indefinitely so it would keep showing what Obama`s administration is doing.


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